Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas to All Ye Godless Heathens!

I sometimes get asked, "if you're such a non-believer, why do you even celebrate Christmas?"

Fair question, with a simple answer: Because it's fun! I have great memories of Christmases past, of giving and receiving presents, decorating trees, baking cookies and having fun times with friends and family.

When I was young, it was just what you did... what everyone did. Now, to me, it's just tradition. I'm not going to be the one sitting on the side, throwing poop at those who celebrate in earnest.

So let me take this time to wish you a happy Christmas, a happy holiday, and happy "whatever-you-celebrate." Just be happy.

And thank you for your visits this year, especially to those who found me recently through blogs like Infidel753Crooks and Liars, and Hackwhackers. Your visits have put a jolt in my motivation to continue recording my observations on the cultural mess we have on our hands.

Now, I'd like to take this opportunity to run a few of the graphics I've been sitting on, which I've never gotten around to posting, or whose story has already run its course.


Civility, like respect and restraint, is just something Republicans expect others to provide:


If the UAW functioned like the NRA:

Yes, maybe "both sides do it," but Republicans have run up the score on criminality 271 (and counting) to 11. Maybe it was that extra year and a half. Yeah, that's it!:

Fox "News," the unpaid communications arm of the GOP since 1996:

Yet another freakin' hypocrite who thinks "morals and values" are merely tools with which to beat your opponent, not things to live up to themselves.

They really could have made that bottom circle into just one piece made up of both sides:

An Ode to Wisconsin:

They should just put in on our license plates: "Me First."

Um, Merry Christmas?

In other words, everyone has the religious freedom to be Christian.

I can't see how anyone who's not in the 1% goes along with this scheme:

Who knew it was the salamander who was most favored by God?

Actually, the more days he's on vacation, the fewer days he's working against us:

Hallelujah! Maybe we should celebrate the day August Busch was born...

I've had this one in the vault for four years. Pretty much hits blogging right on the head.

And to all, a good night!


Jono said...

A very nice summation of the current reality. And I sincerely wish you a happy whatever, too!

bluzdude said...

Merry Christmas, Jono, and thanks for being there over the years.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Merry Christmas or whatever. :-)
Hope you have a great 2019 and we rid ourselves of those dicks in office

bluzdude said...

Let's give those dicks a round of applause... aka a generous dose of The Clap!

Leanna said...

I'm new to your blog. I found you through Hackwhackers. Awesome blog dude!

bluzdude said...

Welcome, and thanks for playing along! I'm fairly new to Hackwhackers myself, but I know when I've found my tribe!

applequeen said...

Love your blog.

bluzdude said...

Thanks, AQ! Welcome aboard.

W. Hackwhacker said...

Glad we found each other! Happy New Year!

bluzdude said...

Me too, Hack. Thanks for the blogroll mention, and keep up the good work!