Monday, February 27, 2023


Just when you think MT Greene can’t say anything dumber, she comes out with her suggestion of a “National Divorce.” I guess she’d know all about it because she is not only divorced from her former husband, but from reality. Or maybe it had been a while since the State of the Union Speech and nobody was talking about her for a hot second.

While I don’t think this will ever happen, not in a thousand years, it IS an intriguing proposition. Many others have opined on how exactly the Red portion of the country is going to survive without the welfare dollars from the Blue portion. It’s been well documented that Red states take in far more in federal dollars than they contribute, which is heartily ironic, given their penchant for speechifying on taking handouts.

Personally, I’d look forward to seeing an improvement in test scores across the board, once the states with the lowest marks in education secede. Let them all go to Sunday school. The only thing they’ll be prepared to do is enter a life of menial jobs and servitude.

And I don’t think this grand experiment will last very long, were it to come to pass. Once the next pandemic hits, without those mean old Blue States to develop and distribute vaccinations, they’ll die off like mold in the sun.

What really gets me curious, though, is how exactly the country would get divided up? I don’t see a way that the Blue States can remain contiguous. The biggest obstacle is a north-to-south lineup of Red States that creates an impermeable barrier. Look at North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, all stacked atop one another. Where’s the weak link that can be turned Blue?

So either the Blue States of America would not be able to abut, or they’d have to create three countries… Blue East, Blue West, and Red. And maybe Texas. They’re not known for playing well with others.

I’m sure there would have to be some further slicing and dicing within the states themselves. This would be the perfect time for Eastern Washington and Oregon to go and unite with Idaho. Perhaps Dallas, Houston, and Austin would want to break off from the rest of Texas. Florida may also want to claim independence just because no one else wants to be associated with them.

There would have to be treaties from the start, to allow free trade and passage amongst all entities of the former USA, although I don’t know how long they would last. I can see them as the first casualty to fall for the cause of international lib-owning. Before long, the plains states will resemble the terrain from the Mad Max movies. Maybe someone can build a tunnel from Illinois to California. OR, maybe everyone would just have to get used to driving east to west and back by way of Canada.

Anyway, it’ll never happen. It’s just one more way for political pinheads to say, “Hey, look at me!”

Headline News

How is this even a story?

Ah, it’s from Fox “News.” Why would any Democratic governor ask a Democratic Senator to resign, short of criminal activity? And who says the Governor has the authority to tell a Senator to do anything? All over a health issue, one that can be addressed? It’s not like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. (That would be Senator Feinstein.) Depression can be treated, unlike the conditions afflicting people like MT Greene, Lauren Boebert, Gym Jordan, Matt Gaetz, et al., who look at meanness and ignorance as virtues. When are they going to resign for being dimwits who have yet to deliver a tangible benefit to their (non-wealthy) constituents? I’ll take an honest guy like Fetterman, slowed as he may be, over those other malicious clowns every day of the week.

The real story: TFG claims the Democratic President didn’t fix Republican destruction of rail safety regulations fast enough to avert a tragedy.

Just remember the GOP talking points:

·         When a Democratic politician doesn’t show up at an emergency site, he’s abandoning the people.

·         When he does, it’s dismissed as just a photo op.

Did you see where Republicans are now claiming that East Palestine is being ignored because of racism against white people?
Never in my life have I heard people twisting themselves into such knots in order to claim victimhood. I will definitely agree that they are victims of believing their own bullshit.

I’m glad that there is a concerted effort to get this footage into additional hands. The only way a distorted edit works is if no one ever sees the raw footage. I think Fox “News” wants to give James O’Keefe something to do, now that he has all this time on his hands after being fired from the much-disgraced Veritas Project.

I’ll be curious to hear the word salad sure to issue forth from Speaker McCarthy, as he tries to come up with a logical reason why he can’t give the footage to anyone but Fox.

Oh, who am I kidding? They don’t even try to hide their shady dealing anymore.

It was with much sadness that I read about Scott Adams going ‘round the bend like that. Dilbert has always been one of my favorite comic strips. As an almost 25-year veteran of office work, it was like he had spies telling him everything that went on in my world.

I was a regular reader of Adams’ blog a few years back. He had some interesting ideas on how TFG was getting so popular and actually predicted his win in the presidential election. He seemed to think TFG was some kind of genius at communication, tricking people into assigning positive qualities to the open-ended statements he used. I thought it was an interesting hypothesis at the time but after watching the guy since 2015, I’m back to thinking he is an idiot.

I suspect Adams had to have known this would blow up the way it did. Maybe he was ready to retire from cartooning and wanted to go out with a bang. He wasn’t stupid, by far. He had to have known that such obviously racist comments would end his career. Either that or he wants to live out his life by entertaining the MAGAs, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and the Klan.

And as a pre-emptive strike, for when the inevitable defenses come out (like from Elon) about how Adams is a victim of “cancel culture,” let me reiterate that people have always been responsible for the fallout from what they say. It’s not new, it’s just the way it is. When you say something wildly offensive, you have to deal with the consequences.


Infidel753 said...

In reality, major cities tend to be blue and rural areas tend to be red. "Blue states" are states with big enough urban areas to outvote the rural ares, "red states" are those without. If the country were divided according to the real political distribution, you'd end up with a sort of blue archipelago of cities scattered across a thinly-populated red sea, plus a few blue oddities like Indian reservations and black rural areas in the South. Completely impractical, and the divide between productive and unproductive would be even worse than on the state level (blue counties account for 71% of GDP despite being only a little over half the population).

Of course, there is no legal way to do such a thing. Secession is illegal; we settled that in 1861-1865 and the Supreme Court has affirmed it since.

bluzdude said...

Sounds like the blue "states," however they're carved up, would be fine, as long as there's a treaty to provide food. That's where the red "states" could have us over a barrel if they wanted.

But, as you mentioned, this is purely an academic exercise.

Infidel753 said...

As to food, most of the major cities are either on the coast, or on or near rivers or other bodies of water accessible from the coast. The world today has a massive glut of food-production capacity relative to potential demand based on global population size. If it came to that, most of the cities would easily be able to buy adequate food from sources overseas.

Infidel753 said...

There's no limit with Marjoreene. She's managed to out-stupid herself yet again.

bluzdude said...

Good to know, although I'd be a little worried if I was dependent on Ukrainian grain, or any other commodity where the source country suddenly goes to hell in a handbasket. But at least there are options.

bluzdude said...

Sorry, I didn't see your MTG comment until now, because for whatever reason, I didn't get the usual email notification of a new comment.

Regarding the MTG quote about cities and towns being able to secede or relocate to another state, she doesn't seem to be able to stop making things worse or sounding even dumber, any more than she can pass up a microphone.

Maybe she's been bought off by an international map-making conglomerate.

Anonymous said...

I actually read this one,very cool.

RO said...

As you know, I never talk about politics on-line(lol), but I always enjoy your take on things, and try to stay neutral. I'm sure you saw 60 Minutes this past Sunday, when Ms. Greene was interviewed. I have to admit that here was impressive to hear about the success of her construction business, her weightlifting and fitness skills, etc., which clearly take a clear and committed mindset. But when she called Democrats pedophiles, along with a few other shady statements, I found myself scratching my head, because it was surprising. I'm just going to leave it there, and move on to Dilbert, because like you, I was reading his stuff AND buying his books. I mean he's a funny guy. And like you, I wonder if Mr. Adams just got tired and said dang it, I don't want to do this anymore, and don't want anyone to bother me, so let me say or do something totally shocking to fire myself. Plenty of us know people who self-sabotage, especially when there's still a steady paycheck coming. I came over to wave hello and hope that things are going well in your world. I don't visit as much as I should, but I always think of you and what may be going through your head when certain things happen in the world(lol) Many Hugs, RO

bluzdude said...

It's so nice to "see" you again, RO. I've been wondering what you were up to.

I didn't see the MT Greene interview because I know it would just piss me off. Of course, I got pissed off anyway, just reading about how Leslie Stahl never really crossed her on her outrageous, unproven, and untrue statements, like those about Dems being/supporting pedophiles. It's just another example of a zombie lie that just keeps on going no matter how crazy it is.

I wish she would commit herself 100% to her own fitness and leave the rest of the country alone. It may improve our collective IQ.