Monday, August 1, 2016

What I did on My Summer Vacation - Part 2

Greetings from rustic Whitehouse Ohio!  I'm out on my annual pilgrimage to the land of my youth, the farmlands outside Toledo, to visit my best buddies, the Chairman of Fuck Off (The CFO) and the Vice President of Hell No (The VP).

I've only been here since Saturday so I don't have a lot of adventures to report just yet, but there's enough for a short post.

After the VP picked me up in Detroit, we thought we'd never get out of Michigan.  All the interstates seemed to be under construction, with the corresponding traffic jams, so we had to procure some alternate routing to get back to friendly territory.

After we met up with the CFO at the local tavern, we stopped at the grocery store for a supply of beer for the week. (OK, next couple days, probably.)
I just wonder what came with the full-service restroom...

When we got back to the garage, I noticed the VP's charcoal supply.
If that garage catches fire, they'll never be able to put it out, they'll just have to have a community barbecue.

On Sunday, the VP did up some pork butt, for pulled pork.
Fully spiced and ready to smoke.

Then when it was done...
it was a sight to behold.  And a smell to besmell too.

We also did some cooler corn, with the watchful oversight of the CFO's dog and grandson.

Later on, the boy demonstrated his magnetic personality.

Tonight, we're looking at grilled brats, (that's as in the sausage, not rotten kids) and a night back at the tavern.  Later this week, we have a Toledo Mudhens game, some river fishing, and a trip to my favorite pizza place in Bowling Green.  Stay tuned for what's sure to be a fascinating story... 

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