Saturday, January 14, 2012

DeLurker Day 2012

On various sites throughout the Internet, January 14 has been proclaimed “DeLurker Day.”  This is a day designed to coax those people that regularly visit a blog without ever commenting, to come forth and join the group by leaving a comment.

I’ve been itching for this day to come around.  I missed it last year, which severely pissed me off.  As you probably know, I track my blog stats and visitors with the intensity of a dog staring at a bowl of pork chops.  (Or, me, staring at a bowl of pork chops.)

In using my StatCounter service, I can see people turning up several times a week, if not daily.  I’m always so curious about who they are and how they came to find this site.  I wonder if they return because they enjoy it, or if they just want to see what that idiot is going to say next.  Is it an old friend or enemy, checking in to see what’s become of me?

I want to know who is checking in from Anchorage, Alaska and Dallas, Texas.  Who is coming from PPG Industries, Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh?  Who arrives from Salineville, Ohio via Cassie’s site, or who checks in daily via Uncle Crappy?

This is not to say I’m complaining about the visits.  I’m always glad for the attention.  I merely say to you, my regular silent guest, that if you have come this far, why not come just a bit further and participate?  And why not give everyone else the opportunity to check your blog, if you have one?  As you should know, all are welcome here.

Well, all that aren’t assholes, anyway.  That’s my job.

Now, I’m thinking of trying out a new short-form feature, where I talk about issues that have surfaced, and give a brief opinion because I don’t have enough material on it to flesh it out for even an Odd Bits bit.  I call it:

Hey Bluz, What do you Think About…

I’m kind of “meh” about the whole thing.  She was made up as Marilyn Monroe the whole time.  What’s the point of celebrities posing naked if they look like someone else?

Note to Lindsey: Marilyn did it better.  Now go back to your public service stint.

Note to you: If you click the link and check the pictures, please know that only a couple of these shots were actually in the magazine and the ran many that aren’t shown here at all.

At a press conference with the show’s stars and show runner, reporters made repeated charges that the characterizations of the Asian diner owner, the old black cashier and Russian cook were racist.  I never really sensed racism in these depictions, I just laughed a lot.  However I’m a mild-mannered Italian heathen.  Maybe if they had one of those on the show, I’d be more offended. 

I think they’re getting a bad rap.  What half-hour sitcoms drop fully developed and nuanced side characters into the first season?  Give them some time, for cryin’ out loud. 

“Work It” is a show about guys dressing as girls to get a job… or in other words, “Bosom Buddies” with an office instead of a school dorm.  From the promos alone, I thought it looked like a horrible show.  It’s been pretty much savaged by every critic in America as the worst show ever.

Sitcom Kelly likes it though.  I can only assume she’s growing tired of putting dresses on the athletes she keeps in her basement Silence of the Lambs pit, and craves some variety.

I’m of mixed mind on this.  While I wish they handled themselves with more decorum, I can certainly understand what may have driven them to such lengths.  On one hand, fuck the Taliban.  I make room for the notion that if I had been fighting these guys for months, had watched them shoot or blow up my buddies, had them shoot at me, watched what they’ve done with those that they’ve captured, I’d be sorely tempted to express my feelings in a similar vein.

However, I would NOT have put a film of it on the fucking Internet!  Now, we have an international incident with severe repercussions, just because someone wanted to impress other soldiers or his buddies back home?  Good God, if you must record this sort of thing for posterity, keep that of shit in the fucking camera.  Who knows how much of the success to which these guys contributed, just got rolled back into oblivion? 

When the Republicans take a line out of context and them blow it up and repeat it all over the media, I’m glad that this time they’re doing it to one of their own.  Yes, I know the so-called “Liberal Media” ran with it too, but right out of the gate it was blown up and batted around by the other Republican presidential candidates. 

While I think Mitt’s phrasing was clunky and a bit tone-deaf, I don’t think he was wrong.  We all should have the option of being able to “fire” those institutions that are providing us with substandard service.             Whether or not Mitt was callous or cavalier in the firing of employees working for the companies that his Bain group acquired is a different conversation, which has no bearing on this particular story.

…the employee evaluation you got yesterday?
It was just fine, but I had to laugh.  My boss included the following statement on my evaluation form: “Enjoys a good debate.”

I laughed out loud and said, “I know what you really wanted to say was, ‘Argumentative asshole.’”

She denied that, but I declined to argue about it.  That wasn’t an argument I needed to win.


Judie said...

I always wonder about those people, the lurkers, as well. Still, I seem to have developed my own snug little group, and we all get along extremely well, so I'm happy.

As for the Republicans eating their own, they certainly gave Obama a gift! Of course, if he tries to use it, they will change their tune.

Personally, if I get bad service or a bad product, I take no prisoners.

As for Lindsay, who cares??

Cher Duncombe said...

The rhetoric flying around from all the Republicans has been subject to ridiculous scrutiny. If they could only decide on a candidate, perhaps the slings and arrows in the back would stop. If this is all they got, then I say, Good for ya!

Anonymous said...

"DeLurker Day" might explain why I got a very generic comment on my last (and very lengthy) post from someone I don't recognize. Also I like "2 Broke Girls" and I agree with you -- until someone brought up the racism/exaggerated stereotypes I didn't see anything wrong with it. I just thought it was funny. Besides Kat Dennings, the funniest person on the show is the Russian cook IMO.

I know you didn't mention football in this post but I hope the Texans blow out Baltimore. The reasons why I hate the Ravens are outdated and immature, but I still can't root for them. Unless they win this weekend. Long story.

bluzdude said...

Anyone that hates the Ratbirds is OK with me. I did a post early in my blogging life spelling out the numerous reasons why I hate the Ratties. You can see it here:

Whether they're the Browns or the Ravens, it's still the same organization, just different laundry.

bluzdude said...

How long will it be before there is a channel or independent panel that can instantly evaluate any politicians claim and post the findings on-screen? They definitely need something like that for the debates. (Commercials too.)

They could do it like they do when they review touchdowns. After the pol's segment, they can put up graphics that list the number of incorrect statements.

OR they can make it like a game show. As the pol speaks, his facts get checked. Any misstatement gets buzzed. Three buzzes and you have to leave the stage.

I can dream, can't I?

bluzdude said...

I, too, love my little group of regulars. It's like a second snarky little family.

Cassie said...

It's funny, sometimes I want people to delurk, and then there are times when I either enjoy the silence or don't want to hear snark. You just NEVER KNOW.

My feelings on the marines peeing on a corpse, it's a dead body. It's not the person anymore who did the horrible things. So you just wasted your time, and possibly career. Pee on a live body. Then we'll talk.

Christy said...

As far as the Marines are concerned, I think we should hold ourselves above the Taliban. We should be better than them. That said, I'm not in there with our boys and I don't know what they are going through.

The only thing I'm going to say about any of the Republicans is this. They are so far behind the times it is pathetic. Organized religion only serves to discriminate. What they don't realize is that they haven't been able to overturn Roe vs. Wade in 40 years and more states are at least passing civil union status to gays and lesbians and it's about freakin' time! They need to get in touch with reality!

And I LOVE Delurker Day!

Judie said...

Personally, I feel that we should have professional jurors. These people can go to a school that specializes in good decisions. This business of having a jury of one's peers is just crap! I have never been in a jury room that held enough of my peers to make up a jury to vote whether or not I was guilty of anything!

bluzdude said...

Yeah! I mean, what if the guy on trial is an asshole? Then you'd have to impanel a dozen assholes. That would make for one bad smelling jury room.

bluzdude said...

This just goes to show why you're one of the most bad-assed people I know, and definitely the most bad-assed chick.

bluzdude said...

The Republicans seem to want us to go back to a day that was only really "golden" if you were a well-to-do white male. Time will march on and one day in the future, people are going to look back on these Republican views and wonder why we ever took these backward-thinking fucks seriously.

Mary Ann said...

THANK HEAVENS! I Don't Have to EVER Grow Up.
Wish I'd seen your motto twenty years ago.

Scarletdreams said...

Firstly, I stumbled upon you from an article that was posted on Expats. I enjoyed it very much and determined that I would find out who you are, and perhaps learn a bit from your posts. I find your words entertaining and most palatable. I am not incited because I agree with most of it. LOL I can well imagine though that those who don't share your views would be happy to engage in hate filled debate, and probably have. LOL What I like most about your words is that when I read you, I feel as though I am sitting right there next to you chatting, and that is my style of writing. score. ;)

bluzdude said...

It's OK. You don't have to grow up at 70 either.

bluzdude said...

Thank you, Dani, and welcome!

One thing I try to do is write the way people talk. (well, literate people.) I hate when writers use 5-syllable words when a good 2-syllable word will do. To me, it just tells me that they're bluffing and hope to make their case through preventing rebuttal.

Hope you continue to visit!

Judie said...

Oh, thank God!!!


Judie said...

I didn't do that on purpose. I was replying to your comment to your little mama, and Blogger went a little wild!! Has she read your guest post on Rich and Cher's blog?? I did, and I left a comment! Check it out, Cowboy!!

Your Hot Arizona Auntie

Jessica R. said...

Lindsey is ugly and desperate. Nothing highlights it more than those photos. Also, I thought as much about the peeing. In these days of social media and viral videos WHY would you record something like that?

bluzdude said...

I don't know that I would go so far as to say that Lindsay is ugly... maybe "used up" might be a better term. She looks like she's had some hard miles. I hope, for her sake, she can get her shit together and make something of herself. She's had the greatest opportunities and pissed them away.

Then again, I really don't give a fig.

bluzdude said...

I saw your comment... that was awfully sweet, thank you.

Facie said...

I check my stats pretty much daily too, though I have a rather small following, and I tend to post only once or twice a week anyway. I also am curious who is reading my blog and not commenting, but I am sure some people just stumbled across it accidentally and will probably never return, and I am okay with that. After all, my posts can be boring, and most of the time, they are loooooong-winded.

I like Two Broke Girls, though it is a bit crass and I do think it should be on at 9 (not that I would let my kid watch it regardless). Never saw Work It (how could it compare to Bosom Buddies?!), but it has been yanked anyway.

It is a shame about the marines, but hardly a day goes by without someone doing something stupid and feeling the need to put it out there. At least some crimes have been solved thanks to Facebook!

As for Romney, all that I can say is the liberals/dems who would vote only for their own should be thanking their lucky stars. The election is Obama's to lose

injaynesworld said...

I wonder about all those people who don't leave comments, too, though I seldom check my stats. When they're low, I think why bother and when they're high I get writer's block worrying about how I can possibly fill all those expectations. As for Lindsay, I keep getting my hopes up and then, like "Lucy," she pulls away the football. And Romney needs someone to strap his pasty, white ass to the roof of a car and drive it off a cliff. Racist sitcoms? Geez. Everyone's so fucking sensitive.

bluzdude said...

I’m with you… I’d much rather have a smaller but active group of readers than a large, silent and anonymous one. For me, it’s all about the interaction; that’s what makes this all worthwhile.

I enjoy reading your posts. I don’t think you’re long-winded at all (mostly because your posts are about half the length that mine are… lol… But I’m working on it.)

I agree that 2 Broke Girls would be a better fit at 9. I remember how shocked I was way back when they moved Friends from 9 to 8. I didn’t think that would ever fly, but it sure did… They could be pretty risqué too.

bluzdude said...

When do YOU ever have low stat? Geez, every post you write gets a zillion comments! (And for good reason…you rock, no matter who’s reading.)

While I’m glad Romney won’t be exciting the evangelical wingnuts, I’m just afraid he’ll tap someone for VP that will, like that religious bigot Santorum. He’s the guy that’s the Greg Stillson of the race.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a great post! I didn't realize there were so many reasons to hate the 'Ratbirds'! Mostly I just hated them because a) they stole the name of my hometown baseball team (the AA New Haven Ravens) and 2) because the Browns should never have left Cleveland. ever. Here's another one--they're making me root for the Patriots. Again. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I've thought about doing a similar post as to why I hate the Winnipeg Jets--but all I have time for is this:

Judie said...

For someone who had absolutely no use for Romney, Huntsman has sure changed his tune. He's definitely the smartest, so maybe Romney will pick him as a running mate. But who knows what these candidates really think?? Or if they think?

bluzdude said...

Judging from the Republican debate last night, there’s not much thinking going on, just mob mentality.

bluzdude said...

Thanks (in reference to my “Purple Stain” or Why I Hate the Ravens post from 2009). I always tell people that I don’t hate them for arbitrary reasons. This shit goes way back. I will give them credit for canning Billick, hiring Harbaugh, and new owner Bischotti seems like a good enough guy and unlike Modell, has figured out how to not lose money with an NFL franchise. But they’re still punks.

I checked out your link… good stuff. When I first started this blog, I thought I’d be doing a lot more writing about sports than I actually do. While I have kind of a base of followers in Pittsburgh, the tendrils have spread out over the years, to places where they really don’t give a shit about the Penguins or Steelers. So I’ve taken to writing about my interactions with sports and the fan culture (Hence all the mojo boogie posts.) I figured that there are enough people writing about the actual games that do it much better than I, so why not leave it to them?

Lastly, I’m sorry about your Packers. They’re my 2nd favorite team so I was pulling hard for them.

red pen mama said...

I missed it too, but I also seldom post on Saturdays so that's not really surprising. Ah, well.

I think I get as many if not more "comments" on Twitter and Facebook as I get on my posts. I know "bigger bloggers" who complain about that trend, but it's not a problem for me.

bluzdude said...

I ended up removing references to my blog from my Facebook account. I kind of like keeping family and friends separate from blog friends. Right off the bat I started taking shit from a conservative cousin, who would bring politics into otherwise banal status updates. After I unfriended him, I stopped mentioning the blog on FB. So that leaves Comments as my primary feedback.

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

I had two brand new commenters, and a few lapsed ones, reply to my recent delurking post. I blame the fact that I didn't have dozens upon Blogger, which is giving me an aneurysm this week. I suggest you take the same cop-out.

bluzdude said...

As it turns out, Blogger being wonky cost me my Alaska lurker being able to uncloak directly. Luckily she was crafty enough to send a message through Cassie. I hope Blogger gets their shit straightened out soon. I'm hearing about problems with it all over the place. I don't want to even think about moving this mess to another host.