Monday, May 23, 2011

Sneak Preview

I have way too many pictures to download and tinker with to do any kind of justice to a post.  But I figure the least I can do is drop a couple photos on you to tide you over until I can make something coherent out of last weekend.
Honus Wagner welcomes us to PNC Park

Even Bill Mazeroski says 'hi.'

The Great One, Roberto Clemente, and his bridge.

I could take pictures at PPG Plaza all day.  What an incredible building.

The Greatest view in sports stadia.

Oh yeah, there was a game, too.

I hope to have more for you Tuesday or Wednesday.


  1. I am very jealous of you right now.

  2. Trash,
    Proximity does have its advantages.

  3. What's up Bluz! I survived the rapture after all! Turns out all I had to say was "Yes we can!" and that was all she wrote.....

  4. Roberto's hand says all. BIG HANDS BIG HEART Beautiful city.

  5. Your quarter-full bleachers do not impress me!

  6. Virgil,
    I’m surprised the dude didn’t try to tie the Joplin MO tornado to Judgment Day. So it was a little late…

    Actually, I read this morning that he just made a statement that he made (another) mistake and the actual Judgment Day is now October 21st. That’s a Friday, which sucks because it would ruin a pretty good football weekend.

    Mary Ann,
    Well put. (As always.)

    Funny you mention that… this game actually sold out! That is a rarity in Pittsburgh. That particular picture was taken long before gametime, so the folks weren’t there yet. Lotta Tigers fans, so I have to give them credit.

  7. I live right next to Roberto Clemente High School in Chicago. The view from here...not so great.

  8. Oh PPG. I love it there, too. Matt works there, that lucky bastard. On the 28th floor no less over looking PNC Park and such.

  9. Beer,
    Chicago's an odd place for a namesake for Roberto. Must be in honor of all the Cubbies he took to school...

  10. And I told you that my BFF Nicole's father in law designed PPG, right? Well, was one of the architects.

  11. Cassie,
    You've mentioned that about Matt and I remain very jealous. What a grand place to work. I did NOT know about the architect. The man does brilliant work.

  12. I could gawk all day at amazing architecture. Love the view from that stadium, but I really think Colorado's a contender. I went to a few Rockies games in my work's suite, and it pretty much rocked. So glad you had a good time!

  13. Cristy,
    I would definitely like to visit Coors Field some time. I bet it's dazzling.

  14. On top of everything else, Pittsburgh has the coolest architecture.

  15. Great post and fantabulous photos, Bluz! Your love for this city just shines through each picture taken.

  16. Mrs. Bachelor Girl,
    It totally does. It amazes me every time I go back.

    Thanks! It’s one of my favorite places to be. And it just so happens to be loaded with my favorite people too, many of which I’ll be seeing on Monday!


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