Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Posts Just Write Themselves

I’m thinking these guys have got to get themselves a different name, or else they’re going to be overrun by teenage boys trying to get kidnapped.

It seems that this particular MILF stands for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and they took custody of a kidnapped Irish priest and turned him over to the Philippine government. I’m assuming you know what MILF stands for here in the States. You would think the Christian Science Monitor would know better than to run a headline like this. At least someone on the editing staff should have seen “American Pie”.
The unintentional humor continues when the article goes on to expound on the nature of MILF:
"The MILF is a mass-based organization with an objective, and it won't commit an act that would tarnish its reputation. In fact, the MILF always wants to project a good image not only within the Philippines but also in the entire world," Jaafar said.

While concerned about their reputations, the MILFs I know would at least object to being called a “mass-based organization.” Perhaps if we project images of MILFs to all the danger zones across the globe, we can distract some of these terrorist cells long enough to whack’em out before they can subjugate any more of their unfortunate female country-mates.

Another Thank You
Thanks to the stellar GUYS at
The Guy’s Perspective, for bestowing a “Best Blogger” award to this site. I am truly humbled by the honor, especially coming from site as smart, witty and altogether together as theirs.

Normally in such situations, the awardee turns around and bestows the award upon his own favorites. I’m going to stall on this part, as I just recently sent kudos to a number of friendly sites just a couple weeks ago. Plus, I got all mushy with gratitude for your reading me again yesterday, so for the time being, The Circle of (blogging) Life stops here. I’m hopeful that life will continue on. If anyone should notice any 2012-like ramifications, please let me know and I’ll get right on it.


  1. 2012. Oh jebus.

    Congrats! :) I do enjoy your blog!

    And MILF. Wow. You know GILF is the new awesome (Grandma) Woo woo!

  2. OK, so 2012 might have been a little extreme. Maybe something more like a traffic jam. Or a paper cut.

    Yes, I'm familiar with the term GILF. I'm just wondering how many other "ILFs" have been formulated?

    TILF? (Teacher)
    BILF? (Boss)
    AILF? (Accountant)
    or... hey... I know...
    NILF! But you probably get that one a lot... ;)

  3. I had no idea what MILF stood for until one night my youngest daughter had a party at our house and she told me that some of the guys said that (after a few drinks, I should add). I asked her what it meant and she just broke up laughing. When she was finally able to spit it out, I didn't know whether to laugh or ask her to have another party!

  4. Every neighborhood's got at least one. If you don't know who it is, it's probably you. ;o)


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