Sunday, January 23, 2011

Steelers/Jets Pre-Game Festivities

I hate waiting for game time.  The AFC Championship game doesn’t start until 6:30 so all I have to do today is write this, pace around and watch the Packers/Bears game.  At least that’s a good excuse to start drinking.

The weekend began well… the Penguins won against Carolina last night, even playing without their two stars, Sidney Crosby and Geno Malkin.  In a show of support for the Steelers, Pens goalie skated out to receive his “3 Stars” designation wearing a Steeler helmet and waving a Terrible Towel.
Picture from The Pensblog

I love when the different sports support each other.  This is also a good omen because last week, the Pens won right before the Steelers went out and crushed the Ratbirds’ dreams.

In fact, there was one of those Mayor Bets for the occasion.  Today I found the YouTube video that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was forced to make.
Be sure to stay for the “out-take,” after the brief interlude of Ratbird bullshit.

I like our mayor.  She’s doing a decent job, I think, given the severe nature of the problems that face this city.  But I am speechless when she mentions how fair-minded and civil that Baltimoreans about their football team.  In fact, I almost spit my Diet Coke all over my monitor.  But she’s a politician, so I imagine she’s required to feed into that civic delusion… at least as long as she wants to get re-elected. 

Nailing It
My friend Sitcom Kelly is going to be at the game.  I spent part of the week giving her guidance on what to do, where to go, and most importantly, how to stay warm.  (Layers, hand-warmer packets, and cardboard!)  They’re saying the game-time temps will be in the single digits.

For some reason, she wanted to get her nails done with a Steelers theme, and lo and behold, found someone in Baltimore that would do it.
Notice the strategic placement of the logo… on the perfect finger for showing it off to Jets fans.

I’m not sure it was worth the effort though.  Might have been more practical to paint the logos on the outsides of a pair of gloves.  Come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t expect many texts from Kelly tonight.  Might not be the best time to have your fingers out, tapping on tiny little keys.

Coping Skills
As I mentioned in my last post, today is former Steelers announcer, the late Myron Cope’s birthday.
Photo courtesy of Dan Gigler and the PG’s Blog n Gold.

Last year, I did a post dedicated to our beloved Myron, (which has been drawing a bajillion hits this week), explaining the strange attraction between a city and the most unlikely radio voice or TV face ever.  It certainly wouldn’t be beyond the pale to suggest that maybe ol’ Myron can keep an eye over his boys tonight, and maybe, if necessary, nudge a football a foot or so off line.

Myron is best known as the inventor of the Terrible Towel.  You can’t underestimate the lengths to which Pittsburgh has adopted this symbol, but the pictures below demonstrate it perfectly.

Pittsburghers are literally born into the Steeler Nation.  Photos are from an email my dad sent me.

If you’ve never heard Myron do a game, listen to this video clip I put together for my Myron post.  They don’t make media guys like this any more.

So we have the Jets tonight and I’m basically pretty happy about that.  The Steelers get the game at home rather than having to go to New England, which is a big help, for no other reason than crowd noise.  And it’s going to be so cold; I’m hoping it will really affect the Jets’ California boy quarterback, Sanchez. 

The only down side to not playing the Patriots is that I was happily anticipating using this clip of one of my favorite football songs.  Produced by Pittsburgh’s Randy Bauman of WDVE, it’s a simple tune called “Tom Brady’s a C*nt.”  It’s from 2004 or 2005, so it’s a bit dated, although no less valid in general sentiment.  

The Mojo Boogie
No surprises, I’m going with exactly what I wore for the last game: black Polamalu jersey, cream-colored Steelers ¾ sleeve V-neck, Stillers T-shirt, Steelers socks and AC/DC flannel pants.

And now, all I can do is wait.  All things will be clear in the morning.  Either our season will be over, or we’re going to the Super Bowl. 

Here we go!


Dad said...

Well, one ;thing you can do is watch the Flyers/Blackhawks game. An omen for wataching the super bowl, a team from Penn. and one from Ill. Don't worry about the winnersof the hockey game. doesn't matter. Just an omen for Dallas. Let's Go Steelers. p.s. did the "Here we Go" at the end have anything to do with Bud Light?

bluzdude said...

First thanks for providing so much material. The Pittsburgh Geezen Pipeline really came across!

I'm sure I'll be "Here We Go-ing" lots of Bud Ice today.

Oilfield Trash said...

I am like you, I am tired of waiting for the game to start. I just want to watch it now already.

And I am tired of seeing Ray Lewis in Old Spice commercials. I couldn't figure out why he needed Old Spice, but it just dawned on me. He / his play stinks when he plays us. So yea.

Go Steelers.

Oilfield Trash said...

Oh and I love the picture of Fleury. And I really love how they support each other.

I remember watching one of the playoff games last year for the Pens, and Tomlin was in the front row wearing a Pens Jersey with his kids.

And have I ever told you that my hometown of Latrobe is the site of the Steelers training camp? My uncle graduated from St Vincents college where their training camp is. I am going to try and take my kids up there this summer for training camp.

bluzdude said...

Ray's just cashing in now because most of the country is buying his holier-than-thou NFL Mentor bullshit and have forgotten about his arrest for obstructing a double-murder investigation. He couldn't give away a commercial endorsement outside the Baltimore Beltway.

Also, no one here talks about how he tested free agency a year ago and no other team would come anywhere near him.

Re: the Pens, I've seen Casey "Big Snack" Hampton at some games (on TV). I bet he'd make a good goalie, just by standing there. Wrap that 350 pounds in pads? Absolutely nothing to shoot at.

Early in the season, you mentioned (in comments) about taking your kids up to Latrobe. I'm still "for it." Would be a great experience for them.

Momma Fargo said...

I think the Superbowl drives me to drink. How about I tell you how many fans from each team I pick up for DUIs that night? LOL. Just kidding. Hope you enjoy the game.

bluzdude said...

Momma Fargo,
Well, it sure won't be me. I'm keeping my ass at home! Worst thing go happen is that I may smack my knee into the coffee table on the way to take a leak.

I know Steeler fans are everywhere, but do they even HAVE Jets fans in Wyoming?

Mary Ann said...

Ah, Latrobe, famous for St. Vincent's and Rolling Rock beer.
While you're waiting for the game, check out a good article on Hines Ward in the NYT Sports Section. Judy Battista wrote an intelligent, sensitive story. She quotes Mike Wallace, 'He's the face of the franchise.'
Myron is smiling today. "Yoi...double Yoi...quadruple YOI!"
Keep your cardboard dry.

Jessica R. said...

Wow on the babies. That is just craziness.

Good luck to your Stealers today! I'll be rooting for them.

Also, I'm so glad there is no such thing as single digit temps in Louisiana. Our high is 60 today, thank the Lord.

bluzdude said...

Mary Ann,
I can see where wet cardboard might dampen one's enthusiasm. Luckily, I'll be warm and dry on my couch.

Thanks for the wishes. Yes, you have to be a hearty soul to be a Steelers fan at a game like this.

Cassie said...

Question is, will you be clear minded enough to enjoy the game? If Facebook is any indication, everyone is already shitfaced.

I'm enjoying my water and Tazo Tea, thank you very much.

bluzdude said...

I haven't started yet. I have it timed out on when to begin. I don't want the game details to be fuzzy tomorrow. Unless I need them to be.

DG said...

Bluz, whatever you did for the Jets game in the regular season, I hope you are doing the exact opposite today. I agree with being nervous and wanting the game to start. I've cleaned the house, done the laundry, made dinner and balanced the checkbook and I've still got an hour to go. Hung the new flag and the Steelers lights. Everybody in the house is in jersey's as per Championship Weekend Uniforms (#1 son outgrew all of his stuff, so he is sporting my Ward). Watching GB/CHI and really hoping SI was right at the beginning of the season.

Hope to be able to celebrate with you after tonight. May Myron be smiling on us all.....

bluzdude said...

I'm wearing what worked last week. I do realize that I wore the same jersey when we played the Jets, but A) I'm wearing different supporting apparel, and B) the Steelers actually played pretty well that game. But they didn't have Troy and they didn't have Heath. If you'll recall, Heath's replacement dropped several passes that would have continued drives.

I think wearing the 43 today is an acceptable risk. We'll see. Watching the Packers/Bears too, and counting down the minutes.

DG said...

You can never go wrong with Troy.

bluzdude said...

Haven't seen much from him tonight, but that just means he's taking some schmo out of the game.

Winning 24-3 at the half. Mendy is running with huge swinging balls. Ben's playing his ass off. The crowd won't let the Defense sag... they haven't even played Renegade yet!

Let's just keep it going, and do what we do.

Here we go, Steelers, here we go!

Oilfield Trash said...

What a damn good game.

I am happy now. Although I have no nails left and I have a migraine headache.

DG said...

Here we go, Steelers, here we go. Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl!

bluzdude said...

Holy shit. Another game with a giant mood swing. The Steelers are the eternal menopause team. Can we please just blow someone out once in a while? Why must they stress us all out like that?

Sing it, sister. We goin' to Dallas!

Mrs. Bachelor Girl said...

It's official: I'm going to be the only girl in Shreveport, LA, with a Pittsburgh Steelers manicure.

bluzdude said...

Mrs. Bachelor Girl,
I bet $20 you won't be. The Steeler Nation reaches everywhere, even Shreveport. I bet there's a Steelers Bar somewhere in Shreveport and in 2 weeks there will be at least a half dozen women inside with Steelers nails.

OK, I just looked it up... there's a bar called N Cahoots, 1303 Shreveport Barksdale Hwy, that's a Steelers bar. You want a good time for the Super Bowl? Go there.

Unapologetically Mundane said...

Getting your nails done is usually trashy, I think, but that is kind of amazing. Especially since the rest of them are BLACK. Badass.

bluzdude said...

Sitcom Kelly defines “badass.”