Monday, May 1, 2023

Hate Speech

I should know better than to react to things like this that I see on Facebook, I really should. And I know that this one is so intentionally inflammatory, they might have just called it, “An Ode to Owning the Libs.” And I even scrolled by it at first, thinking, “Ah, what can I even do with this?

Then as I tried to lose myself in more mindless scrolling, it just kept lingering with me until I began to form a coherent angle for attack. Then I knew I had to scroll back and save it so that I could address it with you:

If it was me who was to name it, I’d call it “An Ode to the Pot Calling the Kettle Black.” As it’s been well established by now, Republican attacks are almost always an admission of their own actions.

It begins in an intentionally aggressive manner with “The Democrat Party…” a construction used by Conserves just to get under the skin of those who use and understand proper English. But that’s a mere nit to pick.

The whole thing boils down to something like this:

[Pouty tween enters the room] “Wah wah wah, the bad people hate us for no reason! Everyone’s against us and nobody cares.” [Stomps off to their room and slams the door.]

It’s funny how it never occurs to the writer or poster that maybe some of their “haters” have a reason for giving them grief. But then that would require “empathy,” a trait that is rarely found in the Republic Party.

Maybe poor people don’t like the rich getting richer at the expense of everyone else and rigging the game, business, politics, whatever, to ensure it stays that way.

Maybe Black people don’t like being persecuted for a few hundred years, the effects of which are still blatantly obvious today with policing and aggressive voter disenfranchisement.

Maybe gay people hated having to live in the closet for centuries for fear of getting the shit kicked out of them or being prohibited from enjoying the same basic human rights as everyone else.

Maybe “feminists” (meaning women who prefer to decide their own life path) don’t like being condemned to being nothing more than mobile, bi-pedal, incubators, who must seek the permission of strange men to determine what they are allowed to do with their own bodies. Depriving self-determinations does not engender good feelings toward the deprivers.

Maybe “environmentalists” (meaning anyone who cares about keeping the planet inhabitable for humans) are tired of watching Republics fight every common sense regulation that keeps poison out of waterways and toxic chemicals out of the air we breathe, for the singular purpose of making even more money.

Maybe “bratty college kids,” (meaning any student who contradicts his parents) are tired of being fed lies and mythology in a vain attempt to keep their heads in the sand, and under parental control well into adulthood.

The Conserves are proposing and passing laws that persecute every one of these social groups and then they stand back and whine about being hated? The gall of it all astonishes me.

There comes a time when people must stand up and say, “Goddammit, enough is enough! We will not let a minority of people inflict their narrow worldview on the majority, all in service of the Almighty Dollar, billions of which are permanently earmarked for the richest 1%.”

And in a misunderstanding that goes back generations, Republics don’t realize that a true journalist’s job is to report the truth. So when The News doesn’t run with Republics’ batshit-crazy conspiracy theories, it’s not persecution, it’s common sense. It’s their solemn responsibility to inform the public about things that are happening. That doesn’t include publishing easily disprovable lies and paranoid delusions.

I will do everything in my power to convince people to vote for Democrats, by pointing out the evil that is currently being conducted in broad view of the American public and disassembling every load of self-serving packs of exaggerations, distortions, and outright lies, like this one.

Are Democrats perfect? Not hardly. But the alternative is scary and bent on embedding their own people in power and pursuing their own narrow agenda, regardless of the majority's will.

Republicans started this “zero-sum” brand of politics back in the 90s. If it’s biting them in the ass now, so be it. I have zero sympathy.

I don’t know if Democrats do or don’t “hate” their political adversaries. But I do know we’ve had enough of their bullshit, and if they don’t like it? Tough.

The “Fuck your Feelings” crowd can go practice what they preach.

OK, I feel better now. I’m glad I got that out of my system. Oh, wait…


And Allen West? Go fuck yourself. Dat true too.


OK, now I’m good.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have just had a good mental/emotional B.M.

bluzdude said...

Must have. I feel loads lighter now.