Sunday, June 27, 2010

Even More Odd Bits - The Sequel

My brother sent me a YouTube video the other day, that showed the reactions of various people gathered in bars and such across the country, to the game winning goal the Americans scored in their World Cup game against Algeria.
I’d intended to watch the next game the US played, Saturday at 2:30, but watching the video made me think that maybe I should go out to see it, instead of sitting at home by myself.  Why not make it an event?

So I went down to my local watering hole, Jilly’s, where I usually go whenever the Steelers aren’t on local TV.  I thought the place would be packed, but I thought wrong.  I sat down on an empty side of the bar, but soon moved to an empty chair on the other side.  I could see a young couple sitting there… the girl had a little American flag with her.  I figured these people would be fun and might even know something about soccer.

I’m not really a soccer fan… they didn’t have youth soccer when I was a kid… or if they did, it was just a haven for kids that weren’t coordinated enough to hit a baseball.  So I don’t really know anything about it, but I know that the World Cup is a very big deal.  I figure it’s like watching the Olympics… I don’t know anything about the finer points of the luge, but I know enough to root loudly for the U.S.A.

It turns out that my young friends both played soccer, so they helped me a great deal with the rules.  (Besides “kick the ball in the net.”  I get that part.)

In talking about the food at Jilly’s, I mentioned that I go there any time “my team” in football isn’t on local TV.  I didn’t want to here a bunch of shit from Ravens fans about Ben Roethlisberger, I just wanted to watch the soccer game, so that’s why I didn’t volunteer my affiliation.  But of course, they asked, so I had to answer.

When I said, “The Steelers,” their eyes lit up like Christmas trees…

“Oh my God, we just moved here from Harrisburg!” 

They were fans of both the Steelers and the Penguins.  Like I always say, “we’re everywhere.” 

The USA may have lost the game in agonizing fashion, but I now have 2 new friends to watch the game with when I have to venture outside my living room to see my Steelers.

Another Night at the Yard
Sitcom Kelly and I went to see the Orioles again on Thursday night.  We sat in the same seats we were in the last time we went; 10 rows behind home plate.  Only this time, there was no rain.  Remember when I said the last time, there would be nights when we wished it was 50 and drizzling?  This was one of those nights.  The high temperature Thursday was in the high 90s.

Actually, we kind of lucked out.  We weren’t in the sun at all and there was some air moving.  Also, it was Adam Jones Mini-Bobblehead Night.

Perhaps if the O’s were doing better, they could afford a regular-sized bobblehead giveaway.  Although I may have discovered a reason for their under-whelming season… their centerfielder is playing in orthopedic shoes.

The second I took it out of the box, it came apart, revealing the unusual footwear.  I guess the Orioles can’t afford high quality glue, either.

Anyway, we had a good time, and the Orioles actually came from 3 runs down to win 11-5.  It’s a start, but still a long way out of the basement.

McCrystal Balls
I’m by no means any kind of military expert or strategist, but you’d have to think that on the first day of “Generals School,” someone would come in there and say, “Hey, don’t disparage the Commander In Fucking Chief to god-damned Rolling Stone Magazine!”

What the hell was he thinking, even allowing access?  Was he trying to get the hell out of that useless hellhole with its unsolvable problems?  Maybe he was just crazy like a fox.

It’s not like he was a favorite in the White House in the first place after his attempts to publicly box the President into committing more troops for a longer time period, back when Obama was trying to reach a decision on a course of action.

And I’m still glad we have a President that gathers information, seeks opinions and formulates a strategy based on all information at hand, as opposed to one that thinks with his nutsack and goes with his gut.  It’s EXACTLY what we need in the White House.

I subscribed to Rolling Stone for years, up until around 2000.  I was hitting a bit of magazine overload and had to cut down some.  Once I was out of the music business, I really didn’t need Rolling Stone around as much.  All they seemed to be doing was covering bands I either didn’t like or couldn’t relate to.  Or they’d be all over some old dinosaur bands I never liked in the first place.

I almost cancelled my subscription on them a couple times, but then they’d come out with some dazzling piece of reporting on our eroding civil rights, reproductive freedoms or the rampant political hackery going on, so I’d grant them a reprieve and re-up.

Thank Heaven for Little Girls
I originally wanted to put this bit in my last post but after further consideration, realized that it didn’t belong in with the tales of vasectomies, 9-way sex parties and lottery extravagances.

Have you ever noticed how little girls move around the room?  I noticed this when I was back in Ohio and my buddy’s granddaughter was visiting.

She didn’t exactly skip and didn’t exactly run… she would just kind of “flit” from place to place, like a butterfly would do.  It was kind of a cross between skipping and prancing. 
John’s granddaughter Jaidyn (L) and the neighbor girl whose name I can’t recall.

When not munching on popcorn, these two flitted all about the garage and front yard.  I’ve seen the same thing with my other buddy’s daughters as well, back when they were little.  Is it just an Ohio thing, or do all little girls “flit”?

Political Cartoon of the Moment
Again, lovingly pilfered from The First Door on the Left.


Mary Ann said...

Great cartoon. The Bagger is no doubt "forced" to use Medicare too. This Gulf tragedy may have a bit of silver inside if these mindless morons stop mewling about "big government".
The Rolling Stone article is damning.
Yes. McChrystal even made General Mullen "physically sick". That camouflage uniform can't hide such bloated arrogance.
Yes. Little girls everywhere do flit like butterflies but they don't sit on flowers. They usually don't sit.

bluzdude said...

First Door on the Left has outstanding political cartoons every Friday.

I bet the little girls would sit on flowers if they could do it without smooshing them.

Cher Duncombe said...

How cool is it that when you are out of town you meet another Pittsburgh fan. I don't know for sure, but I do believe it's a Burg thing. I was rooting for the U.S. in soccer too, not because I know much about the sport but because Landon's last name is the same as my maiden name. Being Irish, we are probably related in some way!

Cassie said...

So glad you got to meet some local fans!!! That's always a good time :)

bluzdude said...

Cher and Cassie,
People run into so many Pittsburghers outside of Pittsburgh, it's a wonder there are any left back in The Burgh.

Jessica R. said...

I love meeting locals in unexpected places. I was in Boston last March and went to Cheers (of course). There was another couple there and we asked them to take our picture. We started talking and it turns out they were originally from Shreveport too. Shreveport, Louisiana I said?! Yep! Too weird!

bluzdude said...

Can you find other Louisianians via accent the same we can with Pittsburghers?

PS, you do realize that every time I see "Jessica R." I think "Jessica Rabbit"?

Judie said...

Well,YOU brought him up, and I am ready to respond.
Last week on the medical segment of the Today show, an expert was discussing our need for sleep--at least 7 1/2 to 8 hours a night. Any less than that, says the expert, and after a few days, it begins to affect one's decision-making process. Things go down hill from then on. This McCrystal claims to only sleep four hours a night, and only eats one meal a day. This goes beyond bizarre to me. There are NO NIH guidelines that go along with this schedule of his. I have heard that he has always played by a different set of rules--his--and I say, "scrape him off!!" Good riddance.

I have been waiting for the oportunity to talk about this. I will say more about the rest of you FABULOUS post later.

bluzdude said...

Hey, you have a blog... you can talk about whatever you want, whenever you want. Not that I mind talking about it here! You know I love the conversation.

I could eat one meal a day, but it would have to be a doozy! And I'd probably weigh 7000 pounds. Now for the 4 hours sleep? I don't freakin' think so. I don't get 6 or 7 a night, I'm a zombie.

Judie said...

Dude! So much to say--so little time! I have been trying to pace myself.

I am trying so hard to get 8 hours of sleep a night! I am sure that I don't, but I don't have the lives of American soldiers in my care.

I had much rather go out to lunch with my friends, and make people laugh and point at us. But I do have a serious side, and I know you do,too!

My next post--Arizona's red-neck,illiterate governor. I have to get enough sleep, first!

Anonymous said...

I just can't get excited about soccer. Great that you found some fans to hang with.

You're gonna' start hating me if I tell you the hubs and I are big-time Dallas fans, aren't you? Regarding your reply to my comment in your last post, I actually grew up in TX. So, Cowboy-fandom has been a part of my life for a long time. Sorry. *wince*

You are so right - what the HELL was he thinking?!? Idiot. It doesn't matter one bit how much slicing the writer did; if you said it in his presence, you should've known it'd be published. Geesh.

vange said...

I'ma flitter.

Raven said...

My eldest used to flit everywhere on tip toes (she can wear high heels today like no other woman can) but my youngest barreled her way through life, taking what she wanted and discarding the rest. She still does that. lol

Bachelor Girl said...

Yes, indeed. All little girls flit. It's part of their charm.

Your still-flitting

bluzdude said...

I’m so sick of the American people electing amiable fools that they’d like to have a beer with. Our leaders should be people that are smarter than the rest of us, better readers and better thinkers. Or else we’ll just get led right down the path to destruction by “Norm” from Cheers.

You have a good reason to root for the Cowboys, so I have no reason to hold that against you. Is it OK if I blame out losing Super Bowl XXX on you? I still have nightmares about that game.

I think every time The General or his people said something controversial, the reporter was thinking, “Cha-ching!”

I bet you’re a sight too, flitting down the sidewalks in town…

OK, so the flitting varies… some are flitters, some are barrelers. Got it!

All except Raven’s youngest, I guess.

Now continue flitting…

The Guy's Perspective said...

I watch soccer every four years when World Cup is on. It's a bummer the US lost but I'm still watching every game. It also helps pass the time since I've got my three kids home with me all summer. I'm going freakin' nuts!!

bluzdude said...

That’s about as often as I watch… It doesn’t help that the games were on during weekday mornings.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I think flitting around is 2nd gear for most girls. Unfortunately, mine spend a lot of time in 3rd - banging and running over people and shrieking. I wish they flitted more...

bluzdude said...

I think that’s a good way to put it… a kind of middle gear… like a default mode.