Thursday, September 1, 2011

Help From My Fred

OK, I was out to happy hour tonight with Sitcom Kelly and her Sitcom Sister.  So I'm not at my peak capacity for mirth and mayhem tonight.

We spent most of the night trying to convince Sitcom Kelly to actually begin a blog of her own.  She already has a page set up; she just needs to load a hits counter and start putting up posts.   So Sitcom Sister and I were kind of tag-teaming her on that... while putting away several pitchers of beer.

Like I said, I'm not firing on all cylinders right now.  So my suggestion to you now is to scroll down and check out the 2 videos in the previous post, if you haven't already.  There, you'll find comic Buddy Hackett telling an unbelievably funny joke, followed my yours truly telling my favorite joke to the best of my ability.

If you've already been there and shunned that, here's a really funny video of legendary singer Joe Cocker performing one of his signature songs from the original Woodstock concert, complete with helpful translation for those of us that have no idea what the hell Joe is talking about.

Trust me; this shit is funny... I wouldn't steer you wrong.


  1. Okay, you've convinced me. Your taste in funny videos can be trusted.

  2. Lemons,
    The Bluz knows The Funny! And now I have a testimonial!

  3. That's hilarious. Great start to my Friday.

  4. Jessica,
    Just consider it a little help from your Fred.

  5. Joe Cocker is funny without all the mumbling and googley-eyed facial expressions!Let me know when Sitcom Kelley caves and starts her blog. I'll follow anyone with a catchy name like hers (plus she had me at Sitcom!)

  6. Sandra,
    Believe me, I'll be all over it once she starts her blog (some time around 2025). Considering that "Sitcom Kelly" is as much my invention as hers, I have a stake in it too.

  7. Director's DVD Commentary,
    Lest anyone misunderstand, the subtitles on the Joe Cocker video are not of the lyrics, but of what he actually says. Big difference, and therein lies the humor.

  8. Funny is as funny does.

    And I thought that John Belushi did a better Joe Cocker than even Joe Cocker. But this was the shit.

  9. Bagger,
    Right you are. I've seen various versions of this same essential idea. This is the one that happened to show up on YouTube this time.

  10. OMFG, that's funny! Well, there goes a fresh pair of Depends.

  11. So you got falling down drunk, and now you just can't think straight. Do I have the picture??

    You always have great videos, Cowboy!

    Your Hot Arizona Auntie

  12. Jayne,
    The first time I saw someone execute this idea, I was on the freakin' floor. As I told the Bagger, this is the 3rd version I've found on YouTube. I think every time one gets taken down, someone else does a new version.

    And seriously, welcome back. I've missed you.

    I never get falling down drunk. And I could think straight, I just didn't have the energy or ambition to start composing interesting thoughts in an eloquent manner. So I decided to go straight to video highlights. Luckily, I had a note on my Idea Pad to use the Cocker video and this was the perfect opportunity.

  13. Hmmmmm--Are you sure?? Maybe you just don't remember!! It could happen, you know!!


  14. Judie,
    OK, maybe I shouldn't have said "never." "Not in a really long time" would have been more accurate.

  15. Happy Happy Hour! I bet you'd be the BEST drinking buddy.

  16. I am a terrific drinking buddy! I never cause trouble and we laugh all night. You and The Guy ever come out to Baltimore (or Pittsburgh), I'll show you.

  17. Hey! I can drink now! Be my drinking buddy!

  18. Cassie,
    I’d be happy to drink with you! I bet when you’re drunk, you talk so fast that it creates a wormhole, sucking in everything around it. That would be a trip.


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