Monday, February 6, 2023

Sorry, All the Good Balloon Puns Have Been Taken

 So it looks like this will be the new Most Important Thing in the World for the next week. China let a spy balloon loose over America and people are losing their minds.

It was a given that the Republicans would have a field day of blame-placing. It’s the same old story. It’s always the Democrats' fault. Even the three balloons that seem to have visited during TFG’s administration were somehow the Dems’ fault. It never changes. Maybe they were waiting for someone to fire the Jewish Space Lasers.

I guarantee you that if we would have shot it down over Montana, they’re be raising hell about risking the safety of the people on the ground. Republican people, at that! I can hear it now:

They stole the election, and now they want to endanger their opponents!”

Republicans are nothing if not adept at arguing either side of a point, just as long as the Democrats are on the opposite side of it.

Frankly, I can’t believe no one in Montana didn’t pack up their survivalist rifles, commandeer a crop duster, and go get it.

The news said President Biden wanted it shot down last Wednesday, but military leaders persuaded him to wait for it to drift over the Atlantic. That’s definitely a long way to drift. But maybe it wasn’t just a matter of public safety. Maybe they liked the odds of recovering the hardware better if it didn’t come smashing down onto the ground. Who knows? I don’t. You don’t. And all the people throwing fits about it don’t either. They’re no more experts on international surveillance than they were on respiratory contagions, macroeconomics, South American drug cartels, the Constitution, or the capabilities of alternate power sources. But they sure sound smart down at the end of the bar!

What you have to keep in mind with things like this is that we are rarely given the complete story. Everyone makes their pronouncements about blame or lack thereof without knowing what’s really going on. So doesn’t it make better sense to reserve judgment until more facts come out? Granted, cable news outlets have 24 hours to fill, so that’s not going to happen. They gotta talk about something… Spy balloons are certainly more intriguing than the next economic forecast. And with the new unemployment numbers, the last thing Republicans want to talk about right now is the economic recovery. Better to distract with scary spy talk than forfeit a talking point for the next campaign.

Director’s DVD Commentary: I’m leaving this post a little short so I may add to it later, after the State of the Union address this week. Or if there’s enough to chew on, I may make it a separate post. Stay tuned.

Update: There was way too much going on at the State of the Union address, so my thoughts on the night are in another post. Please check it out.


Bohemian said...

Drifting UFO's over America... well, I'm surprised anyone even noticed them actually, since they seem so oblivious about everything else! And your Memes today are hilarious. Perhaps China needed Comedic Fodder for a few Laughs and is 'spying' on how Rural America REALLY lives and acts? Just visiting some of the Rural parts of my own State is eye opening lemme tell ya, you can't make some shit up about the populations of some of these places. The fact they Vote makes it clear how even the most Insane Political Spectacles and Unbelievable Theater Addicts so Thirsty for Attention got Voted in.

bluzdude said...

I read this morning that China is threatening to retaliate over having their balloon shot down. The balls on these people... Once it's over our airspace, all bets are off. You want your balloons to be safe, keep them over China.

These guys would make great Republicans. Get caught doing something sketchy? Claim offense and double down!