Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Musings

Here we are on Super Sunday, as I await The Big Game between the hated hometown Ratbirds and the might-win-more-Super-Bowls-than-us 49ers.  Luckily, the Penguins are playing at 12:30, on national television, so that will occupy my time for a while.  But before that comes on, I wanted to tell you about some mildly-Super-Bowl-related goings on.

I am the Fleet Manager for my company and part of my job is to take care of the pool car that our company president uses.  Last Friday, when I was home sick, I got a message from the president’s admin that the car’s tires needed to be serviced.  She wanted me to take the car in on Monday, but I was working from home that day.

I ended up taking care of it on Tuesday and I realized it worked out for the better that way.  In order to get to the shop we use, I have to drive right by the Inner Harbor.  Turned out that on Monday, they were having a big public send-off for the Ratbirds at the Inner Harbor, complete with local governmental officials, news crews and the entire team.  It would have been a complete CF to try to drive through the area Monday morning, and that led to the following email exchange with the admin.

Bluz: Good thing I wasn’t here Monday… the Harbor area would have been a huge mess… over-run with enthusiastic Ravens fans.  Would have taken me all morning just to get to the shop.

Admin: That’s right!  And you probably would have been kidnapped by the Ravens! 

Bluz: My plan would have been not to slow down below 40 mph.  I’d dare them to get in my way.

Admin: Squished birds all over the highway.


Baltimore: Purple mixed with red Monday morning, as the love affair between the Ravens and their city was interrupted by bloodshed, when a local man drove a leased Chevrolet Impala into the team bus as it departed for the airport.  The driver was taken to Shock Trauma with minor injuries, and was heard to repeat the mantra, “Ray Ray must pay,” over and over again.

Admin: Even though I’m a Ravens fan, I have to admit this is hysterical.

Bluz: It’s my calling… the by-product of journalism classes mixed with a bad attitude.

In other office news, my department had a Ravens Wing Party on Friday.  I think I surprised them by asking to attend (and paying into the party fund).  Obviously, I don’t want the Ravens to win, but hey… Wings!  I’m in.

When they asked me about it, I just said, “Well, it’s a team event, and I’m part of the team.  And I’m sure that if it was the Steelers in the Super Bowl, you’d be throwing a Wing Party for me!”  [Snork!]

Yeah, that went over well.

The NFL announced the next inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last night, and to me, there were mixed results.   Steeler running back Jerome Bettis was passed over for the 2nd time, which bothered me greatly.  This is a guy that retired as the 5th leading rusher in the history of the league, and the only one that could be considered a “big back.”
In the definitive Bettis play, The Bus steamrolls the Bears’ Brian Urlacher in the snow.

I realize that for Jerome to have made the Hall this year, someone else would have had to come off the list.  I would have removed Warren Sapp, who was in his first year of eligibility.  I never thought he was all that.  The Steelers’ Alan Faneca owned his ass.

But on the bright side, Ratbird owner and traitor Art Modell didn’t make it.  Personally, I don’t see where he’s qualified for the Hall at all.  Aside from moving his team out of a city that adored it, he was just a lousy businessman.  Here’s a guy that got the mother of all sweetheart deals when he came to Baltimore… Brand new stadium, built at taxpayer expense… essentially free use of a state-of-the-art practice facility… and he STILL had to sell out to someone else, just to keep the team going.  He couldn’t even leave the team to his sons.  How is that indicative of a Hall of Fame owner?

The Ravens’ left tackle Jonathan Ogden also made the Hall and I have absolutely no quibble with that.  The guy was 6’9”, 350 lbs, and absolutely sealed off the left side throughout his entire career.  I bet Joey Porter still has nightmares about going up against the guy.

So, my plans for the day are pretty simple… Penguins at 12:30, then I’ll fiddle about for a couple of hours… I’m not looking forward to all the pre-game Ratbird-centric hoopla.  The game starts at what, 6:30?  I’ll be live-tweeting the game, so do keep your tablet handy.  I’ll try to be entertaining or at least informative.  To join the party, follow me at @DarwinfishBluz.

Go Niners!


Cassie said...

PENGUINS! Who needs football when you get to see Ove cry?

Reeeik said...

Well at least you have another reason to loath the Ratbirds that's a Bonus, Right ...

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious...why hate on the hometeam? I'm pretty uniformed as far as sports go, so sorry if this sounds like a silly question. Most major league sports teams these days have a fair share of unlikable personalities

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't go to the party and pretend to be eating Raven wings. Tastes like chicken!

bluzdude said...

Exactly! The Pens won two, which makes this a good weekend.

bluzdude said...

As if I need more, right? Vermin…

Apparently, people here spent the second half setting up to blame the power failure for a Ratbirds loss. Company line is that if it wasn’t for that, it would have been a blowout.

Personally, I think Ray Lewis cut the power and hid the knife.

bluzdude said...

I did a whole post about my many grievances against the Ratbirds, right here. ( It’s not arbitrary at all… I have many specific reasons… In short, I’ve hated them since they were the Browns, because they had punk players, incompetent ownership who pulled bush-league stunts in his stadium, they de facto encourage violence and hostility against visiting fans, and their home fans are among the dumbest I’ve ever mingled with. I was personally assaulted by a couple of these numbskulls, which I documented here:

All the crap they did as Browns, they still do as the Ravens, like limiting replays on their scoreboard to only show plays where the Rats did something good. Most stadiums show a replay of every play, significant or otherwise. Also, they never announce who makes a tackle on the opposing team, only their own guys. It’s a disservice to all fans in attendance, not to provide game information. They pander to the biggest egos on the team to the point that the inmates are running the asylum. OK, there’s one less inmate, with Ray Lewis retiring.

bluzdude said...

Damn, that's a good idea. I'll do that next time.

Anonymous said...

I hope things aren't too crazy down there today! Your feelings about the wings was like mine yesterday. I didn't really care one way or the other about the Ravens, but someone brought in cake so...I celebrated.

Cassie said...

Bring on tonight!

bluzdude said...

Sports is sports and food is food. When in doubt, dig in.

Yeah, it’s going to be pretty crazy downtown today. Luckily, my office is about 5 blocks north of the parade route, and I take the subway in to work, so the effect on me will be zero. In my head, it’s hockey season now. (and has been since mid January.)

Anonymous said...

Man, I would have had a lot more to root against had I know all of this!

bluzdude said...

I appreciate your belated support.

Kernut the Blond said...

Had an impromptu superbowl potluck at my neighbor's (which basically means I invited myself over because he has a big flat screen).

In between the lights-out and half-time garbage, we watched golf. Awesome game.

Sadly, the Niners didn't win, but thank you for being on their side! Knowing you're in Baltimore, but still cheered for the Niners somehow makes me feel less like a fish out of water cheering for the Niners while in cow country.

bluzdude said...

I can't imagine there were many Cowboys fans rooting for the Niners... They're probably as big a rival as Pittsburgh/Baltimore, even if they're not in the same division.