Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hiding in Plain Sight

When I first got together with Pinky, we used to go on a lot of walks.  She knew all kinds of great trails around the Baltimore area so we’d venture out on the weekend and have a walkabout.  I always took my camera, because otherwise, there would be no reason to be out there besides the fresh air, nature and exercise.

In early December of 2006 we went up north of Baltimore to the NCR Trail.  It was a long cinder-trail that followed a river/stream/miscellaneous waterway.  We toddled along and I was taking various shots of the water and the surrounding path.

We had a nice walk… went along the trail for about 20 minutes, then turned and went back the way we came.  When I got home, I immediately sat down to go through the pictures I’d taken.  I always edit my pictures as soon as I can load them off the camera… I crop where necessary and always reduce the size to something that will fit on a computer screen.  It was then I learned that you really have to look over your shots… you never know what’s going to turn up.

At one point I went to edit a shot I took of a rock bluff with a tree growing up out of it.
Basic shot of a small tree growing up out of the hillside.

Then something caught my attention… something hiding in the shadows…

Holy crap… that looks like a hooded skull, or some kind of long greasy-haired warlock.  I never noticed anything like that when I was looking at the real thing… Creepy

The very next picture was something I planned on naming “Pussy Rock.”
Do I really have to explain the title?

But then, something else caught my eye and I looked in closer…

Demon!  Demon! Gaaaaaaaaah!

You tell me that doesn’t look like a demon peeking around the corner, holding some kind of stick or pitchfork… Must have gotten lost at Halloween and never made it back to the great beyond.

Luckily, I had other pictures that were harmless, by comparison.  Like this one is very simply a big rock that looks like a mushroom.

And this one looks just like a stream with some rapids, and a mattress on the side.

Wait, what?  Sigh…
Nothing mysterious about that… people are pigs.

But if you look real close, you can see a stain on the mattress in the shape of a duck.


  1. Those are some really great pictures Bluz!!!!

  2. OMG, I saw that skull one as soon as I was scrolling down. *Shiver*

    That was fun! This particular blog should have been much longer, FYI.

  3. Trash,
    Thanks! At that point, I was just figuring out that I could take decent pictures.

    Longer? Gah! I thought I was doing everyone a favor by throwing in a short one! Plus, I didn't have that many pictures from that trip and those were the only 2 that had hidden ghouls.

  4. Spirits in the forest... creepy.

  5. Jessica,
    Exactly! And not the usual kind of ‘spirits’ I like to keep on hand…

  6. Hey, new blog post idea: Post random photos of tree and rock formations, and ask all your readers what they see. Like an Ink Blog test. Then we can all vote on who's certifiable.

  7. Haha! Loved this. Hooded skull and demon were awesome! Pussy rock was hilarious!:D Always glad to read your posts Bluz! I'm always smiling ear to ear when I read them.

  8. Sherry,
    You'd all end up voting for me when I said every shot looks like bacon to me.

    Thanks buddy! We aims to please. And piss people off.

  9. That trail is haunted!!! Don't go back! Now if that mattress were on the side of the road, I would suspect that someone is offering curb service.

  10. Judie,
    If that mattress was on the side of the road, I'd suspect the Motel 6 needs an upgrade.

  11. I'm hoping, after all the messing around I have done with my computer, that I have fixed it so I can comment.

    Your photos are just lovely, Bluz!!!!

  12. Judie,
    Looks like it worked.

    And I'm not the one that put the demons in the shot... I was just lucky enough to find them there...

  13. That's a mattress? I thought it was an alligator. You have an interesting eye, my friend.

  14. Jayne,
    Oh no... the alligators got camouflage... I can never trust a sofa cushion again...


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