Monday, February 1, 2016

Houston, We Have a Problem

I had to chuckle, last Monday, when I saw the results of the Planned Parenthood investigation in Houston, Texas, where not only did the grand jury not indict Planned Parenthood, but they chose to indict the con artists that created the video.

(I would have written about it then, but was already planning on writing about rest rooms.)

Last August, the Republican Lt Governor of Texas asked a Republican district attorney to investigate the well-publicized but woefully unconfirmed claims that Planned Parenthood was selling fetal remains.  And for the 8th time, (because 8 different GOP Governors have requested investigations), an anti-choice witch hunt yielded zero proof of wrongdoing, with this grand jury indicting the people who duplicitously produced, edited and distributed the political hit piece.

And still, they want more investigations.  Apparently they’re looking for a DA who will manufacture evidence, the way the videographers did so that they can look tough to social conservatives during an election year.

The one thing is undeniable; that filming people saying they “don’t sell baby parts” and editing it so that they are seen to be saying they “do sell baby parts,” isn’t proof of a crime; it’s proof of a lack of integrity on the part of the anti-choice lobby.

I’m just bummed that the videographers were only indicted on what I consider a technicality; that being the falsification of state driver’s licenses.  I’d much rather have seen an indictment calling them fucking liars and criminals.

As a testament to just how far removed from reality some of these people are, let’s look at the comments from Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX):

It’s deeply offensive and ridiculous that those who illegally sell aborted human body parts get a pass -- while these two pro-life defenders are indicted for using aliases to expose Planned Parenthood’s unlawful and disgusting practices of selling baby body parts.  This decision begs the question: how else could they get the truth?”

First of all, you can tell his statement is primarily for show, as he finds a way to jam “selling human parts” and “selling baby body parts” into a single sentence.  Subliminal messaging much?

Secondly, he is confusing what he wants the conclusion of the investigation to be, with what the evidence says. 

Those who sell aborted human body parts get a pass...

No, they don’t, because no one was selling body parts.  There was zero evidence found.  There is no pass needed.

“…while these pro-life defenders are indicted for using aliases.”

No, they weren’t.  You can say you’re anyone.  But when you falsify a state-issued ID card, that’s crime.  A ticky-tacky crime, but a crime none the less.

“…Planned Parenthood’s unlawful and disgusting practices of selling baby body parts.”

Still no unlawful practices of any kind.  No one sold baby body parts.  This is just more smear; another attempt to keep the illusion of some heinous wrongdoing alive.

This decision begs the question: how else could they get the truth?”

They DID get to the truth.  Rep. Babin just doesn’t like it.  And neither did the videographers, because they edited the truth of “no, no, no” into “yes, yes, yes,” and passed it around like it was the actual truth.

I’ll give the DA credit.  I’m sure she did go into the investigation looking for a trophy to bring home, but in the end, she respected the evidence (or lack thereof).  I’m sure her life would be much easier now if she’d been able to dig up something up, even if it didn’t stick.

What I think is happening now is that the Republicans are “Clintoning” Planned Parenthood; that is, conducting an endless series showpiece investigations, in an effort to keep up negative publicity, exert political pressure, curry favor with their base, and maybe somehow, some way, find an unseen wrong-doing during one of these fishing trips, upon which they can actually bring charges.

Granted, women’s health services spiral down the drain, but that’s not really a priority with these right-to-life types.  They’re only interested in their right to dictate the terms of other people’s lives.


Mary Ann said...

With women's health care sabotaged, dishonest videos and poli-tickle blather, we ALL have a problem.

Cassie said...

Preach it. This has bothered me since the very beginning. People STILL believe that PP was selling baby parts on the black market. Ugh. Those aren't even viable for transplant.

bluzdude said...

The whole thing is built on a bed of lies, and it's been proven. But you'd never know it by listening to all the people speechifying about selling baby parts. That's what makes it nothing but a hollow political hit piece.

I wrote about it months ago... this video was played for GOP congressmen months before it was "released." They were looking for cover to pull funding on reproductive health issues, and needed a rallying cry. Thus begat, "selling baby parts."

Mary Ann said...

Neither fetuses, babies nor children can vote so blather on, Righteous Congressmen.