Monday, July 17, 2023

Cocaine Bluz

My first thought when the story broke about the bag of cocaine found at the White House, was that it was probably a plant. But then the more I thought about it, and the more information that rolled in, the more sure I’ve become. It just doesn’t make sense any other way.

·         The obvious and immediate reaction is “Who the hell would be so daring as to bring their coke to the White House, but then leave it in some storage cubby?”  Do they have drug-sniffing dogs at the White House, because I know the metal detectors won’t pick it up? Why wouldn’t you keep it with you? It’s not like anyone will randomly ask you to turn out your pockets. It doesn’t make sense.

·         Isn’t cocaine still really expensive? I mean, maybe it’s a bargain now, I don’t know, but last I heard, the cost was nothing to sneeze at. What user would buy a supply and then walk off without it? It doesn’t make sense.

·         There were no fingerprints on the baggie. So we’re to believe that some coke fiend who’s brazen enough to smuggle drugs into the White House, who intends to come back and retrieve his stash, is going to wipe the prints from the bag? Or wear gloves in July? This doesn’t make sense either.

·         No one was identified on camera as leaving it there? Sounds like someone knew where the cameras were, maybe an insider or past regular visitor.

These points only make sense if the intention was to leave the blow there all along. Republicans are trying desperately to smear President Biden with something…anything! But nothing is sticking. Hunter’s laptop… nothing meaningful. Influence, payoffs, bribery, inside lobbying… they got nothing but accusations from people trying to save their own asses. Zero proof, zero evidence, zero impact.

So what do you do when your party’s entire focus is scandal-mongering? You create one yourself. They send a lackey into the White House with instructions on where to leave the coke. I’m pretty sure they knew where they could get their hand on some.

“Did someone say, ‘Let’s blow this place?’”

They’re in and out without issue, then it’s just a matter of waiting until the stash is found and revving up the Right-wing outrage machine. Finally, there’s “proof” of something, because there is now a tangible piece of evidence that can be pointed to.

They ignore the fact that Hunter Biden, as well as all of the Bidens, were out of the office at Camp David during the entire period in question. That’s just more of the cover-up. Basically, any exculpatory evidence is considered part of the cover-up. That’s how everything plays with the Republican Conspiracy Theorists. Discard anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. Heads, I win, tails, you lose.

Best of all, it plays right into the pre-arranged talking point of Hunter Biden (and by extension, his whole family,) being coked-up maniacs, hell-bent on running this good country into the ground. (How, I don’t know. By making the average person’s life better? Turning the economy around? Pushing for student loan relief? Bringing down the price of insulin? Republicans seem to have a problem with all of that, but can’t really tell you why.)

But that’s the problem. The Biden Administration has quite a few wins under their belt, so Republicans have to find a way to distract the public and throw some stink on the Administration. And then suddenly, they find coke in the White House.

Notice how many times the media phrases it as cocaine “near the Oval Office,” or “in the West Wing,” rather than "In a cubby area where visitors store their things." They’re playing right into the GOP’s hands. Granted, a juicy scandal is good for ratings, so you’d expect even the straight media to cover it. But they’ve bought into the Republican slant.

I think there’s also the possibility of this coke being unintentionally left by a visitor, but the odds against so many coincidences are vast. I believe that coincidences can happen, but when you start stacking them up and they all break just the right way? I don’t buy it. Nothing is THAT coincidental in the modern, zero-sum, ratfucking world of Washington.

Maybe in twenty years, another White House insider book will come out and someone will cop to the scheme. But until then, I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure unless the FBI has been less than forthright in their characterization of the case. I don’t believe there’s any action to cover for the Biden family or other Administration personnel… there are too many FBI agents that would love to break a big high-profile case like this. Regardless of political motivation, people usually seek promotions, notoriety, and pay raises, so I don’t see a cover-up lasting very long. But without hard evidence, it’s just another DC mud-sling-athon.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

The reason I don't believe it was done by accident is the fact that there were no fingerprints. If I was leaving a bag of coke, my coke, would I be smart enough to wear gloves? All so fishy and to me seems to be a plant.

Bohemian said...

Well, Drugs are everywhere thruout the Country, so why not the White House? Having Retired from our Local DA's Office, and having had Corporate Lives before that with Executive Types on Drugs abounding in the 70's and 80's, I suspect a lot of them still Use. Including but not limited to Politicians and their Entourages, since, high stress level jobs and Cocaine is a helluva Drug as Rick James used to famously say. But, couldda be Planted, that wouldn't Surprise me either. I wasn't even Surprised MTG brought Porn into Congress and didn't get kicked out for it... probably they were her own Private Porn Dick Pixs she's making up Stories about whose Shlong it is. There are so many Colorful Characters getting into Politics these days that absolutely nothing shocks or surprises me anymore about many of them, they're capable of anything and everything. Just look at the Supreme Court. America is going to Hell in a Handbasket my Friend.

bluzdude said...

Hunter Biden should sue the living shit out of MT Greene, for publicizing unauthorized nude pix of him. It's no different than if one of her current or former lovers started flashing "action" shots of her, to Congress and the media. He's not some public servant, just someone dragged into the fray by his father's political enemies.

bluzdude said...

Peggy, that is exactly my point... you don't wipe down a baggie of your own coke, that you intend to keep. Of course, the Republicans will claim that someone from the White House, FBI, or Secret Service wiped it down as part of the cover-up. But then, there is no proof anywhere that they would accept if it exhonorates a Democrat. It's always a part of the conspiracy/cover up/media whitewashing.