Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bluz Newz Cruize 4 Youz

A couple of things caught my attention this week, so it’s time for:

Hey Bluz, what do you think about…

...Newt getting sued by a member of the rock group Survivor for using Eye of the Tiger at his campaign rallies?  He probably should have stuck to another Rocky song, “Take Me Back,” sung by those scruffy dudes around the burning barrel.  No word on if the band is going after the CBS Reality show, next. 

…Mitt’s gaffe about “not concerned about the very poor?”  I’m getting pretty tired of sound-byte politics.  Does no one allow for context any more?  I can’t really argue with Mittsy about this… He says he wants to concentrate on the Middle Class and that the poor already have a safety net, which if broken, he’d fix.

OK, maybe he’s full of shit, maybe not, although I suspect the former.  I think it’s an accurate thing to think but a really dumb thing to say when you’re running for President.  There are plenty of reasons not to vote for Mitt Romney.  This isn’t one of them.

And for the record, neither is his being Mormon.  I’m just as uncomfortable with a Mormon President as I am any bible-thumping Baptist or evangelical that would govern the way he thinks God (or some charlatan from the 1800s) is telling him to.

…Donald Trump’s endorsement of Romney?  Well, that ought to sew up the Bloodless Filthy Rich Business Tycoon vote.  I wonder if Mitt has it in him to say “Thanks but no thanks.  Now go back to the shameless paean to your own ego and self-promotion that is ‘Celebrity Apprentice and pretend-fire people for insufficiently kissing your ass. I’ll be over here trying to trick some people that AREN’T multi-millionaires into voting for me.

…the Susan G. Komen Foundation pulling funding from Planned Parenthood?  I find this reprehensible.  Sure, Komen is saying that they passed a rule to prevent funding any group that’s “under investigation.”

Great.  That means any single Senator, Representative or governmental figure at the state or federal level can spike any organization with which they have a philosophical difference, just by opening an investigation. 

No matter what Komen says, this is nothing but an attempt to appease the religious right at the expense of women’s health.  They continue to ignore the financial facts that show that only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s funding goes to abortion services and carry on like it’s a butcher shop.  Plain and simple, PP provides breast cancer screening to thousands of low income women who need it.  To cut that off because of a side issue is to play politics with women’s lives.  This organization will not see another dime from me until they pull their heads from their collective hoo-ha’s.  Stick a pink ribbon on that.

As far as I’m concerned, if anti-abortion activists really want to lower the number of abortions, they should double the funding to Planned Parenthood and spend it on getting no cost or low cost birth control into the hands of anyone that wants it.  But you’ll never see that happen.  It’s so much easier to pass judgment and act all holier-than-thou than it is to actually make a difference.

You can sign a petition requesting that the Komen Foundation overturn this destructive policy by clicking here.

…the next conservative media uproar about Modern Family?  This one hasn’t even happened yet, but it’s coming.  Seems they’re about to do an episode that indicates that teen Haley has had sex.  (Daddy Phil finds out, and is dismayed as well that his wife Claire already knew about it.)
When Haley wanted to dress like this for Halloween, you had to figure that horse is already out of the barn. 

If you read my my post about last month’s Modern Family controversy, (toddler says the F-word), I’m sure you know where I’ll come down on this one.  Same place… 

People will get their undies in a twist before even seeing the show and demand it be pulled.  The show will run and it will handle the issue with grace and humor.  Rational people will wonder what all the fuss was about and the holy rollers will go back to looking for new things about which they can become righteously indignant.

Look, what is the percentage of teens that have had sex before graduating high school?  50%?  70%?  It’s up there.  But there’s still this faction of the country that refuses to deal with it, preferring to clamp their hands over their ears and go “La la la la la la… My baby will not have sex until she’s married… La la la la laaaaa.”

Didn’t we deal with this already?  I remember a show called “James at 15,” (when I was 15) and they had an episode about James losing his virginity. 
Screen shot is from the opening titles, not from his virginity-losing scene. That would have been depressing, if that were the case.

People lost their freakin’ minds.  The producers had to make sure that his well publicized cherry popping was seen as a negative, just to get it on the air.  (They included a big pregnancy scare.)

It’s just a TV show, folks.  It’s all made up.  Can’t we focus on something that matters?  I mean, it’s almost Super Bowl Sunday. 

That reminds me… there are bound to be some commercials that get somebody all pissed off.  I can hardly wait.

Director’s DVD Commentary: I meant for this to be only a couple of paragraphs on each topic, to fit in with my new “Hey Bluz” motif.  Now it seems I probably should have made this another Odd Bits post.  Oh well, live and learn.

Late Update: As you probably know by now, the Komen Foundation’s decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood was rescinded this afternoon, bowing to a total shitstorm of protest and admonishments.  Such is the power of social media in 2012.

Ten years ago, people would have grumbled for a few days on the news, but life would move on with little change.  This week, people rose up and roared for what they thought to be right and got a giant fund-raising and advocacy group to stop on a dime and pirouette back to where they came from.  My little post was but a grain of sand on the beachhead, but when you think about it, what is a hurricane but single drops of water, working together?

Power to the people.


Cassie said...

First of all, YES to the Planned Parenthood deal. What a bunch of ass holes, that Susan Koman foundation. I read an article a while back that showed that only 40% or something actually go to preventing cancer the other 60% or something goes to lining the pockets of the rich and such.

What a waste.


Secondly, they're upset about a girl losing her virginity? Um. Have you ever heard of Degrassi on NICKELODEON? Teenagers having all kinds of sex. So I'm seriously confused.

I mean, sure, I was 18 when I finally lost my virginity, but lordy. What teenager these days isn't doing the nasty? And when will girls finally realize that sex ain't fun with a teenager because I'm probably about 99% certain they will not have an orgasm. Boys don't know what the hell they're doing. Once they figure out how to do that, THEN it's totally worth it. Until then, stick with your hand. It doesn't give you STDs.

bluzdude said...

I saw on Twitter right after I posted, that executives over at Komen are starting to resign under pressure. I had no idea I wielded that kind of clout! (<-- tongue massively in cheek)

There is a faction out there that is determined not to be happy until everything returns to the way it was in 1952, which we all agree was a grand time, unless you weren't white, male, Christian, straight and well-to-do. We are such a self-repressed nation, I don't know how we even function any more. They are afraid of their own bodies and won't be happy until everyone else is too.

Judie said...

I am getting so bored with the Republicans. I don't even watch the debates any more because it is like watching re-runs of "Survivor." You know they are going to piss themselves, which is no longer fun to watch, and you know the audience is packed with people who really don't give a big rat's toenail about the poor, so what's the fun in that??? And the rest of the Republicans are watching some trashy reality show. Why should I bother?

As for Modern Family, don't know, don't care. Just don't let the ultra-conservative evangelicals start building fires with books from the public library.

bluzdude said...

I haven't watched a Republican debate yet. Don't really care. I just want to see a contested nomination process for as long as possible. The longer they spend sniping at each other, the better for the President.

The crowds at these things seem to be the same sort that went to the Coliseum for the gladiator fights. And just as bright.

Jessica R. said...

It makes me crazy how people are willing to trash wonderful programs and all the amazing things they do if the word "abortion" is tied to it in any way. This Planned Parenthood thing is absolutely abominable.

bluzdude said...

Agreed, Jess. It really goes to show that a lot of these "professional" fund raising groups aren't much more than glorified lobbiests, where the execs live large and what's left goes to the cause.

Christy said...

I hadn’t heard about Gingrich being sued. That is nothing short of hilarious. Who would have thought that Gingrich, trying to be up-to-date, would use a song from the 80’s (and is now 30 years old) and not obtain permission? ME!!!

On top of that, Trump endorses Romney. Can anyone say…Death Knell? I can hear it. No one wanted to even entertain the notion that Trump would run for President so I’m not sure Romney is very happy about it.

I’m stunned that the Komen Foundation would even consider their support of Planned Parenthood. They must be completely oblivious to the good that organization has done. They actually counsel those who find themselves pregnant with no options and help them with adoption and support. Otherwise they might opt for an abortion. They give them a choice.

I do remember James at 15. It was groundbreaking then but now it would seem tame.

What’s this country coming to that we are starting to take away rights? It’s getting ridiculous.

Christy said...

Okay Bluz, that was......lack of support for Planned Parenthood.

Deb K said...

Amen! I'm with you. I learn all I need to know about each debate when I watch Daily Show/Colbert Report. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, especially Colbert with his super PAC, are geniuses. Thanks for the link to the Komen petition.

bluzdude said...

Would that our network journalists unearth the same hypocrisy and self contradictions that comedians like Jon Stewart does...

bluzdude said...

Gingrich still hasn't accepted that Elvis is dead.

Any sane politician should run screaming from a Trump endorsement. The only people that thinks he knows anything are the toadies that are trying to pry money from him for their charity.

Somewhere, rich, privileged white men are laughing because they've succeeded in turning women against one another. The more they fight each other, the less they're looking at them for equal pay and worse... respect.

A Beer for the Shower said...

Agreed, my friend. The funding drop for Planned Parenthood is blatant dumbfuckery on Komen's part. Once again proving that people need to be better educated on reproductive rights and how the perceived "abortion monster" actually works.

Christy said...

I agree and find it very sad that we even have to be in this situation.

Dad said...

This just in. KOMEN Group reverses decision to Stop PP funding. Too much pressure. Good job pressuring.

Scarletdreams said...

wow. Yay. So right on about the planned parenthood. I myself used planned parenthood resources when I was young and poor and wanted to stop having children. That's right.. not an abortion... but I wanted to get sterilized and couldn't afford it. Thank goodness for planned parenthood. Absolutely the way to fight the number of abortions is to educate and make good birth control available to everyone. You nailed it again.

Cassie said...

Hell, even in the 1950's people were doing blow and losing their virginity at a young age.

I honestly believe that our country is starting to implode on itself. It's as if a snake is starting to eat it's ass and then when it finally realizes it, it just keeps going because if it were to stop eating its ass, then it would look stupid.

We look stupid.

Cassie said...

OMG, right on!

Cassie said...

Don't worry. Palin endorsed Gingrich last I heard...

bluzdude said...

Now why would they let facts get in the way of a good tantrum? Or worse, a campaign issue?

Hey, now that you and your brother are both in Colorado, you’re going to have to start signing your comments. I can’t tell who’s who now. (I’m guessing Brandon today.)

bluzdude said...

I saw that this afternoon as well, hence the update. You know, this Social Media stuff can be pretty damned effective, when there’s a solid common goal. We The People now have the means to make ourselves heard.

bluzdude said...

You’re living proof of what I’ve been trying to say. PP serves an urgent need, and if properly utilized, will reduce the need for abortions. Their goal is women’s health and rights… leaving religion, politics and judgment at the door.

bluzdude said...

New rule everybody… Stop eating your ass! Or Cassie will come and kick it for you.

Unknown said...

This year the American elections are going to be brutal and it's going to be "anything goes" with the media. We are so much more relaxed in Ireland about our elections and about our telly. You should watch Mrs. Brown's Boys sometime. It's fantastic, every other word is a curse word and no one cares. That said, you guys have a touch row to hoe right now. The middle class is being decimated and politicians are merely playing lip service to the real issue and that's American manufacturing companies going overseas. That and subsidizing the ones that are claiming to be bankrupt. We're in the same boat though on these key issues.

bluzdude said...

This year, we are going to get our first real look at a post-Citizens United presidential election, where corporations can give unlimited dollars anonymously, to say whatever they want. To me, there has been no darker Supreme Court decision in my lifetime. These companies are not giving all that dough for nothing. What they expect in return will affect the rest of the country for decades.

I so wish our country had the same cultural outlook as the Irish, or the rest of Europe. We are so afraid of our bodies, yet are so endlessly fascinated by them. I blame our founding Puritans, whose name alone makes my sphincter close up on itself. We need to lighten the fuck up already.

Thanks for the comment, Anne. You are as thoughtful as you are profane, which are two of my favorite qualities!

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

Funny, I said the same thing about the Romney soundbite. People, let's focus on the real problems with the candidates. Surely there are plenty enough of those without having to distort every little thing.

And yes, glad to see the Komen Foundation has come to its senses. But it's tough to have respect for an organization that allows itself to be swayed first one way and then the other. You can't keep seesawing on an issue, just because of pressure, without losing your integrity.

bluzdude said...

The real test will be to see if they renew their PP funding… which they have not specifically said yet. Now they have to cope with the conservative backlash. Because of our country’s intractable positions on abortion, they will be unable to please everyone.

I find it insulting to our collective intelligence that they cling to this story that it’s all about the “investigations,” and NOT a veiled attempt at ditching PP and keeping it under the radar.

Until this country gets serious about birth control and women’s health, we will never be able to reduce the number of abortions performed. We need less hysteria and more common sense and pragmatism.

But I’m not holding my breath.

Gina said...

People are dumbasses - they will turn ANYTHING into a controversy. It's even little, every day innocuous things now - don't tell your kid there is a Santa Claus - you'll scar them by lying. Or recently, mothers taking offense when an older person tells them to enjoy their kids because it goes by so fast. WTF? Seriously? It DOES go by fast - why is that suddenly an insult? It seems that people are just constantly looking for something to get all het up over.

Also - James at 15? I used to LOVE that show. The episode I remember most clearly is the one where he tried to see what it was like to be deaf.

bluzdude said...

We have turned into a country of hyper-sensitive, thin-skinned prigs, racing to see who can be the first to claim victimhood and take offense. Everyone needs to lighten the fuck up. If you feel insulted, so what? Deal with it. In fact, unless the person is blatant about it, it’s probably just a misinterpretation. People are usually just clueless; they don’t go around intentionally insulting each other, and if they are, you know it. And then you’re perfectly within your rights to insult them back or at least tell them to fuck off. But stop whining about it to the media.

Who ever said that we were guaranteed a life that was free from insult of offense? Some of us desperately need a good insulting.

Gina said...

Did you see this tweet? I think it's appropriate for a LOT of the outrage that people make up:!/MikeDrucker/status/166658232272691200