Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Award Dance

I've had such a good time this year with writing this blog. And I'm having an even better time now that there are a few people actually reading it. Regardless of the hubris it inherently takes to publish your thoughts on news, politics, pop culture and sports events, I'm really humbled that anyone gives a flying fig what I have to say, let along makes the effort to come and see.

In the course of reading and commenting on the blogs of others, I've come to be e-friends with several, who in turn read and comment on mine, thus encouraging my behavior:

Tiffany at
Talk to Tiff
Cassie and Carly from Sisters from Different Misters
Gina from My Very Last Nerve
One-Eyed Dick from I Came to Sarasota
and The GUYS from The Guys' Perspective.

All have written stellar blogs and have been good friends to me. (Their links are always on the blogroll to the right; check'em out)

But this morning I heard from my most tireless cheerleaders, Rich and Cher from
AskCherlock. They were talking about their community of blogging friends and decided to give out a “Circle of Friends” award to 4 bloggers plus yours truly. They wrote:

“Honestly, there are times when I feel as though we are all sitting at the kitchen table, or in our case the breakfast nook, having coffee and discussing life’s quirks or the ravages of politics. So pass the sugar, and know how much we value all of you. We would like to pass this along to a few of our blogging friends.”
Thank you, Rich and Cher, for inviting me into your circle. I shall strive to be as literate and thought provoking as your blog is day after day.

OK, maybe I’ll just strive to rant and bellyache about sports and politics, tell some bawdy stories and try not to make too many spelling mistakes. Call me the Poster Boy for Lowered Expectations.

Deep bow


The Guy's Perspective said...

Thank you for mentioning us Bluzdude! We're glad to have you as "ONE of THE GUYS."

We need a few more poster boys!

bluzdude said...

Glad to help. So happy to be welcomed into the Tribe!

Gina said...

Aww..thanks! I always like to encourage the "behavior" of others. It makes me feel more normal.

bluzdude said...

That’s us… partners in misbehavior!