Sunday, January 23, 2011


Holy crap.

Dear Steelers,
Would it be possible, please, to win a game without giving me a fucking heart attack?

Your buddy, bluz


  1. Matt kept on saying, "C'mon guys. My heart burn can't handle this much more. Plus my pregnant wife keeps on interrupting the game with incessant questions about SUNGLASSES for CLAIRE. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, pull this one out."

    By the way, I SO ordered her Pink sunglasses from They're from the baby...with no input from Matt.

  2. I just hope that for the Super Bowl they let us know which half they are going to put it on cruise control so it's not such a freakin' surprise!

  3. Cassie,
    Matt has more patience than I would have. I'd have had you locked in the fruit cellar for such interruptions.

    First, sorry about your Bears. At least they made it interesting, late. How 'bout that Haine, huh? Also, Cutler seemed to be a weenie.

    Second, I totally agree. Such a stressful game. Can't we ever just blow someone out?

  4. Amen. I had chest pains (probably just heartburn) the entire fourth quarter.

    At least I got to laugh at the end when Mendenhall was humping Big Ben. That really brought the BP down!

  5. Facie,
    I must have missed that... Probably while the paramedics were working on me.

  6. I so agree with you.

    I am writing a post for tomorrow morning about the game.

  7. I'll check it out in the morning, Trash.

    And you can tell your Cowboy fan co-workers to suck on it. The Stillers will be invading their turf, and if they had a decent team, they might have had the chance to defend it.

  8. Oh I will be telling them all in the morning to kiss my ass.

    I might have to do what you did with your office ravens fans and set up a tissue station for them.

    Oh and check out this link. It is from The Onion which is a "fake" news story site. They have a spin off called the onion sports network which has a new show on comedy central. Anyways the link is to a pic of James Harrison which is flipping hilarious.,18902/

  9. Trash,
    I love The Onion. And that pic IS hilarious.

  10. They aren't trying to give you a heart attack, just keep your heart in fighting shape!

  11. Now we really DO need a new song. Can't go with that beat from the insane asylum for two more weeks.
    How 'bout updating "Roll Out the Barrel", again.

  12. Lucky VII! 'Here goes our 7/Stillers are coming to town./Sing praise to Rashard/He'll bring the Packers on down/Sing for the De-Fense/They'll make us proud of we're alive/Everybody sing our Steeelers/With a new polka jive.'

    And a one and a two...

  13. Jessica,
    Is that a component of the new Health Care Laws?

    Mary Ann,
    Now you just need someone to record it. Maybe you can find some transplanted Burghers down there and form the Gulf Breeze Geezen Brigade and Polka Band.

  14. MBG,
    It's real, too... not just a photoshop.

  15. While watching football over the weekend my Lil Duck said "uh mom...can we PUHLEEZ stop watching the news now? Dontcha know who is gonna win already?!"

    She is 2

    She has attitude

    I'll make sure she roots for the right team.

  16. Daffy,
    Ducklings say the darnedest things, don't they?

    I could never understand why my parents always had to watch the boring old news, when they could be watching cartoons instead!


  17. Rod watched the game. I was planning to, but I became distracted. I did check on the score occasionally, and made all the appropriate remarks in support of the Steelers.

  18. So, I've recently realized I'm probably the only person not watching football during the playoffs. We have 72 degree weather here in Cali - unheard-of in January - and I can't find anyone to hang out with because they don't want to miss the game. I had to ask what game. Sorry.

  19. Judie,
    I always appreciate appropriate remarks, almost as much as the inappropriate ones.

    If we had 72 degree weather here in the East, we'd probably be outside too.

  20. Turns out Cutler is not a weenie, he has a torn medial meniscus in his knee and will need surgery. Urlacher was right, he IS a tough dude. Dad

  21. Dad,
    Well, that ought to take some of the heat off the guy. He was getting killed online, including by other NFL players.

  22. Bluz... I love you darling...

    But I'm deathly sick from hearing about all this football!! When NASCAR season comes around, I expect just as many post about it that you devote to football damnit!

  23. CB,
    Only if I'm having problems going to sleep. You write about your sport and I'll write about mine, K? Just remember, it's all over in 2 weeks, anyway.

  24. Is NASCAR really a sport? I don't see the physicalness to it...

    And they say cheerleading isn't a sport.

    But bowling is.

  25. Cassie,
    The physicality comes in when the fight on the track after a crash.