Saturday, November 14, 2009

Odd Mojo Bits - Faux Fall Edition

One regret I have this fall is that we didn’t get a chance to go out and take some Fall Foliage pictures, as we’ve done in years past. Pinky is very big on going out for walks and has shown me some very cool places in the Baltimore area that I didn’t even know existed. But this year, over the primo weekend for fall color, the weather was drab, rainy and blah. Even the brightest colors seem blah when it’s overcast out. Bright fall leaves have a very short shelf life here in Charm City. If you don’t get them at just the right time, they’re either too green, or gone.

So to pretend it still looks like fall here, I’ll run a few shots from the past couple years.
These 2 were from Liberty Reservoir, just west of Baltimore. These might have been better if sun was out.
Now this is what bright sunshine can do for Fall Foliage shots. These 2 were from Robert E Lee Park, and believe it or not, it is located within Baltimore City limits. You wouldn't know that, from watching The Wire.
These 2 are also from Robert E Lee Park.

Wednesday’s post by One-Eyed Dick at “
I Came to Sarasota for the Waters” made my eyes water. Did you know that a battalion of Catholic Nuns fought in World War II? I didn’t, but Dick has the pictures to prove it. And I swear I had a couple of these nuns for class during my 4 years at St. Euthanasius. By all means, read this post! (After you finish this one, of course.)

The Mojo Boogie – Week 10
Time for a rematch with the Bengals and this assclown:
They got us last time when Limas Sweed dropped a sure touchdown pass that the drummer from Def Leppard could have caught.
They’re facing a different team this week than the one from Week 3. Rocket Rashard Mendenhall is running like a man possessed. Troy is back, Lawrence Timmons is back, and the subs for Aaron Smith are holding their own. Look for the defense to get after Carson Palmer like a pack of mad dogs.

I’m going with the Harrison Throwback ensemble I used for the Vikings game.
Look for the over/under on Palmer picking turf out of his mask at 3. Chad Ochocinco thinks he’s going to have a big game? Ike Taylor owns him. Chad won’t make 50 yards receiving. Tomorrow, the Steelers are taking control of the AFC North. Mark it down.


  1. Duly marked. But I wouldn't call Troy P. part of a "pack of mad dogs". This is one elegant, tough Puppy. Yes.
    Last year's foliage is lovely. Trees don't care what year it is. Charm Country trumps Charm City anytime. Thanks for the tour.
    "Nun Sense" is wonderfully nutty. Shades of St. Euthanasius and St. Urethra too. Their pastor, Father Pudendum, would be so proud.

  2. Awesome photos. I especially like the Three Rivers at the top of the page along with Darwin2. But the autumn photos are gorgeous!

  3. Reminds me of New England. Sweet photos.

    Enjoy FOOTBALL SUNDAY. We wrote a post about football today. Thought you'd enjoy it.


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  4. Cher:
    The full size version of the pic in the header has been my "wallpaper" at work since June. I just wish I was a better photoshopper so that I could have worked the logo in a little less jarringly.

    GUYS: I will update your addy on my blogroll momentarily, right before I go read your football post.
    Also, I used to live in Albany NY, so I really miss how the leaves used to sparkle up there. It's just not the same here. It's like the trees aren't on the same timetable. You'll see one brilliant red or yellow tree surrounded by a bunch with no leaves at all.

  5. Bluz,

    Awesome photos!!!! Thanks for letting fall linger a little longer, even if only vicariously through the blogosphere.

    Thanks for a morning laugh, I thought that my husband was the only person who uses the word "AssClown". I'd never heard this term before we'd met.... and for some reason, that word just makes me giggle.... ha ha!!!!

  6. Makes me laugh too... That's one of my favorite terms. And sometimes, it's just the right term to use.

  7. dude, i love the new banner. AssCLown is a favorite of mine as well. I don't know how bad the language gets on your comments so I'll clean this one up - but I love f***tard. I play in a garage band in my basement and we only get together 2or 3 times a year so its a big joke for us that we have a "band". We rename it for every practice as every practice lights our fire to practice more and get better....but life takes over and we never get together. The lead singer's name is Bob and he wanted to get a "Bobby and the _______" name going and we laughed for 2 hours one night when I suggested "Bobby and the F***tards". I'm laughing right now typiing it.

  8. I love cursing, so you have a safe haven here! Now, I do try to only use it when it's A) necessary or B) funny. That's where AssClown comes in, as well as your Fucktard. I love that too. I think Bobby and the Fucktards would be a great band name.

    I'm always interested in exploring new areas of vulgarity, or at least new variations.

    Here's one you may or may not have heard of, but I've been known to describe hangovers as feeling like "10 bags of fuck." The worse you feel, the more bags there are, so it's kind of a sliding scale.

  9. When our kids do something (without thinking).. completely moronic... my husband will say, "Come on, AssClown, get with it". I start to giggle, the kid of the day starts to giggle.... completely defeats the parental team goal, I know... but, the kids are not mentally harmed in anyway. Sometimes, I think they purposely act like AssClowns.... ha ha ha.

  10. They probably just act up to hear the AssClown proclamation.


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