Saturday, August 8, 2009

Odd Bits - PittGirl Edition

Payback’s a Bitch
I read a
story this week about a married Wisconsin man who planned to meet up with one of his several mistresses at a local hotel but instead found himself naked, blindfolded and tied to a chair with his junk super-glued to his stomach, courtesy of his wife and two of his mistresses.

Not exactly what he had in mind, I’m sure. Yeowwwww!

This maneuver ought to have a name; I’m suggesting “The Green Bay Package.”

Online magazine Salon published an
invaluable guide for people that are fed up with this ridiculous “Birthers” movement. You know… those people that are consumed by the idea that President Obama is not an American citizen and is therefore ineligible to be President.

I’m not sure how much good a guide like this can really do. All it has to offer are corroborated facts and stone cold logic. Since when do the wing nuts like these ever respond to facts, especially when they disprove something in which they believe? (Like all the flack that
Snopes or get when they shoot down a right-wing smear piece…)

You want a more effective way to shut them the hell up? Confiscate their tinfoil hats.

Let’s Get Physical
Yesterday I had my first complete physical in about 20 years… a very thorough physical. You know the best thing about having a female doctor?

Small fingers.

All one can do is try to block out what’s going on and pretend that you still have some dignity left. And I still have a colonoscopy to look forward to in a couple of years...

But now I know how a muppet feels.

PittGirl Returns?
I learned via Facebook this week that legendary blogger PittGirl has restored the archives to her site and has a big announcement in the coming weeks.

PittGirl is an anonymous blogger from Pittsburgh (duh) and up until last November, had written the funniest, coolest, “Burghiest” blog I’ve read. She wrote about all things Pittsburgh, from the sports teams, to the media, to local politics, to her own crazy family and her undying hatred of pigeons. I consider her a major influence and she is a big reason I took up blogging again. She wrote the kind of blog I always wished I could.

Then in November, someone from the local media discovered her true identity and even though they pledged not to spill the beans, she felt compelled to fold her blog and so her site was wiped clean.

I don’t know what the big announcement is going to be but I’m hoping that she’s found a way to continue her old blog. The fact that she’s restored the old postings is a gift in itself. I heartily recommend you
give it a look. You may want to start with the “Lexicon” up top, because the site has quite a number of terms and references that are unique.

Whether you’re from Pittsburgh or not,
The Burgh Blog is highly entertaining for all. I can’t count how many times she forced me to laugh out loud at work, after which I usually have to clamp my hands over my mouth, forcing my ears to pop.

The Internet is a much cooler place with her on it.


  1. By Jim from Gulf Breeze:
    Green Bay Packaging, is the company who has the patent on the maneuver. As safety director, I would have deployed the steel curtain to defend against this dastardly maneuver.

  2. For "Physical", better to have one than be one. The world has tooo many tight asses now.
    Welcome home, Pitt Girl.
    I'm considering a blog by Pits Girl since i live near there.


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