Thursday, June 2, 2011

Charted Waters

I had every intention of writing a post tonight, but now after being out to happy hour with Sitcom Kelly, I’m just not up to writing anything coherent right now.  So time to go to the vault!

Check out these graphs I found on

This can actually go on for days…

Obviously I’ve left a major area out of my disaster recovery plans.

I totally cop to this one.  Of course I DID use it to look at the entire route from my old house in Toledo, all the way to downtown Pittsburgh.

And here, I can only come up with three chords… I don’t even make the chart.

I can state uncategorically that this applies to the Wendy’s on I-70 at Breezewood, in spades.

I’ll be back with more of last weekend’s trip, soon.


Cassie said...

In order of pie charts:

2. I actually got to judge a writing competition about the Zombie Apocalypse and learned more than I ever cared to know about Zombies.
3. Again, so true. If you google earth my house, it shows my roof with a hole in it from last summer. Update it, please, Google. I don't like looking trashy.
4. I don't even pretend.
5. I don't shop there because I'd rather not watch the gluttony. (Was that harsh? I think that was harsh.) However, they do have nice McFurries. I had one a few years back. I still dislike them, though.

bluzdude said...

2. All I want to know is whether they will be the slow, traditional zombies, or the fast ones.

5. That one doesn't need to be McDonalds, it could be any fast food place. Like Wendy's at Breezewood.

Justin said...

I gotta tell ya man, I've visited a lot of blogs this week and I barely cracked a smile, this one, I'm still laughing!:D Kudos my friend!

bluzdude said...

Thanks, but really, I'm just the gatekeeper there. There's some genius out there that thought those up. I just posted some shit that cracked me up on a night I was too beered out to write.

Glad I could help, though.

Kernut the Blond said...

I love it! Best charts ever. The preparing for the zombie apocalypse chart is quite accurate for me as well. Really, what else is there? Even the CDC is on board. Finally.

Also, Google Sky is the best. You get to see the stars without having to go outside. Why go out when there might be zombies out there.

bluzdude said...

Welcome back!
I heard about that CDC thing... cracked me up. Imagine... a government service actually using their imagination...

CristyThoughts said...

OMG, that Google one is so true, right? Hilarious. I'm still waiting for the internet to "be a really valuable tool in education," too. *sigh* Technology and its wonderful additions to our lives. ... she says as she reads another blog. :)

Mrs. Bachelor Girl said...

I swear, I ALWAYS get in line behind the Duggars at McDonald's. Never fails.