Sunday, September 28, 2014

Knockoff Football Jerseys - Addendum

A closer inspection of a couple of my jerseys showed me two more thing to be aware of, as you evaluate your next jersey purchase.

First off, do you know how they have those size labels on the bottom hem of the jersey?
 Usually these are sewn on, and I thought they were on my newest jerseys as well.  But when I wore one to work on Friday (for Jersey Day), I noticed that the edge of the label was peeling up.  I could see it was ironed on.

Because I’m not really crazy about broadcasting my size as I move around town, I figured I’d just pull it off.  What was underneath cracked me up.
Nothing says “quality” like Quan Shihu.

Being even less crazy about broadcasting cheapness than I am about broadcasting size, I used my thread cutting tool to remove the “Quan Shihu” tag.  Probably means “Cheap white man.”

The other issue to look for; make sure all patches are straight.

I understand it’s easier to square up a square, but still, you can see the angle of the word “Steelers.”  It needs to be straight.  Of course, if someone is looking at me with their head tilted, (as is likely, in a sports bar), the logo will appear fine… but the numbers will be crooked.  Can’t win, I guess.

In a completely unrelated note, Happy 9th Birthday to my nephew Sammy! 
 Kid’s growing like a weed.  Pretty soon, he’s going to be big enough to give his older brother a real tussle.
No 3rd grader rocks a tank top like Sammy!

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  1. and Sammy is 9 ToDay! Happy Tank Top with a note from Uncle Bluz


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