Saturday, March 21, 2009

Odd Bits - March Madness Edition

March Madness
Yes, I may make bracket picks, but this is my idea of March Madness:

I always loved that song. And the video looks like it was shot for about $75.

The Ratbirds Embarrass Themselves. Again.
I laughed out loud when I saw this story... Now that the Ravens re-signed Thug In Chief Ray Lewis, you'd think they'd be anxious to promote their chest-pounding awesomeness. Instead, we get to read where they requested that the NFL not schedule them to play the Steelers on national television this year.

"There were rumors that the NFL would begin this season with Ravens-Steelers, a rematch of the AFC championship game, for its Thursday night game. But the Ravens asked not to be considered for a prime-time game at Heinz Field this season when they submitted their scheduling requests to the league, a team official told The Baltimore Sun."

The only thing to say to that is, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA! What's the matter, is you all tired of getting beat on like you were dating Chris Brown. Poor sensitive babies..."

If they had any self respect, or even half-believed anything they say about how tough they are, they would never let something like this see the light of day. A team with real toughness would be more like, "Any time, any place." Bunch of whining maggots... The Steelers must be in their heads like they were in Ben's back a couple years ago. But I didn't hear the Steelers turning down national games. But then, the NFL secretly props up the Steelers, and everyone knows they hate the Ravens. So sayeth those with the tinfoil hats here in Baltimore. "We don't get intimidated... we're the intimidators." ~ Jack Lambert ~
Jack Lambert > Ray Lewis

Shopping the 70's

You may recall that while grocery shopping 2 weeks ago, I noted that they were playing "Don't Fear The Reaper" in the store. Well, today's surprising moldy chestnut was "Smoke on the Water." Was there any kid that was alive in 1973 that didn't jam to that riff? Or learn it in about 3 minutes on guitar? What a jam

So I looked for the video on YouTube and was not disappointed. It's all there... the chords, the keyboard growl, the gutter bass and Ian "Jesus Christ Superstar" Gillan. Check out the snappy 70's clothes too...

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