Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cork Scrooged

Yesterday was Pinky’s birthday… I won’t say which one, but even though I’m still under the influence of bronchitis, I wanted to provide a memorable time for her.

We had decided to stay at a downtown hotel Friday night.  We like staying at hotels in town; it’s like a mini-vacation without the hassle of actually traveling.  This spring, I’d won a night’s stay at the Baltimore Inner Harbor Hampton Inn in a raffle, so we figured we’d cash it in for the occasion.
This is the Baltimore Hampton.  It’s the new thing in town; putting hotels into old banks and office buildings.

Since I work about three blocks from the place, I figured I’d check in before I went home to get Pinky, so that when we arrived later, we could just breeze right in.  I also needed to stop at the store and pick up a birthday card.  So I checked in, no problem, and checked out the room.  It was a little small, but nice.  Huge bed, good TV.

As I headed to Rite Aid, it dawned on me… I should get a bottle of wine or something, and this Rite Aid sold wine and liquor.  In fact, I could get some wine and snacks and stuff, and go back to the room and have it all set up ahead of time.  Eureka!

In truth, I should have thought of that long before it actually occurred to me.  I blame it on the cold medicine.  But anyway, after I got home and retrieved Pinky, this is what greeted her:
Reese’s Cups go with every occasion. 

I smuggled the wine glasses into my bag without Pinky noticing.  What I didn’t realize until we got in was that I forgot to bring a freakin’ corkscrew.  GAH!  I used to keep one in my car for such occasions, but I’d just valet parked it, so I didn’t want to go down and ask them to bring it back, five minutes after I’d dropped it off.  Luckily, they had one at the front desk… I was pretty sure they would.  I know I’m not the first person they’ve seen in this predicament.

Funny thing about the room… I usually like taking home the little bottles of shampoo and whatnot, but this is what the Hampton has attached to the shower wall:
At first glance, I thought it was coin-op, and I was like, “where the hell do they think I keep my change?

So while I didn’t get to take home any little bottles of shampoo, I was able to pry that dispenser off the wall with a letter opener.  It looks pretty good on my shower wall at home.

Before we went out to dinner, we stopped by the Inner Harbor, where there was an R&B band playing.  It was quite scenic, and the music was good.

Eventually, some people got up to dance.  I think they were homeless.
This guy’s doing the “Wino Boogie,” which is a variation of the “Stoner Skank.”  Pinky suggested the “Hobo Hop.”

Anyway, we had a nice dinner and some beers, and then went back to the room for a little wine and Olympics on TV.  Yes, we’re living large.  The place advertised free Wi-Fi, so I brought my iPad with me.

When she saw it, Pinky was like, “I decided that it was OK if you brought that… I wasn’t going to take it personally.”

This was good.  Pinky thinks of my computer (and now my iPad) as my mistress.  But it wasn’t like I was going to tinker with it all night.  I just wanted to see how it worked outside my house.  Well… that and check my email, answer comments and track blog stats.  And look at Twitter and see what’s going on with Facebook.

OK, maybe I do have a mistress.

No, I kid.  I didn’t mess around with the iPad for more than a few minutes.  We looked at a number of things together.  No, not porn.

While eating breakfast Saturday morning, we were greeted with the news that Mitt Romney chose his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan.  Seems that the Republicans are doubling down on the “bloodless shill for big business” strategy.

I think he selected Ryan to shore up Tea Party support, to blow up the government and tear the whole thing down.  It makes our choice this November even starker.  I’m not alarmed just yet, because it can backfire.  Ryan has a tangible public record, which he now has to defend.  If the Democrats do a good job attacking the Ryan Budget, it could well cost the Republicans a great deal of senior citizen votes, as well as those of others that are not filthy, stinking rich.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Pinky, and thanks for putting up with me.

Director’s DVD Commentary: OK, I didn’t really steal the shampoo dispenser.  Please don’t call the cops.


Mary Ann said...

LOVE LY Room! Did Pinky think the BIRTHDAY BOYCHICK had arrived with that thoughtful setup?
When hotels wise up, they will have a cork screw dispenser in every suite.
Did you dance?

bluzdude said...

The hotels are probably afraid people would hurt themselves with corkscrews and then sue. And sadly, they're probably right.

No, it was too hot to dance. It was all I could do to just keep standing. Besides, I think the winos were about to start passing a hat.

Unapologetically Mundane said...

I would crap my pants if someone thought ahead of time–even a couple of hours ahead of time–and put wine in my hotel room. It might ruin the romance, but I couldn't help myself.

Who do these guys think they are with their lack of mini bottles? I'm sure that's saving them a ton of money, but I'm not above bringing my own full-size bottles with me for a refill.

Mrs. Bachelor Girl said...

Happy birthday, Pinky!

Anonymous said...

What a good chap you are to pamper Pinky like that. I'll bet you even splurged and threw some quarters in the Magic Fingers. (only old people will get that) Happy Birthday to Pinky.

Very excited about Paul Ryan, Ryan Paul, Ron Paul, whatever his name is. First of all, they announce it on 11:30p on a Friday. The worst time to issue breaking news. Second, he's a 14-year member and leader of a body with a 16% approval record. And third, the election just stopped being a referendum on the Obama presidency, and is now an up or down vote on Ryan's extreme, Medicare-killing budget. So much for Romney being sketchy on the details.

Plus, it gets them zero votes. Everybody who like Paul Ryan was already on the Romney train. This was a panic move to cement his angry base.

There, I blogged about this here so I don't have to at mine. :)

bluzdude said...

Note to self: No surprises for Ett.

You made me LOL on your bottle idea. Now why didn’t I think of that?

They did provide little bottles of hand sanitizer and mouthwash. But I think all they did with the mouthwash is re-label the shampoo. Bleah…

bluzdude said...

Magic Fingers? That was my nickname in college. (OK, it was actually something else, but the harp player for J Geils Band already had it to I had to go to Plan B.)

Agreed. The election just became about the Ryan budget, which Romney now owns.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Pinky!! That sounds like a nice little getaway. (And I totally know where that is). :) Where did you do dinner?

That was very thoughtful of you to do that for her in the room. The hubs will often do the same, and I have been known to order stuff to be there upon our arrival for his events as well. We like to travel for birthdays/anniversaries, so we have become quite adept at making it special for the other person.

I just got back from NYC with a plethora of little bottles. Remind me and they are all yours next time I see you. I grab them and never ever use them. I have a TON.

bluzdude said...

We went to 17 Light St for dinner, which is right on the corner. I had a certificate there too, as part of my raffle prize.

It’s not like I NEED the shampoo bottles… I have a plethora of them as well. I just like having them on hand A) to take with me on non-hotel-related traveling occasions and B) as a change-up to my usual daily shampoo.

Valerie said...

There is nothing more romantic than Reese's PB cups... Except maybe for Reese's PB Eggs. But that's only available at Easter time and you can't limit yourself to romance only once a year. It's bad for your prostate, or something like that.



Anonymous said...

Yes, The Reese's eggs are the most delectable. Snickers is my favorite, that along with Dove dark chocolate. He brings me them all, especially when I am on a diet, which is most of the time.

Bluz did bring his mistress but since he was wonderfully receptive to me, I did not mind.

I bought a really nice B day dress and its amazing what big boobs and flaming red hair can do. Either that or they thought I was Susan Sarandin, shooting a movie. Bluz said they might have thought I was a hooker. I laughed, cause I am really a tart. That's what he secretly loves about me.
I loved the hotel,the food and Bluz!

bluzdude said...

I love the peanut butter eggs! I always pick up a few packs on the day after Easter, every year. Half off, peanut butter eggs are even better!

bluzdude said...

Anonymous Pinky,

Burgh Baby said...

I am extremely disappointed that you didn't steal the shampoo dispenser. EXTREMELY disappointed. You need to go back!

bluzdude said...

They might be suspicious if I show up with a pry bar. Better not let the porter take my luggage up.

Jessica R. said...

I am impressed with the wine and the hotel room (and the Reeces). We used to get hotel rooms at the local casino hotel with big, swanky in-room hot tubs and giant tv's. I miss that. But hey, I have a birthday coming up...

Also, the Inner Harbor looks neat.

bluzdude said...

I don't know of any hotels with the big tubs... I styled at what passes for the best in town, the Marriott Warerfront, but they don't have the big tubs. It was still really nice though.