Monday, January 9, 2023


I wanted to pull up to a front-row seat and bring a tub of popcorn, but the proceedings stopped being funny and ended up giving us all a sneak preview of the clusterfuck the House of Representatives is going to be for the next two years.

They say depravity sells and there it was out on display; a parade of fame and power whores lining up to see who could be the most petty, vindictive, and self-promoting. I wonder what kind of ratings CSPAN got last week…

One of the things that bothered me the most was the oratorical cover they tried to give themselves, speechifying about how they needed to “clear the swamp” and get back to “The People’s business.” But when you get a look at their action agenda, you find nothing but the pursuit of vendettas and the appeasing of the rich. They’re already talking about gutting the Ethics rules. Is there anything more Republican than that? That tells you all you need to know about that group of people. Rules are for everyone else because they were chosen by God, and He wants them to have nice things.

I’m sure there’s a reason their God wants them to cut Social Security and Medicare, despite providing massive assistance to millions of Americans. Just ask them; they’ll come up with something. Although, the fact that it’s something their rich benefactors have been wanting for decades probably won’t be mentioned.

They probably even have biblical verses to back up their desire to end assistance to Ukraine. I imagine it goes something like, “And I say unto ye, let thy allies fighteth their own battles against tyranny and oppression, for it shant be thy problem. Hunter of Biden’s laptop will not investigateth itself.”

It’s not like there was anyone to root for here. Picking sides was like trying to choose between syphilis and herpes. On one side, you had the noodle-spined Kevin McCarthy, who in his clumsy pursuit of power, stepped on his own balls by bargaining away any power he hoped to wield. On the other, a bunch of know-nothing attention whores, clamoring to get their way by holding their breath until the whole House falls in. And that would be just fine with them, as it seems their main preoccupation is to grind the government to a halt anyway. They can’t wait to shut things down over the debt ceiling, which is merely the approval to pay for the stuff they already bought.

You know it’s the End of Days when MT Greene sounds like the voice of reason. Of course, that’s only because she landed a special deal with McCarthy, to ensure her own seat at the head of a table. I’m sure we’ll find out, shortly, which committee she’ll be screwing up.

Now they’re bending over backward trying to find a way to blame the Democrats for the display of Republican dysfunction. It won’t work though, not on anyone who isn’t down the Fox “News” rabbit hole. When you elect a bunch of clowns to run the circus, you can’t blame the acrobats when the Big Top inevitably collapses. We’ll have to be sure to elect some lion tamers in 2026.

And can you believe there were people in the media wondering why the Democrats weren’t there to cut a deal with McCarthy? Personally, I wouldn’t trust any deal coming from a Congressional Republican. They’ve already shown an eagerness to play both sides of any fence, taking any stand that will help them today, regardless of taking the opposite stand yesterday. They are a team of “Lucys,” who can’t wait to pull the ball out from under Charlie Brown, again and again. I wouldn’t piss on their shoes if their feet were on fire, let alone help them solve a problem of their own creation.

The best we can say about last week was that it was a week not spent screwing the American people. I’m sure they will begin their mission of financially fellating their rich donors later this week or next, once the rest of the mundane Housekeeping tasks are handled.

I think that’s why the voting spectacle finally came to an end. The Donor Class button-holed some of their loose cannons and told them to cut the shit and get on with siphoning money from the treasury, right back to them, as they were “elected” to do. Time was a-wasting. And if they wouldn’t do it, they’d find themselves being primaried in two years by someone that would.

In the meantime, I hope President Biden is getting his executive orders in order. If he wants anything done before 2025, he’s going to need them.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

If they cut my SS anymore I will be living under a bridge. I made that money I am given. They took it out of my pay for over 50 years. I am entitled to it as far as I can see since it is my money. Just because these rich white boys don't need it to live then just !@#$ the rest of us right? Seriously I will be living under a bridge - no joke.

bluzdude said...

It is beyond my comprehension how anyone over 50 (who's not independently wealthy) can vote Republican, given that they've been trying to cut SS for decades, and now even talking about it in public.
If they're truly worried about it becoming insolvent, they need to find ways to shore it up, not cut it back, especially with the baby boomers retiring en masse.

Bohemian said...

You're assuming McCarthy had Balls to even Step On, I doubt it, I think he was Castrated long ago. And MTG sounding like the Voice of Reason in that whole Shitshow, well, yes, End of Days indeed, when she's the one who didn't sound the Craziest and most Unhinged, Houston, we got a Problem for Reals. The obscenely Rich have somehow duped some of the Dumbest of the Poor and Middle Class to actually Believe and Trust them, since, I can't see how any average Citizen CAN'T see what the Republicans rely on to keep siphoning off for their Cronies at the expense of the American People who are the "Little People" they despise but need for at least some Votes to be competitive in a failing Two Party System that has completely fallen apart. I just don't know what the next Election holds, I do know it won't be Good, I'm not even Guardedly Optimistic about it.

bluzdude said...

That's been their M.O. They gin up culture war outrage to get people to vote against their own financial interests, especially over issues that cost them nothing to support.