Sunday, December 27, 2009

Post Christmas Mojo

It’s about an hour before kickoff as I begin to write and I still have to take my shower, so this will not be a long post.

Christmas went very nicely here at the House of Bluz, with coffee, cinnamon buns, cool Christmas music (see previous posts) and some nice goodies. 

Had a lovely Christmas dinner with my brother and his family, featuring my 2 favorite boys in the whole world.

The boys, rocking their new Steeler jerseys.

Daniel, my 10-year old nephew was telling me about his new video games when his grandmother started fussing at him about he should only be playing educational games.  Trying to get her to see things from his point of view, he said she would play the same kind of games, if she were him.  She, of course, maintained that he should only play games where he learned something, like math.  He then issued the quote of the day:  “I’m 10, I’m a boy and I like action!

Meanwhile, Sammy was having great fun with the toy chainsaw I got him.  I’m sure the furniture will be in pieces by the end of the week.

 Sammy, ready to do some furniture repair.

Yesterday, Pinky made a special Day After Christmas feast, featuring turkey and mashed potatoes.  Good eatin’.  Next mission is to get out and pick up some rye bread for sammiches.

OK, business at hand… Steelers and Ratbirds have at it at 1:00.  Steelers need this game (and the next) in order to even have hope for the playoffs.  The Ratties would like a win, but could still make the playoffs if they win next week at Oakland.  Obviously, they’d very much love a win at Heinz Field, which would give them a sweep of the Steelers for the first time since 2006.

The Steelers will be wearing their Raven-killing throwbacks this afternoon and so will I.  I’d given thought to going “Bizarro-World” and wearing gear that I always found to ensure defeat, but last week’s win versus Green Bay made this game entirely too important for such experimental mojo.

Experimental Mojo would be another excellent band name.

The defense needs to step up today, especially late, so I’m going with the Harrison throwback, the white Steeler sweats and Steeler socks.  Happy hunting! 


Mary Ann said...

And here I thought Sammy was about to carve that lovely Bird.
So you at least had turkey sammiches, not crow.
Just think, if the Ratties ever stop whining, they will have nothing to say except "Awwk...aawwwk...squuawwk...".

bluzdude said...

If they could only keep their commentary to "awwk... aawwwk...squuawwk", they would sound much more intelligent than they do now.

CrackerLilo said...

Wonderful quote from Daniel. :-) He reminds me of my favorite boy cousin when he was younger. He said something similar when older relatives told him he should only play educational or Christian games. I'm glad you had a great Christmas!

bluzdude said...

I love it when he stands up to her constant harping. (obviously, this is his OTHER grandmother) She's always clucking at him and sucking the fun out of whatever he's doing. The boy knows his own mind.