Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Homeless Thoughts

I’m still fighting the cold, but fighting it while going to work now.  So by the time I get home, I’m not much up for tackling a big topic.  But I haven’t posted since Sunday and that’s like a month ago in Blog-Time, so to fulfill my “Blogual duties”, I thought I’d mine my “Homeless Thoughts” document for some quick material.

That’s what I call the document that I use to store some of the weird little ideas that float through my head, so I can use them for times like this.


A while back, I saw that in a Middle Eastern country, the government fired tear gas into a crowd of funeral mourners.  I wonder how they knew if the tear gas even worked. 


If you feel too old to remember your high school Spanish, would that be considered a “señor” moment?


Wouldn’t it be cool if one could throw in a couple of shout-outs into a work memo, the way athletes do when they get interviewed on TV?

From: Operations
Subject: Plan Requirements

First let me say hi to Mom and Dad, who taught me how to write, and a big ‘hey’ to Sassy up on the Bay… Never give up, babeeee…

It is time to begin the annual Plan Certification process for 2010.  As part of this process…


Lastly, I just discovered an update to the Bud Lite Swear Jar commercial I posted on Saturday.  It’s not quite the same belly laugh as I got from the swear jar, but still funny.  (and if you never played the Swear Jar video, scroll down and do it!)  Presenting: the Bud Lite Clothing Drive!


  1. Plee-aaasse Drink Res-Pon- Sib- BLAAAAY

  2. OK. Seriously. If all posts were this freaking hilarious I'd pee my pants!

    (OK, so I'd pee my pants more often than I do now. I'm sorry, but sometimes those sneezes catch me off gaurd, and dammit, I've had two kids. The 'ol bladder isn't what it used to be.)

  3. Cassie, it's a good thing I don't know you in real life, because I'd take that as my new mission... to see how many times I could get you to pee a little bit from laughing.

  4. I saw this thing on the discovery channel or some shit, basically source unknown.

    Anyway, in some country, ethiopia, nigeria, fucking ballsack Idaho, they threw snakes into the crowd to disperse a riot.

    That made my fucking night.

  5. Sally,
    That would totally do it. Although it would probably draw a different crowd of PETA protesters. Then you'd have to throw some meat at them or something...

  6. That is a great video, but well, there are some things, on some people, I would rather not see!

  7. What?
    They put blocks over the naughty bits...

  8. Did you get a look at some of those beer bellies?

  9. Big ups to the LV. Representin' from the East side! Shout out to GatorD and B-money! Yo!

    Funny stuff. Hope you're feeling better.

  10. Cher:
    Full manhood, in it's natural state! What?

    Getting better every day. Still doing a lot of hacking and coughing, but my energy and concentration are back... probably owing to stopping the cold meds.


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