Thursday, December 20, 2012

On the Move

My department at work had to relocate today.  We went from a modernized upper floor, down to a not-so-modernized lower floor.  The whole building is being “re-stacked,” so a move was unavoidable.  But will I sound like a little bitch if I feel like I just went from the penthouse to the dungeon?

As I was bringing some of my stuff down this morning, a friend from another department saw me and asked when we were moving.  I said, “Right now.  Didn't you notice the claw marks on the door frames?

I just left a cube that was perfectly suited to me.  It might not have been the largest cube I've been in, but it was the best.  I was in a corner with no outlet.  That meant that no one ever walked by my cube unless they were looking specifically for me.  Thus, I had a supreme amount of privacy.  The layout looked like this…
Please excuse the primitive art.  I don’t claim to be a competent draftsman.

As you can see, I had 2 empty cubes beside me, so local traffic was non-existent.  I could literally change my clothes in my cube… in fact, I often did.  Last year when I was going to PT for my shoulder, I changed clothes at work rather than in the car or at the facility.  I’d be able to see anyone coming long before they could get all the way around to my door.  But I bet anyone scoping out the building with a telescope got a surprise.

Best part was I got to say things like: “Hey “neighbor,” guess what?  I’m not wearing any pants right now!  Woo hoo!  Woo hooo!

I also had room for a short file cabinet (marked “C” on the map.)  This was cool, not because I needed the file space, but that I could set up more stuff on top of it.  I had lots of room for my shit.

I still have a window, but the view is not exactly comparable.  This is what I left:

It was even nicer at night.

This is what I have now:

I especially like the HVAC units right outside my window. #ConstantDrone

Anyway, I hate to whine about such things when I’m actually thrilled just to have a job right now, especially one I enjoy.

I still have some extra room, compared to my office-mates, but even that comes with a price.  My “door” is right on the aisle, so everyone walking into our area can look right into my cube.  No more changing room for me.

This is the view, from my cube, outward.  Even people passing in the outer hallway can look in.
Those stalls to the left are for computer staging.  No one stays there.

At least they can’t really see me, because I’m scooted in behind a wall panel.  But what they will see leaves no doubt whose cube it is.

I did trade up in bathroom facilities, however.  The lower floors have larger restrooms.

Before, we had 3 stalls, with 2 urinals on the opposite wall.  I used to hate it when I’d be nesting in the end stall and someone would come in and use the adjoining stall.  Total party foul.  I also hated it when I just needed to come in and take a quick leak, and someone would be in there bombing the place, like 4 feet behind me.

Now we have 6 stalls, with 4 urinals around the corner from them.  That’s much more like it.  In case of mass pooping, we can handle 3 at once and still leave a buffer between each pooper.  So I find the small victories where I can.

Plus, I can always look at it this way… by the end of the day tomorrow; none of this will matter anyway.

See you in the afterlife… I’ll be hosting the eternal barbecue.


Anonymous said...

Dude, that sucks. Office logistics matter. We spend 1/3 of our lives there. You should just put a big Fathead over that window. Like this one:

bluzdude said...

You know, I love that idea. I can't use actual Fatheads, of course, because the windows aren't that big. (It just looks that way in the picture because I shot it from up close.) But I could use a smaller window cling. I just have to be sure enough light gets in for my plants.

Also, I'm not sure I want any window art that's titled "Sack in your Face." Could be misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, what a horrible trade of view!! Now that I see your original view, I know exactly where your building is, though.

And unfortunately the world did not end. Silly Mayans. Guess you will get to continue gazing upon HVAC units for a while longer. Sorry about that.

bluzdude said...

The day is not over yet! There's still plenty of time for the world to spin down the shitter.

Meanwhile, I'm taking Pinky out to eat. Might as well go out with a full belly.

Just because you know where I am, it doesn't mean you get to stalk me for Weekly Whacked.

Judie said...

Hahaha!! I have that weather forecast on my Facebook page!

New digs! How exciting! BUT will you get more work done? Just wonderin'!!!

Merry Christmas, Cowboy!


bluzdude said...

I wouldn't exactly call moving down to the dungeon "exciting..." But I guarantee that I won't get any work done until the new year... mostly because I'm off until 1/2.

I always try to take the post-Christmas week off, to get charged up to begin the new year with a flourish.

Cassie said...

Woah, man. That blows! I won't tell you about Matt's view, which includes PNC park, Market Square, the Allegheny and the new T station.

I agree with Bagger, though I suggest you take it one step further and instead, you just take paint, and paint a mural. OR even better! Just blow up a photo of your OLD view and then just paste THAT to the wall.

bluzdude said...

If only I knew how to paint... Do you think there's any way I can tack up a picture of my old view onto my new window, without looking like a whiney little bitch?

Didn't think so.