Monday, December 30, 2019

Year End Leftovers

Yes, we’ve come to the end of another year. Throughout 2019, I’ve collected various items I thought I could use, either to debunk something or support a point I wanted to make. All go into my 2019 blogging folder. So now we’re on the cusp of 2020 and it’s time to create a new folder.

I try to start the year with a clean slate, so what do I do with all the memes and graphics I never used?

Meme dump.

And as you’ll see, all of them are supporting arguments I’ve made before. I’ve been pretty aggressive about debunking the BS memes, so I don’t have any of those left over. But I often forget I even saved these others, when I could have used them to pad support other posts.

Let me see if I can group these into some kind of order. (We are not anarchists here.)

These totally fit.

I could also add a 6th: I’m not pathologically afraid of those who look different or come from a different culture than I do.

The ignorance of basic biology and other sciences, as exhibited by our conservative elected officials is staggering.

Republican Bullshit
The deficit: Part 1

Why let facts ruin an effective talking point? Republicans totally ignore the deficit once their guys are doing the spending. Before that? Worst thing since women got the vote. We must ensure we never let the GOP harp on the deficit ever again. They’ve shown by their actions that they don’t give a damn.

And we especially must not let them blame Democrats for “out of control” spending. They passed massive tax cuts targeting very few, and not one Republican demanded reciprocal cuts, like they do when it’s a spending item to benefit the non-rich.

As always, the Republican perspective depends on who’s in charge.

And speaking of selective perception…

Yes, abortion is bad… UNLESS a Republican’s wife, daughter, or mistress needs one. As I repeatedly say, if the pro-life movement was really about reducing the number of abortions, rather than controlling women, they would flood the market with free birth control options. But instead, they fight tooth and nail to make birth control harder to get.

And don’t forget, whatever they did, it’s not their fault.


At this time in history, anything that benefits the masses at the expense of the rich is labeled as Socialism. And if any of the items referenced above were first being proposed today, they’d be against that too.

The anti-socialism bias we see now is completely fabricated and promoted by the rich people who run media outlets like Fox “News” and Sinclair Broadcasting, to turn people against proposals that would benefit them.

This is a self-debunking meme, taking standard arguments Republicans use, usually in terms of negatively characterizing what other people think, and supplying the opinion that those on the Left genuinely believe. The last thing they want is for us to sound reasonable.

Although instead of saying “I want my vote to count,” I’d say, “I want EVERYONE’S vote to count.” Of course, they’d just read that as an endorsement to let illegal aliens vote. But this is important because right now voter suppression is the most effective means they have to retain power. They know they are outnumbered; their only recourse is to rig the scale.

Republicans love to demonize food stamp programs and those who need it. Yes, the Family Values and Evangelicals for Jesus group just can’t stand it when someone gets something that they don’t. The symbol for modern Christianity shouldn’t be a cross, it should be someone with their hand out, saying, “But where’s mine?

What this Jefferson dude was saying was:

But if they acknowledged that truth, they couldn’t claim this was a “Christian Nation.”

The only “agenda” I see from LGBT people is trying to be treated the same way as anyone else. You know, “freedom” and all that. Republicans clamor a lot about “freedom,” but the freedom they want always seems to make others a little less free.

That one goes hand in hand with this one:

The Religious Right would love Shariah Law if you just replaced “Islam” with “Christianity.” 

For a group who demonizes countries like Iran, they sure look like they want to become just like them, but for one little tweak.

And I guarantee this is the genuine Carlin, not one of those hokey glurges usually miscredited to him. This bit is from one of his HBO specials. And he is not wrong. Republicans are 100% pro-baby, right up until it’s born. Then it’s just another mouth to feed looking for a handout.


We’re not hearing too much about Epstein’s sex ring anymore, are we? For Republicans, it’s just more “evidence” that the Clintons have an operational, under-cover hit squad that’s been in cleaning up their messes for years.

This is the only way a sane person can interpret Trump’s* “perfect” conversation with the president of Ukraine. A “favor” in exchange for money. Which is a bribe. Which is written into the Constitution as a crime worthy of impeachment. Which in any rational environment, wouldn’t even be worthy of debate.

And now my favorite local (sort of) story of the year, from the Baltimore Sun:

It seems anyone can become a “Florida Man” simply by visiting Florida. But I give the guy props for unveiling a new courtroom strategy, “The Friggin’ Douche Defense.” I’m surprised Alan Dershowitz wasn’t involved.

Lastly, I’d like to thank you for visiting here this year. It’s been gratifying writing for you and your readership and responses help keep me going, when it would be so much easier to just hide away in a living room blanket fort and eat ice cream.

Please stay engaged this year, and by all means, whomever it is, vote for the Democratic nominee. Like him/her or not, they will be a drastic improvement over the current occupant. The only way to change anything is to show up and vote in every election, for every office. Tides turn from the bottom up. No matter who the “general” is, it’s the “soldiers” who get things done.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Your pal, bluz


Infidel753 said...

Some great stuff here. Thanks for curating them here and giving other bloggers access.

The ignorance of basic biology and other sciences, as exhibited by our conservative elected officials is staggering.

Adhering to fundamentalist religion requires an enormous ability to ignore evidence and keep on believing things which conflict with evidence. People who have developed that ability naturally find it fairly easy to apply it elsewhere, rejecting uncomfortable scientific discoveries and eventually developing a whole world-view unmoored from any connection with factual reality. I'm convinced there's a cause-and-effect relationship there.

The "gay agenda" -- it's amazing how many people on right-wing religious sites talk about gay people as some sort of hive-mind-like conspiracy out to destroy everything good. They utterly can't conceive of gays as being just ordinary people with the same range of feelings and goals as anyone else has. It's frightening dehumanization.

jono said...

I don't often comment, bluzdude, but I do read you. Thanks for the thoughts and generally clear thinking that you have shared. Happy New Year to you and sweet pea.

2 CooPs said...

Thank you, I always enjoy reading your rational and sensible thoughts and opinions of the state of things in “the land of the free” (LOL)

Happy new year to you and yours, it’s going to be the best year ever

RO said...

My fave meme, "God Let My Problem Disappear"(lol) That sure works for a lot of stuff, including those who don't understand, or are hopelessly homophobic. I say we should all scream for some ice cream please, and resolutions be danged(lol) Happy New Year to you and Sweet Pea! Hugs, RO

bluzdude said...

Completely agree. Religion is the grease it takes to ignore inconvenient facts, which is then easily applied to other topics.

I think that pushing the fallacy of a "gay agenda" is crucial to their world view. They have to believe that gayness is a choice, and therefore a sin they can condemn. Therefore they fight or ignore any notion that LGBT are born that way, meaning they are "God's" creations just the way they are. It's a total house of cards.

bluzdude said...

Thanks, Jono. HNY to you too. And stay warm out there!

bluzdude said...

Thanks Coop. Here in America, we have as much freedom as our money can buy!

bluzdude said...

That one is so true. If people would just leave each other alone to do as we please*, we'd all be so much better off.

*without hurting anyone else, of course.

Happy New Year, RO.

RO said...

It's Monday, so I thought I'd peek in. (lol)

bluzdude said...

I plan to have something new up by this evening. I say "I plan to" rather than "I will" because I have to go to the eye doctor this morning, and the whole idea skeeves me right out. Plus I'm getting fully dilated, so I may have to spend the afternoon hiding under a blanket in a windowless room.