Thursday, September 26, 2013

Child Prodigy in the Making

Sorry for the late post… I went to the Orioles game tonight, Sitcom Kelly.  It was my 13th and last one for the season, in which I set a personal record for Most Orioles Games Attended.  (I also went to 4 other non-Oriole games, in Pensacola, Toledo, Detroit and Pittsburgh, so it was a pretty full summer of sports for me.)

Anyway, before we went, we were exchanging emails during the day.  As you may recall, Sitcom Kelly provided foster care for a little girl about 2 years ago.  The girl is 5 now and is back with relatives, but Sitcom Kelly still gets regular visits, which pleases all involved.  I usually refer to the child as LLCJ, which stands for LL-Cute-J.  I've said it before, but when this little one looks at me with her almond eyes and sly smile, it makes me want to buy her a college education.

Since I haven’t published one of my goofy email threads in a while, and because I’m out of “good” ideas to write about at the moment, I figured I’d show this to you today.  We started off talking about the premier of Modern Family.

Sitcom Kelly: The part that cracked me up was when the baby threw up every time they mentioned gay marriage.

Bluzdude: (quoting a line from last night where the little girl, “Lily,” was answering the phone at Mitch’s office.) “Hello, Daddy’s office.  No, YOU sound like a little girl.” [Slam]

Which reminds me, LLCJ should totally be on TV.

SK: You're not kidding.  I've been looking at some of the local theatre's websites to see if they have 1-day Intro to Acting classes for kids her age.  When she was here this past weekend, we were playing "auditions".   She would come in and show "us" her dance moves - like she was trying out for a dance troupe or something. 

She sat on the steps and I would call her to invite her for the audition.  She would come and I would ask her name and what her talents were. 

"Besides dancing, do you sing or play any instruments?"  

I would pretend take notes.  When she was done I'd say "We'll call you when we make a decision".  She'd sit on the steps and wait for my call.  And I'd call and offer her the job.  She said "OK, I'll be there at 6:00."

Next time we'll have to play "rejection".   Got to get her prepared for some of that, although I can't imagine anyone would ever reject her... 

BD: OMG, that is hilarious.  You should try to teach her a short scene and see if she can “act.”  (Besides just being her adorable self.)

SK: And she has really good dance moves.  She’ll see something on TV and mimic everything the dancers do.  And she’ll remember it.

After her turn to be the dancer, it was my turn to audition.  I had to close the blinds before I started auditioning.  Didn't want anyone to see my dance moves.  I “made it” but later she told my mom I wasn't a very good dancer.

BD: Aww.  She didn't want to hurt your feelings, so you passed.  You should ask her to teach you.

SK: OMG!!  She’d be like one of those mean Russian dance instructors walking past me and poking me with a stick.

BD: You’re right.  Best not to upset the balance of power any more than it already is.

Good thing you shut the blinds before dancing.  The neighbors might have thought you had an itch you couldn't reach.

SK: Having seen my recycling every week, I’m sure they’d understand.


Mary Ann said...

Exquisite child! If Chloe Channell from here in Pace, Fl. can win on "America's Got Talent", this Princess certainly should qualify.

bluzdude said...

All she’d have to do to win is stand there and bat her eyes.

Jessica R. said...

Oh man Bluz, if you would have had girl children, you would have been a sucker for everything they wanted. :) Still though, that's one cute kid.

bluzdude said...

You are 100% right, Jess. And it was proven with my buddy's kids, my nieces. I was putty in their hands.