Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Mojo Boogie - Week 7

Today the Steelers have the 1:00 game against the Minnesota Vikings. This is a big game and most of the country will be seeing it, including Baltimore. I’m warming up Samson as we speak.

In a somewhat risky maneuver, I’m trying a new jersey for this big game. I just acquired a couple of new Steelers “throwback” jerseys: a #92/James Harrison and a #83/Heath Miller. I’m opting to go with the Harrison because our defense really needs to shine today against the likes of “Purple Jesus” Adrian Peterson and the "Rapidly Aging" Brett Favre.

The last 2 times Favre played the Steelers, they knocked him around pretty good. We were actually at the last game, a couple years ago in Green Bay. My parents still lived there so my dad was able to get a fistful of tickets. I suppose I should save further comment on that day for when we actually play the Packers, but to some extent, Favre and the Packers have always seemed to be one and the same.

The last time the Vikings were in Pittsburgh, we saw that game too. That was in December of 2001 in Heinz Field’s inaugural season. The Steelers beat the Vikes in that one 21-13. I remember that there was a huge goal-line stand near the end of the game, with the Vikings threatening down in the South end zone. That was the loudest I’ve ever heard a stadium. That was also the first time a game left me speechless. I was literally reduced to a whisper as a result of screaming my head off for the entire game. Sadly, this was before I learned the
“Jack Bauer” Technique.

So here’s today’s ensemble: Harrison jersey and Steelers flannel sweatpants, with Steelers socks, although you can also add the gold Steelers Tee that I plan to wear underneath, that I forgot to include in the shot but am too lazy to redo.
Here we go Steelers, here we go!


  1. Well, I must admit that I have been quietly cheering for Brett Favre (given his age) but NOT against the Steelers! Once again, your mojo worked. Our Terrible Towel was waving too and the Steelers pulled a win. It was the game of the day!

  2. I was always a big Brett Favre fan too, right up until the last couple years when he spent ages dithering about on whether to play or not and with whom. He left several franchises with their proverbial peckers hanging out while he played Hamlet. I think he tarnished his name and reputation with that.

    Green Bay has always been my second favorite team. My parents lived there for more than 15 years. Loved the town, loved the team, loved how the town loves the team. One shouldn't toy with things like that. Green Bay didn't deserve that... first they got screwed by Mike Holmgren, leaving just after the paint on his "Mike Holmgren Drive" street sign was dry, and then their beloved QB hangs them out to dry.

    Even so, I still can't hate the guy. If the Steelers and Packers were out of the hunt, I'd probably root for him anyway. But never like I did before.

    As for the game, my recap will be posted shortly. Thank you, dear friend, for continuing to visit.


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