Friday, October 8, 2010

Odd Bits – The Norman Rockwell Has Nothing on Me Edition

I got an email from Sitcom Kelly that reminded me of just how special the fall can be.  Now with the clear days and the cool crisp nights, and the flannel sheets and comforters on the bed, it brings to mind a traditional, time-honored autumn delicacy.

Without further ado, I give you:

How Pumpkin Pies are Made

I don’t even want to think about the Cool Whip.

Good Pub Dept.
The Baltimore Sun has a number of blogs, including one about Reality TV, called “Reality Check”.  Earlier this week, the writer asked if anyone attended the So You Think You Can Dance tour and if so, how was it?

Never one to pass up an opportunity to plug the site, I wrote a few notes in the comments section and linked back here.  Today I saw that she pulled out my comments and put it on an individual post.  (Sans the link, unfortunately.)  While I didn’t write anything I didn’t already write in my own post here Tuesday night, you could see it here, if you wish.

Now, on to a night of DVR’d shows.  (Special hidden benefit: No political commercials!)

Except this one:
(Thank you to First Door on the Left)


  1. Bluz! You're now FAMOUS!!!!! Who would have thunk? But losing the link. That stinks.

  2. DCG,
    It's OK. It would only get me Baltimore readers anyway, who would no doubt get all pissed off over all the anti-Ravens stuff I write.

    Who needs the trolls?

  3. Must you ruin pumpkin pie that way?

  4. CB,
    I'm sure your delicate constitution will get over it. I know I'll eat the crap out of a pumpkin pie if I have the chance...

  5. Good think I'm not a pumpkin pie fan. And the whipped cream. HOT.

  6. *thing. Wow. I'm so effing tired.

  7. Cassie,
    Whew! For a second, I thought you turned Russian.

  8. You totally carved that pumpkin, didn't you?

    Admit it.

  9. BG,
    I totally wish I'd thought of that, but alas, someone beat me to it.


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