Monday, March 27, 2023

There Have To Be Consequences

In my last post, I postulated that we wouldn’t see any charges against TFG on Tuesday like he warned there would be. Well, here we are a week later and we’re in the same place, with no charges filed and the Orange Cretin using all the available oxygen to play the victim.

In a way, I’m kind of bummed that it’s the stripper payoff stuff that’s the first to get him indicted. It’s really the least of his problems. But then maybe that’s why it IS coming out first… to have a cascading effect. You’d have to think that these various prosecutors have made contact with one another for scheduling reasons, if nothing else. We can’t have people in multiple states trying to perp walk him at the same time. It’s not the worst thing to work your way up to the most serious and troublesome violations (like election tampering and treason).

And yes, I know it’s not specifically the payoff that’s got him in trouble, it’s the campaign finance violations. His apologists love to point out that Clinton settled with Paula Jones, but they omit that his deal didn’t involve his campaign or the funding thereof, which is the entire point.

It’s funny that now he’s trying to deny he ever had sex with Stormy Dee. That one can be cleared up in a heartbeat. Have her testify to the characteristics of lil’ mushroom cap and then allow him to provide exculpatory evidence. They did it with Michael Jackson… Or, maybe they can do like they suggested in Porky’s, all those years ago, and set up a whole lineup of lil’ mushroom dicks for her to identify.

“Have you seen this prick?”

Another frequent talking point from TFG defenders revolves around how this is somehow “revenge.” I can see how it may look that way, but when you think about it, there’s no other way it can be. Republicans had a chance to hold him accountable and they refused. Now there’s no one else left but Democrats. The thing is, there absolutely have to be consequences for offenses like the ones he’s being accused of, or else it will never end. Blatant corruption and electioneering will become the new normal. Every charismatic criminal in the nation will fall all over themselves trying to become president, knowing they can raid the entire federal fridge for their own benefit. The people MUST send a message that this won’t be tolerated, no matter what letter comes after the name in question.

I love how they also point out that prosecutors should be processing other crimes instead, as if the existence of one crime precludes prosecuting another. It’s just a red herring. It’s a chance to speechify about how Democrats (of course) let criminals (Black people) run rampant while they harass this innocent (White) businessman. 

Not for nothin', both of those mayors were Black women. More about their mayoral terms here.

The truth is, as a culture, we are not used to rich businessmen getting prosecuted or especially, convicted. Remember that not one banker went to jail due to crashing the economy in 2008. Not one. The upper class doesn’t go to jail in this country unless someone catches them screwing children and it becomes public. (That last part is the determining factor.) They just grab their golden parachute and drop in on an island somewhere, to live like kings.

I don’t blame any of these prosecutors for taking their sweet time. The stakes are too big to hurry. You know the saying… If you take a shot at the king, you’d better not miss. These will be the most scrutinized cases in modern history. They’ll need to have them buttoned up tighter than TFG’s anus on sentencing day. The impeachment cases were buttoned up like that, but unfortunately, the jury was guided by self-interest rather than national interest and disregarded their sworn oaths. They knew were voting to acquit before the trial even started.

Maybe when it gets close to crunch time, Ron DeSantis will throw him a lifeline. All he’d have to do is offer a deal: “If you will drop out of the race, I will prevent your extradition from Florida. Quid pro quo, Fuckboy.

That should at least buy him enough time to hop an Air Vlad flight to Moscow. 


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I wish a drone would drop something over Florida and take out DeSantis and trump at the same time. If we're lucky putin is visiting his pal at Mar-largo. That would be my wish. Pff - they are gone!

bluzdude said...

All three are a pox on humanity. People have always joked that Florida is America's dick, but now it's acting like one too. I'm so glad my parents are no longer there, (if Dad were still around at all) because I no longer have any need to go there. They are becoming more reactionary and self-destructive every day.

Bohemian said...

Notoriously difficult to prosecute and convict the Major Crimes, so the Lesser Ones that have no shadow of a Doubt and plenty of Evidence at least ensure a Conviction. Now, that said, what actual Time he'd Serve and Where is the bigger question given he was an American President and they know his Cult Base are likely to use it as a handy excuse to incite Riot and commit acts of Violence for any reasons they Dream Up... after all Truth and Reality aren't anything his Lunatic Fringe Devotees are tethered to or interested in either. They want to project their anger, Hatred and demented Ideology upon the rest of America. Tho' they claim to want to overthrow this Govt. they have absolutely no Policies to actually run or fix anything that matters... it's just a loose Cultural War they've waged and he Hates all the same people they do, has become their chosen Cult of Personality Messiah and promises them what he cannot ever deliver.