Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thoughts on the SBXLVIII Viewing Experience

Yes, I know there are a million sites where you can read an analysis of Super Sunday, so now there are a million and one.  Nothing is ever overdone until I’ve weighed in on it.

Not that I’m going to go into any armchair quarterback-type depth here, but since most of us either watched or were marginally aware of the Super Bowl last Sunday, I thought I’d throw in my armchair observations on the broadcast.

The game wasn’t nearly as exciting as I thought it was going to be.  I thought Manning would at least make it close, but the Seahawks defense proved to be too much for the Broncos.  Right from the opening snap, which sailed over Manning’s head, it looked like a bunch of orange-clad boys playing against men in ugly Nike uniforms.

My biggest takeaway was that the game got real interesting for the people who drew the traditionally dogshit numbers in their office pool.  Suddenly, 8’s, 5,s and 2’s were in play, and those holding 7’s, 4’s and 0’s were wondering what kind of Bizarro World they woke up in that morning.

I was live-tweeting the game, so I’ll use a couple of those to remember what I thought at the time.  Like when Kurt Russell gave the “inspirational” introduction to both teams. I think you lose credibility when you do that.

And like when a Seattle linebacker picked off a tipped pass and ran all too easily into the endzone for a “pick-six.”

Early on, I saw a parallel between Seattle’s performance in this Super Bowl, and their last one.

I really didn’t get too much more interested until halftime.  I’ve said it before, but I don’t think the Super Bowl halftime show is the venue for fluffy pop music.  During the biggest football game of the year, I want to hear howling guitars and thunderous drums.  I have no use for a gnome-like dude in a sparkly coat and immense pompadour, pretending to be James Brown.  I mean, Prince has already done a halftime show.


This one I just had to retweet...

Because the game was such a dog, I probably tweeted more about the commercials than the action on the field.

After the Muppets/Toyota commercial…

I’m a Muppets fan from way back.  In fact, I used to have a T-shirt with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem on it.  The only thing that could have improved this commercial would be having the Swedish Chef in it.  OK, or a Battle of the Bands against AC/DC.

I also loved the Radio Shack commercial, with all the 80s icons in it.  That’s one of those spots where you have to watch it a couple times just to catch everything.  And for those who didn’t (like me), I found a character by character breakdown.

My favorite ad of the night was the Audi “Doberhuahua” spot, which made me laugh out loud in several places.  So goofy, and so well done.

There was another ad I liked, I forget who it was for… probably a web registry company, but it showed these live representations of the on-line come-ons and spam that we all endure during our web crawling.  The girls with giant red lips, making the duck-faces cracked me up.  Welcome to Facebook…

But to me, the biggest moment of the night, (game or non-game) was the promo for the new mini-season of “24.” 

You might remember how much I love the show“24.”  (So much, I once created a 24 Drinking Game.)  Just seeing Jack Bauer in action again gave me goosebumps.  And Chloe’s a Goth Girl now!  (And hot too… Yowza!)  Apparently it’s a 12-episode season, and they will have to abandon their “real time” motif and skip some time here and there.  At last, we can safely assume that Jack is able to use the bathroom once in a while.

Since this season is set in England, I wonder if Jack will be more polite…

Jack: I say, old chap, but if it’s not too much trouble, might you please TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS??

Can’t wait for the debut on 5/5/14. 

Eventually it became clear that there wasn’t going to be any big comebacks or thrilling finishes to the game.

So, that was the game, which was pretty much of a dud.  There were some good commercials, but not nearly as many good ones as in past years.

So here’s to next season… And in the meantime, Let’s Go Pens!


Cassie said...


Pip pip! Cheerio!

bluzdude said...

What’s “British” for “Dammit?”

I suppose he could go all Ron Weasley, and say, “Bloody Hell!”

Cassie said...

More like, "Bloo-ey ell."

bluzdude said...

Maybe he'll finally break the sexual tension and snog with Chloe...