Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Darwinfish Fry Part 2

Yes, friends, despite the outcry from church officials, government flacks, concerned citizens everywhere, and pleas from MADD, SADD, GLAD and WEBADD*, we’ve decided to continue the tradition of the Darwinfish Fry, in which various Pittsburgh bloggers get together for a night of good food, good drink and rapid-fire communication.

(OK, that last part is mostly Cassie.  But then I can’t laugh… not after that last 4-line sentence.)

I will be in Pittsburgh over Memorial Day weekend for a wedding, so never being one to pass up an opportunity to rub elbows and nosh with my blogging and tweeting compadres, I am taking advantage of the Monday holiday to co-host the Darwinfish Fry Part 2.

I say “co-host” because our good friends, the Carpetbaggers, have stepped up and offered their former speakeasy as the home base from which to pitch our fits of whimsy.  As such, I designate the combined efforts of this Darwinfish2 and Carpetbaggery event to be called, The Bag’O Fish BBQ. 

If you will be or can be in the Pittsburgh area over Memorial Day and you are reading this, consider yourself invited.

This will be a “pot luck” event.  The Carpetbaggers will provide a variety of grilled meats (burgers, brats, breasts…) and some beer.  We would like YOU to bring your favorite “pass-around” dish and whatever else you would like to drink.

You may also bring members of your family if you wish, although you’re perfectly welcome to leave them at home and escape to the wilds of Lawrenceville for a “ME-Day.”  (“Me” meaning “you”, not me.)

We will start around 3:00 and run until you feel like leaving, or Mrs. Carpetbagger kicks everyone out; whichever comes first.  Remember, it is a “school day” on Tuesday.

If you would like to come, here’s what I need from you.  Click here to go directly to the page I set up for this event.  (or click the link at the top of the page.)  In the comments there, please list:

* Who is coming?

* What you are bringing?  (Please consult the comments below before deciding, so we don’t end up with 15 bowls of coleslaw.)

* What is the airspeed velocity of an un-laden swallow?

(Just kidding about the last one.)

Then email me directly at Tncave40 at hotmail dot com and I will email you the address.  (I’m trying to avoid listing the precise location of Carpetbagger’s lair on the world-wide internet web.)  But for reference, here is a high-level map to show you the general area we’re talking about, so you can properly gauge the distance.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all, either again of for the first time.  Our last one was so much fun, I’ve been dying to do it again.

* There isn’t really a WEBADD, but there ought to be.


Cassie said...

Who wants to take bets as to who will be the first to get drunk and streak through the cemetery? Anyone?

bluzdude said...

My money is on one of the Bitchburgh bitches... Probably Mindbling who should be hallucinating by then from lack of sleep, due to baby.

Mrs. Bachelor Girl said...


That is all.

Cassie said...

@BG: SW flies to Pittsburgh. Cheaply. Just saying.

Raven said...

Sounds like so much fun. Too bad I'm nowhere near there in any way. D:

bluzdude said...

LOL- I told her the same thing, via email. And hey, bags fly free! I just hope that if she does come and she wants a seat by the window, she specified an "actual" window and not the one that's liable to open up in the top of the plane!

I know… you’re all the way up by the Great White North. Would be quite a trek to make… Would have loved to have you though…

Of course, you know I’ll have a full party recap… hell, I’m sure there’ll be several…

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

Hmm... how to arrange a trip to Pittsburgh or shall I live vicariously through you all once again?

Gonna have to get back to you on this one.

bluzdude said...

It's only a 4.5 hr drive... very doable...