Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Ghosts of Easters Past

Happy Easter to you and everyone that celebrates this occasion as a religious holiday, or just another opportunity to eat eggs and candy.

As you may guess, I'm in the latter category, only without the eggs.  And the candy part really begins on Monday when jellybeans and Easter candy goes on sale.

We always celebrated a big Easter when I was a kid though, so I figured I'd dig up some old relics of Easters gone by.  And this has nothing to do with my not being able to come up with something I wanted to write about this morning.  Ahem...

1966- Pittsburgh
My brother Ed and I, in our new Batman shirts, about to embark on  the Easter egg hunt.  Looks like we had to start in the basement.

 Tiring of the hunt, we played on our trikes instead.

 Now  sister Ann is in play, who refuses to play nice for the camera.

Mom and Dad, before church.  Judging from Mom's caption, Holy Thursday and Good Friday was followed by Besotted Saturday. 

 Mom's parents came to visit after church (judging by my untucked shirt) as we commenced an Easter Pose-a-thon.  Sister still not looking at the camera. Brother seems alarmed at having to hold her hand.  I just want to play on the swings already.

 Grandma: happy. Mom: eyes closed. Me: choking Ed. Ed: Grabbing Ann.  Ann: Squawking.

Finally! The grownups leave us alone so we can play!  Ann still not looking at the camera.

1970-Glen Ellyn IL
Annie and I, in the back yard before church. This time SHE's looking and smiling and I have my eyes closed.

1971-Bexley OH

Not that you can see it, but we're decorating our eggs, under the watchful eye of Simon, our Siamese.

1973/4-Columbus OH
 Annie, finding an egg and perfecting her anti-paparazzi, "Get that Camera Out of My Face" look.

2008-Catonsville MD
I know... big leap in time.  Shouldn't be a surprise that as we got older, there was a lot less to take pictures of on Easter morning.  So now it's up to those of us that have reproduced, to carry on the tradition.  That means it's up to Ed to carry on the tradition, with my nephews Daniel and Sammy.
Sammy, on The Hunt

 Daniel and Sammy, all dressed up!

2009-Catonsville MD
Hard at work, dying and decorating the eggs.

2011-Gulf Breeze FL
 Easter with my parents... Trust me, the Easter egg hunt is a lot more fun when it's 70 degrees out.  Meanwhile, Sammy is All Business... One egg down and dashing for more!

Nice haul for Daniel and Sam.

You know, McDonalds is missing out on a great Easter promotion.  I'd totally go out for multi-colored Egg McMuffins.


maryann said...

Priceless. Having seen that pic of you three at the table many times, I never realized Simon was there too.
May The BUN bless you and all good Cats.

bluzdude said...

That's funny... the cat was always the first thing I noticed. He looks very interested in what we were doing. He wasn't mooching eggs, was he?

maryann said...

No Way. Only ratty coon dogs suck eggs. Never the elegant Simonese. He did enjoy the swirly toilet flush, however.

Anonymous said...

Why not a hangover on Easter? I have to say that unless someone is baking a ham or giving me candy, it doesn't feel much like Easter to me. Where's my chocolate bunny? I feel so deprived.
Love your old photos!

bluzdude said...

Well, who doesn't?

bluzdude said...

I hear ya. Today was just a nice, peaceful Sunday, with movies and Chinese food.

facie said...

Your photos are a great reminder of what people miss with digital photos--the interesting stuff. Now we can just delete the closed eyes, awkward expressions, and siblings choking each other so we can end up with our perfect-looking families.

I keep a lot of the bad photos because of interesting and awkward things that I might forget about it if I kept only the "good" pics. I have considered going back and deleting them, but your post will give me a good reason to be lazy and not do that. :-)

bluzdude said...

I know what you mean. Now, with digital, eyes closed? Gone. Red eye? gone. Looking away? Gone. Back then, you never knew how the shot was going to come out until you got it back from the Photomat. And if it sucked, chances were it was the only one you had of that moment, so it went in the album anyway.

Deb K said...

I love your mom's captions, especially "Eddie pinched" on the one where you're all standing in front of one another (or in back of each other). I love seeing the old clothes and styles, especially because you and I are the same age.

bluzdude said...

Mom used to always caption the shots she put in photo albums, and those old white borders were the perfect place. I was in Jr high when I started assembling pictures in my own photo books, and making up my own captions.

donuts4dinner said...

These are great! And I love what you and Facie said about digital pictures. I keep all of my crap, so I guess I won't have that problem, but it's an interesting thought. Also, pretty sure you have you and your brother flipped. You grew up to look like him as a kid.

bluzdude said...

I’m trying to figure out what you’re looking at… I don’t think we look alike at all now, aside from both of us having big, bald domes. Are you sure you’re getting us right as kids? I’m the older one.

In general, I won’t complain about shooting digital pictures. I love the quality control so much more. Plus, you have a good idea whether you should re-shoot before disbanding the pose.

injaynesworld said...

Daniel looks so much like you as a youngster. What wonderful photos. Your mother was so pretty and petite, and I love the "hangover" photo with your dad. All of our mothers of that era must have that same fur stole. Lovely memories, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Besotted Saturday.

Wow. The acorn did not fall far away from the tree.

bluzdude said...

I just don’t see it. I think he looks just like his daddy. Are sure you know which of us is which?

Yeah, Mom is a tiny little thing… Makes you wonder how a big galoot like me came from THAT…

Speaking of that stole, my grandmother used to have the most exquisite beaver-fur coat… the softest thing you’d ever want to feel. We used to fight over who got to sit beside her when she was wearing it in the car, so we could nestle deep into that coat. It was like a Grandchild Magnet.

bluzdude said...

You got that right, my friend...

Jessica R. said...

Happy belated Easter! And the Shame on You at the top of that photo is almost as good as the Hangover on Easter part. That's hilarious.

bluzdude said...

My parents are pissers, what can I say?