Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happiness Is...

Waking up the morning after your team won a game.

*  Waking up on Monday morning after your hockey, pro football and college football teams all won over the weekend.

*  Having just done the laundry and grocery shopping, because it means you now have the widest available set of options.

*  Having a big occasion to which you can look forward… a vacation trip, a visit from far off friends or family, a wild party…

*  Seeing that you have more money in your checking account after you’ve paid your bills, than you did at this time last month.

*  When your kids (or in my case, someone else’s kids) look happy to see you when you show up.

*  Going online and seeing that there is a new Hyperbole and a Half post.

*  Getting onto the elevator going down on Friday at 5:00, knowing you have 2 glorious days to do whatever you want.  (Like watching movies, sports and fiddling about on the Internet.)

*  Any time the Steelers win and the Ravens lose.  This is especially true when it’s the same game.

*  Getting to pet/hug/adore a golden retriever.

*  Writing a blog post that you know is going to kill.

*  Then having it actually kill.

*  Your bacon cheeseburger arrives and it’s even bigger and better than you anticipated.

*  Same goes for fish sandwiches.  And pizza.

*  When you finally fix something you’ve been putting off fixing and it actually works.

*  Seeing that the guy that the cops have pulled over is the same douche that cut you off earlier.

*  When someone gets my obscure movie, pop culture and/or Monty Python references.

*  Waking up with a chill in the room and you’re all warm under the covers, without it being 6:00 am and you have to get up for work.

*  That moment at a concert where the lights finally go down and the band comes out.

*  Any time one of those politicians known for railing against gays and those lacking sufficient “family values” gets caught with his pants down and his cock out.

*  You go into the break room at work and find leftover cookies from someone else’s meeting.

*  Seeing one of your Tweets get re-tweeted.

*  You get to the game and your seats are better than you expected.

*  Being able to help a friend.

*  Meeting someone famous and seeing that they’re not an asshole.

*  The moment you realize that you are done with your Christmas shopping.

*  Making someone laugh.

*  Sunshine on a clear fall day.

Ultimately, it’s like Norman Nardini sings, “Any day above ground is a good day.”

Although I hope there’s an “out” there for a guy that lives in a sunken, ground floor apartment.


CrackerLilo said...

I can defintely relate to a lot of these things! (And while schadenfreude is a sometimes food, I wholeheartedly enjoy seeing a "family values" politician get busted. Why does anyone believe them anymore...?)

Hope you have a happy day today. I'm happy, and we have a reason in common! Gotta love the Penguins in a shootout!

Anonymous said...

How about waking up any day of the week and realizing you are retired. Every day is SATURDAY. Dad

bluzdude said...

You can call me the Poster Boy for Schadenfreude... I'll cop to it. And I definitely woke up happy this morning after our Pens' shootout win. (Although still kinda pissed that it had to go to OT.)

That's one bit of happiness to which I can only aspire.

DG said...

I'm feeling your post today. Sometimes it's not important to see the glass as half-full or half empty, but rather to be all "WooHoo! I have a glass!"

I'll add one to your list: Happiness is a day off from mom-dom with a husband who will fetch you Ben & Jerry's.

Jessica R. said...

This post really made me smile. The newest Hyperbole post nearly made me crack a rib. Those are soooo my two dogs.

bluzdude said...

One of my favorite George Carlin quotes: "Some see the glass as half full. Others see the glass as half empty. I see the glass as too big."

Your addition is similar to my "Every weekend." Which makes me happy.

Allie has a gift... she is sooo, freakin' funny. If there is any justice in the world, she gets an animated TV series. Although that's probably an awful lot of work...

Mary Ann said...

Happiness is reading this post. Happiness is having children who grow up to be those whom other children love to see show up. Happiness is Amos purring. Happiness is Amos and Jesse playing then lying down together.
Happiness is the simple joy of being alive, being real.

Oilfield Trash said...

I will take a Steelers or Pens victory any day.

bluzdude said...

Mary Ann,
I should have added, "Happiness is a cat laying on your chest, purring."

Steelers win tomorrow and you can chalk up #2 on the list.

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

I can't fix a thing, and my checking account always fails me. My golden-retriever mix and purring cats do make me smile though... When they're not ruining all my shit and costing me a fortune. Happiness comes with a price, you know.

bluzdude said...

You need some occasional ruined shit in order to fully appreciate the happiness.

Judie said...

I could have sworn that I left you a comment! I even remember what I wrote!

Happiness is having a dog whose poop is smaller than a Tootsie Roll!

Happiness is not having to clean the kitchen after Thanksgiving dinner!

Happiness would be eating all the things I like without gaining weight or raising my cholesterol!!

bluzdude said...

You did, dear, but you left it on the previous post.

Happiness is knowing that you're not REALLY cracking up!

Mrs. Bachelor Girl said...

Happiness is reading this post.

Sadness is looking at that photo of a bacon cheeseburger and realizing that you'd have to drive all the way to Baltimore to get one just like it.

bluzdude said...

Mrs Bachelor Girl,
Oh, no Hon… that burger is closer to you than me. It’s from a restaurant called “McGuire’s” in Pensacola FL. It would be worth the drive…

CristyThoughts said...

Happiness is watching my hubby put the recliner back and the dog hop up and settle in on top of his feet. :)

These are great!

bluzdude said...

That’s awfully selfless of you. I thought yours might more applicably be, “Getting a hold of some quality drugs to take the edge off this back pain. But look at you… all happy because your husband and pet are happy.

Anonymous said...

I wish! For now, I'll take what I can get (legally). :)

bluzdude said...

My dad always prescribed Jack Daniels for back pain. Of course, he also prescribed Jack for gout, night blindness and splinters.

Christy said...

Meeting someone famous? Jerry Seinfeld was not the endearing.