Monday, September 20, 2010

Back from Podcamp (PCPGH5)

I made it back safely from Pittsburgh today... piece of cake!  Then all I had to do was work a half a day from home and then download and process about 80 pictures from my trip.  So this is just a teaser post... I'll post the full story tomorrow night; or at least Part 1.  I think I've got a big one brewing here...

To hold you over, here are 4 views of quintessential Pittsburgh:

The Omni William Penn.  My room was in one of those "slots", so I didn't have much of a view.

From the PPG Plaza.  I LOVE this area... I could take pictures here all day.

Pittsburgh at night, shot from Station Square.  It's almost like Christmas out there.

The Primanti's Sandwich (sans cole slaw... so sue me.)

I'll have the whole weekend's story for you tomorrow, but suffice to say, it was a blast.  I met some great and very talented people and learned a great deal.  The whole thing left me energized to get right back and start blogging up a storm.

But not right now because the good shows are coming on.


IKNAB said...

Primanti's Sandwich = Money Shot!

Oh, and consider yourself sued.

bluzdude said...

Sorry dude, I just don't like cole slaw, no matter how much goodness it's surrounded by. Frankly, I was surprised the grill dude didn't smack me when I ordered it that way.

Anonymous said...

Those buildings are amazing! My only visit to Pittsburgh has been to the airport. Nice!

Cassie said...

My hubby works at PPG Place, in the tallest building on the 28th floor. Don't you just hate him?!? I do.

So glad to hear you got home safely. I love Pittsburgh!

bluzdude said...

That's one of the funny things... for all the times I've been to Pittsburgh, I've spent very little time downtown. This trip I got to wander around the city and take pictures. I loved it!

Your husband is a lucky dude. I hope he never loses the appreciation for the beauty of everything he sees each day.

Christy said...

The sandwich just made my day! I LOVE the Plaza shots. That looks amazing. Glad you made it back!

bluzdude said...

The Primanti's sandwich is legendary. Oddly enough, this was my first one.

I'll run some more of the Plaza shots this week.

Cassie said...

Bluz, there's a Primanti's right down the street from me, and I can honestly say I've only been there once. AND I didn't get the sandwich. *Ducks*

red pen mama said...

He may not have smacked you, but I'm betting he rolled his eyes. If you go to Primanti's you get a Primanti's sandwich. You people. (j/k) :)

Get on Twitter. Just do it.

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful! You can now appreciate MY Pittsburgh. Down with Downtown. The William Penn is pure downtown from years ago. The PPG Center is astounding but new, about 20 years old. Still shiny.
I don't know anything about Primante's except what they call coleslaw is nothing but cold saurkraut. You are smart to skip it.
I look forward to reading your adventures.
Welcome home.

Cher Duncombe said...

Amazing photos, bluz! Now that I've seen the Primanti Brothers sandwich, I'm awfully hungry. What, no cole slaw? Can't wait to read about your weekend!

Judie said...

I'm with Cher! We each want one of those sandwiches, WITH coleslaw, thank you!

Bachelor Girl said...

I never knew Pittsburgh was such a beautiful city until I met you and Cassie!

Cher Duncombe said...

See what you've done, bluz? Judie and I both want to go to Primanti's, but she lives in Tucson! Maybe next time you have a bluzfest, you can hold it at Primanti's and we can invite Judie, you know, break her in on Pittsburgh traditions. :)

bluzdude said...

Knowing you, and your “Good-For-You-Only” food rules, that’s not surprising.

Yeah, I know it’s bad form and I know they don’t like it when you change the formula. But I just don’t like cole slaw, and it’s not like they have a lot of other options on the menu. And I TRIED to go to the Oyster House first… What’s a dude to do?

And I will Twitter. I just have to get some posts up and do a little recon first.

Mary Ann,
Cold sauerkraut is no improvement over the heinous cole slaw.

Pittsburgh is an amazing city to photograph. Everywhere you look, there’s an ornately carved building, or a fountain or bridge or body of water. Everyone that lives there should try to go out, some time, with “fresh eyes.”

Cher and Judie,
If Judie comes out to Pittsburgh, I'll hold the next Darwinfish Fry anywhere yinz want.

Bachelor Girl,
It is truly stunning, once you get in there and walk arahnd dahntahn. You and The Guy should honeymoon there!