Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Mojo Birthday

Whenever your birthday is on a Friday, you get full birthday privileges all weekend long, so it’s been a rather nice weekend for me.

First of all, thank you to all that took the time to wish me a happy birthday, either through this site or Facebook.  I’m humbled that so many people took the time to tap me out a simple message; it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  (For the rest of you, what the hell are you waiting for, for cryin’ out loud?)

I had to share some incredible birthday presents I got.  (OK, I bought’em myself, but it was still very thoughtful.)  Last week, Café Press sent me a bacn notice that they were running a buy 2 get one free T-shirt sale.  I love their stuff, so I thought I’d take a look around.  I never got out of the Monty Python section.

First, I saw this, which made me laugh out loud for a solid minute. 

Obviously, this is based on one of my favorite sketches, the Ministry of Silly Walks.  That’s funny in and of itself, but add in the evolution factor along with the Darwinesque attitude of this blog, and it was a no-brainer.  Had to have it.

A page or two later, I saw this variation:

Cassie, Carly, and the rest of you youngsters, there used to be this band called the Beatles, and they had an album cover featuring the band walking across a street in a big crosswalk.  It was called Abbey Road.  (Yinz kin look it up.)  So I guess it was really John Cleese that was the 5th Beatle.

For those that have no idea what I’m talking about, and also for those that do, this is the famous Ministry of Silly Walks sketch:

The last shirt is based on another of my favorite sketches, but it’s not one of their better-known ones… much less famous than the Parrot sketch, the Argument Clinic, or Spam, but no less funny.

This one is based on the Election Returns sketch, featuring the Sensible Party versus the Silly Party.  The candidates for the Silly Party are introduced with names that get sillier and sillier as the sketch goes on.  You have to see (or at least hear) this one to appreciate it.  Tarquin comes in at the 2:00 mark.

In all truth, I prefer the audio version from the album, because it’s funnier when they go through it faster, but I still think of this bit every election night.

Lastly, Pinky got me this little treat:

Don't you just love it when someone knows the exact thing to get you?

Rabble Rousing
As I’ve said before, we Steelers fans are everywhere, Baltimore included, and our office is no exception.  In August, I wrote about how a couple of us decided to band together and organize (albeit loosely) all the Steelers fans in our building.  So whenever our building has one of their "Purple Fridays," we make it our business to show up rocking the Black and Gold.

With the Steelers/Ravens game this year, we decided to make our first public show of force.  The Ravens fans have been planning the parade route since the pre-season, and they don't take kindly to anyone doubting them.  So our plan was to meet for lunch together wearing our team colors.  No need for any stunts or speeches, we just had to be there.

You should have seen all the stink-eyes we got.  Later as we posted for pictures outside the building, some guy and driving by in a van started hanging out the window and screaming at us.  I couldn't tell what he was saying but he was NOT joking.  He was seriously pissed.

Earlier that day, one of our guys got word that at their weekly "breakfast" for his department, some people were planning on decorating the room with Ravens stuff.  So they got into the room early and decorated it in Steelers stuff before anyone else arrived.  From where ever you are, I'm surprised you didn't hear the sound of all the jaws hitting the floor when those Ravens fans came in the room and saw all that black and gold.  Priceless!
The Steel Citi Underground having lunch amidst the Ratties.

Sweating out the drive-by.

We’re totally in their head.  Now, we just better win.  (BTW, I considered getting someone else to take the shot so that I could get in them, but I just didn't trust a Rattie fan not to mess it up on purpose.)

The Mojo Boogie
It’s been an interesting season.  I’ve watched the game in 3 different places, worn 3 different outfits and we won all 3.  Today will be the first time I have the opportunity to do the same thing in the same situation.

I have to decide whether to go with the ever-changing ensemble, or look for the commonality.  Last time the Steelers played at home and I watched the game from home, I wore my black #56 Lamarr Woodley jersey to work on Friday, and then at home watching the game.  I’m opting to do the same here.  My theory, at least early in the season, is to seek patterns and ride the trend.  If we win today, there’s a trend for watching the game at home.  Gotta start somewhere. 

So, today’s Mojo:

Wish me luck!

More Birthdays
Lastly, happy birthday to my nephew Sammy, who turned 5 on Tuesday.  I got to play with him and his brother today.  Well kind of… I handed them the ball and let them fight it out.

Earlier, before Sammy and his mom got home, their daddy and I had to step out for about 15 minutes, leaving 11-year old Daniel home alone.  (He’s a very responsible boy.)  Anyway, as we walked out, I said, “OK, no wild parties while we’re gone.”

He looked up and said, “No promises.”

I was so proud.


Miley said...

OK, can't get through all of it this minute BUT... Being a youngin, I was not only aware of the beatles AND their album cover but I also laughed out loud (for serious) from the first shirt. And the second one.

I'll be back (provided the housework doesn't kill me!)

Unapologetically Mundane said...

I have to mention that I reviewed that bacon bar once on my food blog just so you'll go and look at the super-sexy photos accompanying it.

I've been forced to watch a lot of Monty Python lately, and while I have to admit that I find about one of every ten sketches funny, I do enjoy those shirts. And I've even heard of The Beatles!

And hey, happy birthday!

DG said...

I don't think you can blame this one on your mojo. Where was the strangling defense?

I'm not a Monty Python fan, but even I laughed out loud at the shirts. Happy Birthday weekend!

bluzdude said...

I'll await your in depth comments later, assuming you survive your encounter with the feather duster.

Tell me, do you wear the French Maid's outfit? Cuz that's how I see it...

I can't argue with your bacon bar review. I also thought it was like a salty Nestle's Crunch. But the after-taste is more like post-morning coffee. That might be because mine was dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate.

I keep trying to convince Pinky that Monty Python is funny, but she doesn't see it either. I keep saying that she just hasn't seen the right sketches yet. But it's hard to convince someone of something when they already have a negative opinion before even seeing the first bit.

And thank you!

bluzdude said...

I have no where to go but the mojo. No other explanation. Skippy misses 2? Defense soft? False start penalties in our own end AT HOME??

I'm disgusted.

Had you seen the sketches the shirts are base on?

Mary Ann said...

What are you doing up at 7 AM on a Sunday morning? You are not THAT old.
Yes. Daniel has the Uncle Bluz gene. Quick on the uptake.

Bachelor Girl said...

Glad you had an awesome weekend, Bluz! You deserve it!!

bluzdude said...

Mary Ann,
I was most definitely NOT up at 7 this morning. But I finally figured out how to write a post on one day and have it post the next morning automatically. Fuckin' technology...

Bachelor Girl,
The weekend was completely awesome right up until the Steelers lost to the freakin' woman-hating Ratbirds. (I say "Woman-hating" because unlike most other teams this weekend, I didn't see a single Ravens player wearing anything pink, to support breast cancer research.)

Jessica R. said...

Glad you enjoyed your birthday weekend! And we're going to see Spamalot in December!

Also, huge Beatles fan!

bluzdude said...

It killed me missing Spamalot when it was in Baltimore... no one to see it with.

Miley said...

OMG, how did you know about my french maid outfit? Well hell, that ruins my birthday surprise to you! sigh.

SO glad pinky got you "special" bacon - I bet that makes you love her even more ;)

and OH. MY. GOODNESS. decorating the room with steelers stuff?! Were you there when their jaws cracked? That is PRICELESS!

bluzdude said...

Jennifer Juniper told me all about it.

I wish I could have been there but the breakfast was in another department. They told us the story at our lunch. The Rattie fans were seriously pissed.

Only problem after all that planning is that we lost the freakin' game, so they get the last laugh. So far.

DG said...

Yes, I'd seen the sketches. When courting Mr. DG I feigned interest. :-)

Let the Ratbirds laugh. They beat us in the final 90 seconds of the game against our 4th string QB. Laugh, idiots, laugh. See you in December.

Anonymous said...

I like the audio versions, too. One of my favs from that is the cheese shop one. :) Those t-shirts are great!

Glad you had a good b-day!

C.C. said...

Glad you had a great weekend! Me and Chilla just bought the bacon chocolate yesterday! Same brand but in milk chocolate. Tonight might be the night to test it out.

Cassie said...

First of all - so glad you had a great weekend! You deserved it all and more!

However, how bad did your coworkers taunt you today? Sorry. :(


bluzdude said...

You trickster you… feigning interest in classic comedy, only to pull the rug out once he was hooked…

The last 3 times the Ratbirds have beaten us, it was against our 3rd or 4th string QB. Still a long season to go. I’m OK with 3-1.

It was the LPs that first got me hooked on Python. It was years afterwards before I ever saw one of the movies, let alone the TV show. Some kids were talking about Python when I was a freshman in college, and one of them lent me a couple of albums. Once I heard the Argument Clinic, I was a fan for life. I just love how they turn conventions on their ear.

From there, it was the Spanish Inquisition, Spam, the Penguin on the Television Set, the Parrot Sketch, the Cheese Shop, the Lumberjack Song, Wise Olde King Otto and his Hammond Organ, the Bruces, the Election Night Returns, Gumby Theater… I’d spend hours giggling my ass off. And I introduced the Pythons to my friends and family… next thing you know, we couldn’t have a conversation without breaking out into sketch-speak:

“Do we have any more beer?

“I told you once…”

“No you haven’t…”

“Yes I have…”

My mom even gave me a nickname based on the “Are You Embarrassed Easily” bit:

“Do any of these words embarrass you:

Shoe… Megaphone… Grunties…

Mom still calls me a “gruntie” from time to time.

Thanks! Would have been better if yesterday’s game ended at the 59-minute mark, but it was a good weekend nevertheless. Enjoy your Choco-bacon!

The taunting wasn't too bad at me, but some of the other SCU took it on the chin pretty good. I think I've made a pretty good reputation as someone with whom it's not wise to sling shit, because I usually have a counter-argument at hand at all times.

One lady came up to me at lunch today and said, "Where's your Steelers jersey today?" I said, "where was your Ravens jersey the day after the Bengals kicked your ass?"

That ended that, and she went scurrying off along the baseboards from which she'd come.

Thursday... The Puck Drops! I can't freakin' wait!

DCG said...

Hilarious Monty Python references. And for the record (this is Mr. DG), I have not seen a complete Monty Python movie for almost 19 years. Maybe its time to expose our boys to some classic comedy - BruHaHaHa (evil laugh).

bluzdude said...

It’s never too young to start them on Python… judging from my nephew, they’ll love it. When Daniel (my nephew) was 5 or 6, he was very much into knights and kings and castles and such, and was watching various grown-up King Arthur-type movies. We played him Holy Grail and he just loved it! Silliness transcends all!