Monday, September 11, 2023

The 'Rona Comes Home

I wasn’t too worried about the tickle in my throat Friday night (9/1). That usually meant I was early for my annual cold, I already had one in May. I get the same cold every year, or at least I did up until the ‘Rona, and I began working from home. I’ve hardly been sick since 2019. My usual cold starts in the throat, migrates to my sinuses, I get tired and lethargic, and it eventually lands in my chest, until I can hack it all out. The whole process usually takes a couple of weeks.

Sweetpea said she had a headache behind her eyes earlier in the week, but I didn’t think much of that.

When I woke up Saturday morning, it was a whole different ballgame. I felt like about nine bags of fuck. I had a sore throat like I was trying to swallow ground glass, aches all up and down my body, especially around my back, chest congestion, and a splitting headache. And the problem with that was that every time I had to cough, (which was often, as I tried to clear my chest and airway,) it felt like the top of my head was going burst open.

This was no gradual thing, more like,

Friday night: “Sweet dreams, don’t let the begbugs bite…”

Saturday morning: “Yaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Welcome to Your Highway to Hell!”

At that point, I consulted a chart I had from 2020 at the onset of COVID. It looked to me like my symptoms lined up more with the flu than the ‘Rona, where I had 7 of the top 8 symptoms. (I did not have the trots.)

Also, I could still taste my food and drink, which I considered the telltale sign that it wasn’t COVID. So I just took some meds to fight the symptoms and waited for my immune system to kick in.

Sunday and Monday were even worse, with the headache intensifying. Nice long weekend, huh? I would get up around nine, have breakfast and do my crossword puzzles, then go back to bed about 11 and stay there for 2-3 hours. I was just beat. I ate a lot of soup, because that’s what I could swallow with the least amount of difficulty. I also lost 5 pounds, so if you want to jump start some weight loss, consider the Soup Diet.

By Tuesday, the headache let up and the body aches went away, and my throat was much less sore. I still had chest and sinus congestion, was easy to tire out. And just when I could swallow comfortably again, I lost the sense of taste.

At that point, Sweetpea and I both took at-home COVID tests and we tested positive.

Dammit! I had avoided it all this time. It wasn’t hard for us to figure out that Sweetpea brought it back to the house from her week of teachers training meetings she had the prior week. (I literally had not left the house for the preceding week.) But her symptoms were much less severe than mine. She just had the headache, some fatigue, and also lost taste.

By Wednesday, my headache and sore throat were gone, I had less chest congestion, but a dry cough at night at times. And my sense of taste returned; Sweetpea’s came back a couple days later. But as such, I lost my opportunity to eat a year’s worth of broccoli and other vegetables I can’t stand, but are good for me. I guess I’ll have to wait until next time.

From Thursday on, I’ve just had mild but clingy chest and sinus congestion, but my energy has been much better. I don’t have any reason to think it won’t continue to fade away, but I’m keeping an eye on things.

It’s been about a year since my last COVID booster and flu shot, so I’ll be anxious to go get jabbed as soon as they release the new versions for fall. I’m grateful that the previous shots kept me out of the hospital.

Yes, my case could have been much worse, but man, I do NOT want to replay those first three days again for anything! That was a truly miserable experience.

Take it from me: get your shots and take distancing and masking seriously.


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I hope you start feeling better soon. Yep, once Sweetpea is back to school that is all the icky's in the world between other faculty and snotty-nosed kids. :-)

We began wearing masks again. It's all a matter of time before we've all get it I suppose. Knock on wood we haven't but with Rick's condition, we are fearful of it.
I used to get the same kind of colds though every Spring and every fall (started in late August) It was allergies I found out. But once I found out I was celiac, all allergies went away after 6 months of my new diet. Go figure.

bluzdude said...

I feel a lot better than last week. Just have a little congestion, and I get tired out easily.

For all the time I've been with Sweetpea, I rarely catch anything she brings home. But this time, I had it almost immediately. Just shows how contagious this shit is.

Bohemian said...

I'm so sorry, hope you get Well soon. I had heard The Rona was making rounds again so every time I get a symptom I worry it's that, I had it so bad during Pandemic I almost Died so I don't want a repeat performance of that fresh Hell. Thanks for the Chart, mine is probably Allergies. *Whew*

bluzdude said...

That's one of the bad parts about having the 'Rona... symptom anxiety! Every time something new hurts, it's like, "Whoa, my wrist hurts, is that a new symptom?" What's with my ears? Is that more COVID?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hope you're doing better. I got the Rona last December. I feel your pain.

bluzdude said...

Thanks, Shaw! I'm feeling a lot better now.