Friday, February 5, 2010

Big Giant Killer Death Storm

Yep, here comes another one.  Sources say that tonight’s storm should be very close to what we had on December 19th.  Since I live-blogged that one at the time, I don’t see the reason to go on about this one.  In fact, I could probably post all the same pictures again and it would be just as accurate.

I apologize for not writing much this week.  After the initial flurry when I was home sick last weekend, I was pretty much out of energy by the time I’d get home from work.

My job for tomorrow will be to write and post about our big 2006 adventure to Detroit for Super Bowl XL.

Until then, take a look at these flowcharts I received in email this week.  I have to do procedure flowcharts at work, so I’m always tickled when I see things like these.  You can click on the images to bring up a larger version. 

These are ads for Goldstar, a leading dark draft beer from Israel.

What goes through your mind when someone says, “Let’s go for a drink?”


  1. Is it bad that except for the last one Im more like the Guy side?

  2. Erin:
    That's not bad at all, in my book.

  3. Can there really be any doubt that men and women are just wired differently?

    It's a wonder we ever manage to live in such close proximity at all.


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