Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Mojo Boogie - Week 11

I don't have a lot to talk about the Chiefs this week. This is a game that we should dominate. Of course we were supposed to dominate the Browns and Lions too, but managed to eke out a win. I'd take one of those here too although I'd feel much better going into Ravens week coming off a strong performance. Beating the Ratbirds is always paramount to me. Beating them in their house is just exquisite. But let's not look ahead, K?

The Steelers game will not be on TV here this week because it is opposite the Rats game, so off to Jilly's I go. The last time I went to Jilly's for the game, we beat Detroit on the road, so I'm going with the same ensemble.
I'm working on a longer piece this weekend that I hope to post after the Steelers recap on Sunday or Monday. It's the story behind an integral part of my teen years; the legend of The Barn. Consider yourself teased.

So let me leave you with these cartoons, lovingly pulled from First Door on the Left. You should check out all the cartoons he has assembled on Friday Night Cartoons, as well as everything else he posts.

Both of these touch on points I've been making since I began writing this blog.


Cher Duncombe said...

Priceless comics! They do exemplify the essence of what you have been saying. Many of us are in total agreement with you. There is nothing so certain as dissent with Republicans. Sometimes I think it is not about their stance on issues, as much as it is that they desperately want Obama to "fail." Thank you Rush Limbaugh.

bluzdude said...

They have to pray for Obama to fail because that's the only way to validate their morally bankrupt points of view.