Sunday, September 20, 2009

Steelers Recap - Week 2

Well, that sucked. Looks like this shirt is out of “Jilly’s rotation.” Nothing worse than when the Steelers lose and the Ratbirds win at the same time. Ughhhh…

I also realized that it’s a lot tougher to keep notes on the game when there’s no sound and you’re drinking copious amounts of beer. But for what it’s worth, these are my thoughts on the game as it unfolded.

* Ben had lots of time to pass and looked almost surgical on that first possession. Too bad they had to piss around for the rest of the half.

* In watching the Ratbirds game on another screen, diminutive running back Darrin Sproles almost broke Ed Reed’s ankle on a great inside cutback. Running backs should do that more often… how many times do you see someone trucking down the sideline and eventually get nudged out of bounds. I think as soon as anyone comes near them they should make a hard move to the inside. They should get a couple more yards at minimum, if not take it all the way.

* We’re actually running decently. Funny how much better the running backs look when there’s actually a hole to run through.

* Looks like a downpour started around the 2nd quarter. That had to de-motivate crowd at least a little bit. I’ve sat in games like that before and it’s just miserable. I remember a game in San Francisco where the sky opened up in the 2nd quarter and just poured for the rest of the game. I was so wet, even the money in my wallet was soaked.

* Tyrone Carter really laid the lumber on some guy, knocking them both out of the game. Ty came back… I don’t know about the other guy. (No sound…) Bears still drive and come out with a TD, tying the game at 7-7 right before halftime.

* 3rd down and 3 early in the 3rd quarter and Ben takes a sack? Where’s that quick hitter to Santonio across the middle?

* Chicago has 2 false start penalties on the same series in their own house? Sounds like the yips, to me.

* Welcome to the party, Mendenhall! He goes 10 yards with the ugliest screen pass ever and then rips off about 40 yards through a big hole.

*Ben dives over a guy into the end zone for a big TD. Ben versus a db is a complete mismatch. No way he wasn’t going to score there.

* After a good drive, Ben is sacked again on 3rd and 9, after which Skippy misses a 38 yard FG. Reed doesn’t miss those very often…

* It’s up to the defense now, but the Bears hit a wide-open receiver for about 30. They move down to the 10 with precision passing. Steelers are blitzing but just can’t get there in time. Bears score on a pass against Tyrone Carter. Troy looks pained on the sidelines. Skippy’s miss is looming large.

* Steelers ball 1st and 10 at the 29 with 6 minutes to go. It’s Ben time. Steelers drive down the field on a pass to Hines, Mewelde Moore goes for 15, Ben runs 5 for a first down. Suddenly it’s 3rd and 2 deep in Bears territory when Santonio has a ball dribble down his chest in the end zone. I know Santonio should have caught it but why not just get the 1st down? First things first!

* Skippy misses another one, this time from 43. I don’t think I ever remember the Foul Dwarf missing 2 FGs in one game… Why are we screwing around with these Chicago clowns? No sluts for Skippy tonight. Maybe he should grow that ridiculous hairdo back.

* Bears drive down the field, eating up all kinds of time and kick a field goal with 15 seconds left in the game. Steelers fumble the kick return and there’s your ballgame.

We had all kinds of chances in this game, but just seemed to bumblefuck it up. Not winning this game is going to cost us down the road. And now I’m going to have to listen to the obnoxious Ratbird fans cawing about being in first place. Bugger all!Last week I won the Football picks contest I play in each week, (all the pro games plus 2 select college games), going 16-2. As I learned when I hit the first 3 exactas at the
horse races at the State Fair a couple weeks ago, you can’t assume you know it all after some early success. On today’s pro games, I’m 5-9 so far. I’ll get’em next week.


Mary Ann said...

"Skippy" needs a new nickname, hairdo and fresh company. Good Mojo can't counteract bad kicking. The Windy City is no excuse. But the season's young and we're still so beautiful.

bluzdude said...

I believe the name "Skippy" was bestowed by PittGirl, or maybe it was just his full nickname, "Skippy Skeeve the Foul Dwarf." I think he needs to get the Don King hair back. The buzz cut has sapped him of his mojo. Maybe we just call him Samson...