Saturday, July 31, 2010

Burgh Update

Good morning, live from the computer room at the Pittsburgh Airport Holiday Inn.

I got into Pittsburgh more or less uneventfully.  (Your directions were fine, Cassie.)  It was a bit of a jam coming through town... it looked like a parking lot outside the Ft Pitt Tunnel, so I called an audible... I decided to make a break for it and go up Rt 51, "through The Rocks", this time, on purpose!  (That's McKee's Rocks, to non-Pittsburghers).

There was one glitch that's been bothering me... I noticed right before I took off on the trip, that the Check Engine light was on.  Shit!  Just what I need.

Everything seemed to be functioning OK and I checked my manual, which said that it didn't mean everything was automatically screwed... it had to stay of for a couple of trip cycles.  So in other words, I'm gone!  It wouldn't be serious unless it started flashing.  It's probably the gas cap, (which I checked) or from when I changed the air filter.  The Jiffy Lube guy warned me that if I didn't get the lid closed tight, I might get the light.  I checked that this morning, slamming down the cover tight, and lo and behold, the light went off.  Problem solved.

Had our customary family fish sandwich at Segnari's ("table for 13, please") and then walked over to check out the site for tomorrow's Darwinfish Fry at Anthony Jr's.  It looks like a fine place for a gathering of mild-mannered bloggers.  I don't know how the group of us will do, but we'll find out.

Spent the evening at my Aunt's place, sitting on the deck, drinking Iron City Lights, nibbling cheese, pepperoni and crackers, cookies, and watching my brother and brother-in-law break my Aunt's heart by tearing into 3 different boxes of Tasty Kakes.

Also spent about an hour talking with my nephew, Daniel, about the wonders of AC/DC and 80's rock in general.  You Tube is so helpful for such conversations.

Today we're looking to go visit The Strip District.  (Non-Pittsburghers, that's not what you think... it's a big outdoor market lined with all kinds of shops and eateries.)  Afterwards, it's the OTHER big event of the weekend, my parents' 50th Anniversary dinner, or as I've been calling in, "Geezenpalooza."

D-fish Fryers... cant' wait to meet you all tomorrow!


Cassie said...

I'm glad my directions were fine. Personally I was hoping to hear, "Your directions freaking rocked." But you know, beggars can't be choosers.


Anonymous said...

Have a blast. Love . Pinky

DG said...

Thanks for the get-together, Bluz. Nice to meet everyone!

Judie said...

I feel so lame, since I can hardly concentrate on the words in your latest post, but thank you for your support this last week. We are not done yet, and are stressed out to the max. This is your "fix" though.

The Guy's Perspective said...

Sounds like a good time. Enjoy!

As far as the check engine light goes, that thing always freaks me out. It's like a test result from the doctor that says, "Something's potentially wrong with you body, but it's unclear what."

bluzdude said...

Your directions freakin' rocked. And so do you and your sister.

So glad you and the Other DG could come. Was great meeting you! Now start that blog!

What the hell are you doing in Georgia? (Or did someone that lives there use your blogroll to visit?)

You're right! Those lights are so non-specific. They should have a light that says, "Check the Gascap!" Or "Close your Air Filter cover, dummy!" Or, "Get me to a Repair Shop, STAT!"

Bachelor Girl said...

"The Strip District."

Awfully glad you expounded upon that, 'cause this girl was about to be SCANDALIZED!

(And curious!)