Monday, March 9, 2009

Quick Thought

You know the fastest way to convene a meeting? Pass a little gas in your cube or office. Guaranteed quorum every time.

On a related note, if you have to take a smash and then only go a little bit, would that be considered a "smush"?


  1. That's also good for ending a boring meeting (are there any other kind?). Don't forget clearing elevator space or Any space. And remember why Ed always gets the back seat of the limo to himself.
    lil Mom

  2. If you want to fart on the fly while keeping a low profile, you can alwasy crop-dust your office. Do a lap spraying bits (and hopefully not pieces) here and there instead of concentrating all your fire in one area. :-)
    Cousin Angela

  3. I have crop-dusted on occasion, but you have to be wary of bringing it along with you. Also dangerous to do in a quiet office. Sometimes the silencer is a little off kilter.


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