Sunday, April 21, 2013

To the Half Full Cup

We got into The Burgh easily enough... I was able to use the cruise control almost the whole way.

If you haven't seen from previous comments, the Penguins game we were supposed to see was moved to Tuesday night, due to delayed games in Boston (where the Pens were playing Friday night). Obviously, I'm pretty upset about missing this game. After looking forward all year to my first visit to the Pens' new arena, AND spending $300 on tickets, it's a pretty tough nut to swallow.

Yes, I know there are bigger issues at play and I realize that the alternatives were limited, but still, it just sucks having the rug pulled out from under you the night before the big day. But since I also had non-refundable hotel rooms booked and a pair of Pirates tickets, the trip was still on. I'm trying desperately to look at my cup as half full.

Our room is nice enough, but the view is uninspiring.

We met up with Cassie and The Carpetbaggers for lunch yesterday, so that was a redeeming point. I'll have more on the rest of our journey on Tuesday. Until then, please oh please let nothing else go wrong! Oh, and finding a buyer for my tickets would be nice too!


Reeeik said...

Well just another reason to set his ASS on one of his BOMBs and tell him you have 4 hours and 9 seconds ..... Start Talking !!!!!!!

Cassie said...

That is a view of a lifetime.

bluzdude said...

I know, wasn’t it inspiring? It made the view of the parking lot from our Sunday night hotel room look like Mt. Rushmore.

Valerie said...

That's not just a great view, it's also an escape plan in case of the zombie apocalypse.



bluzdude said...

See? There's another "bright side."

bluzdude said...

Yeah, that's OUR brand of "pressure cooker."