Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Single Celled Brains

Already, some conservative southern states are pushing back against yesterday’s stem cell announcement by firing up legislations declaring that fertilized single-cell embryos are persons.

I say that’s great, just as long as they stipulate that once they find a viable treatment for Parkinson’s and spinal cord injuries by using embryonic stem cells, it may not be given to anyone from Georgia or Louisiana, unless they have a
NARAL or ACLU membership card.


(That's "blog" for Michael J. Fox is greater than an embryonic stem cell.)

Some moron wrote into the paper this morning complaining about using his tax dollars for this stem cell research that hasn’t cured anything yet.

This is stupid on so many levels…

First of all, for every cure for every disease ever invented, all of them had a time when it hadn’t cured anything yet. That’s why they call it research, pinhead. You don’t just look under a floor mat at Princeton and go, “Oh, so there’s the cure…”

Secondly, there’s the idea that we get to choose what our tax dollars pay for. Sorry, it’s all or nothing with this country. You think I want to pay for agribusiness subsidies, the war in Iraq or abstinence programs? We live in a free country, which, of course, costs money.

How can you argue with that?


Anonymous said...

Let's wait until those embryos, which some consider persons, grow, are born, develop into healthy young adults then send them to distant lands to be maimed in body, mind and spirit, murdered or returned to broken families who no longer recognize them. As you rightly note, our tax dollars do indeed support that area of endeavor.
Those suffering from spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's desease, diabetes and a host of other illnesses are already eight or more years behind in their hope for help.
lil Mom

Anonymous said...

Yes! What looks like a cartoon is really a huge debate, and that is sad. Let's respect life by helping the living!!