Monday, October 11, 2010

Pink and Purple Don't Mix

During the Steelers/Ravens game the weekend before last, I noticed that none of the Ratbirds were wearing anything pink.  The other teams around the league, the Steelers included, were wearing pink-highlighted hats, cleats, towels, chin straps, etc, to auction off later to benefit breast cancer research.  I mentioned in comments on another blog, (I can’t remember which one), that the Ravens obviously hated women.

I later learned that they chose to do the pink thing this past weekend, while they were playing at home and so more players could participate.  That sounded reasonable so I figured I’d give them a pass on the issue.

Now after seeing this item in the paper this morning, I’m back to my original hypothesis that the Ravens hate women.

On September 26th, two women were kicked out of the stadium for kissing in the concessions line.  The stadium security person first accused them of stealing beer, until another policeman verified that they’d bought their goodies.  They had receipts.  Then he said they were “making a scene.”  Later, the official reason changed to that they “stole” a plastic cup that was on the counter, to use as a ketchup receptacle. 

It’s painfully obvious that they were chucked out because they were kissing.  Whether they were actually “making a scene,” I have no idea.  But what are the odds of a heterosexual couple being thrown out of a game for kissing?  Unless they were wearing Steelers jerseys, I’d put the odds at around zero.  Or less.

So now the company line is that it was all about the “stolen” plastic cup.


The company flack went on to say how Aramark has to track their cups so they know how many they’ve sold, so having their cups “stolen” affects their accounting.


Are you fucking kidding me?  What the hell are those big machines with the buttons for?  Can they not figure out how many cups of beer they’ve overcharged their customers for?  What’s next down at the Aramark accounting department, hash marks on a napkin?

I can see where the cup-count can give you a handle on verifying the register, or providing a check on employee “give-aways,” but does one missing plastic cup really warrant the ejecting people from a game that have paid a minimum of $60 apiece for their tickets?

If the cups were that valuable or important, then why were they left on the counter in the first place?  And where was the counter person to say, “Oh no, you can’t use these,”?

It’s plain and simple… This may be the worst cover-story ever.  They were tossed for daring to be a same-sex couple out in public, period.

The Ravens said that they’re satisfied that Aramark and the Security Staff have conducted themselves properly.  I believe them.  Considering that they’re an organization that aggressively looks the other way regarding fan violence in their stands (especially when committed against one not wearing purple), this seems to be more of the same cement-headed provincialism that has always characterized this organization.

The Ravens organization hates women and same-sex couples.  Add it to the list of the other things they hate, which also includes:

*Opposing fans, (who they allow to be harassed, threatened and assaulted, then ejected for their trouble),
*People that want to know who made a tackle against the Ratbirds offense, (because they refuse to announce who makes a tackle against the Ravens), 
*Replays of plays that may not have gone the Ratties’ way. (They never show replays on their huge scoreboards unless it’s a play favorable to the Ratbirds).

It is the position of this blog that same-sex couples are entitled to anything to which mixed-sex couples are entitled. 

And don’t give me that weak shit about “The Children.”  Children at a professional football game in Baltimore hear more gutter profanity by the end of the first quarter than during an encore performance of “The Wire.”  Two girls kissing should be the least of their worries.

I hope and pray that these two women tell the Ratbirds to take their pink chinstraps and pink towels and shove them up their ass, by suing the pants off of this small-minded organization. 

Where’s Gloria Allred when you need her?


Cassie said...

And I love the position of your blog, Bluz. I can't even really say anything more about this. It is just so effing irritating.

Crazy Brunette said...

I looove you Bluz... and your undying support of two chicks making out!!!

BUT... what if they were dudes Mr. Bluz? would that make you uncomfortable???

SURE, MEN think its hot when chicks are kissing, but what about when men are doing it????


bluzdude said...

OMG... Cassie, left speechless. Who'da thunk it?

First... hey, I'm as shallow as the next dude. The two chicks were pretty hawt... I stand in favor of hawt chicks making out.

Second, yeah, I'm also a straight guy that doesn't want to see 2 guys make out. HOWEVER, I have a head that's on a neck. I'd swivel that shit away from the sight and mind my own goddamned business. Men or women, they wouldn't deserve to be kicked out of a game that they spent (a lot of) their hard-earned cash to get into. The punishment does not fit the so-called crime.

It's not my place, nor is it anyone else's place, to pass judgement on people doing something that 94% of the population can do freely if they feel like it.

What if it was you and one of your girl-posse at a NASCAR race, on a vodka-fueled bender? And your guy was winning? How pissed would you be if they threw YOUR ass out? I'm guessing the place would get burned down.

Love ya, hooker.

Bachelor Girl said...

Number one, I totally agree with Cassie.

Number two, I am happy to report that the Saints have been wearing pink for two weeks straight.

bluzdude said...

Bachelor Girl,
Things always go more smoothly when you agree with Cassie.

The Steelers sported the pink two weeks ago, but then had a bye week. I trust that they were wearing something with pink highlights at home, while they watched the games.

Miley said...

Wait, wait wait... Bachelor Girl is a Saints fan? AND NOBODY TOLD ME THERE WAS ANOTHER ONE FOLLOWING YOU?! sigh.

The Ravens are pricks just like the Raiders and the 49ers.

I'm all for watching two men make out in public. I'm all for watching two women make out in public. I'm actually NOT for old people making out in public but whatever. I wouldn't toss them out.

Really, Bluz, I think you missed the part about Aramark. They really DO need to count those cups. You HAVE purchased a $10 beer at a game and given them $20 and waited 15 minutes for your change haven't you? I'm just sayin. All the help they can get still won't figure out their accounting stuff.

It was total crap throwing them out though. For "stealing a cup"? Really? Cuz they wouldn't have GLADLY paid a damn dollar to compensate for it?
Total and utter bullshit.

Oh, as is them not wearing pink. I get it, they're "too good" for it. I don't recall any team I watched yesterday NOT wearing it. Only REAL men can wear pink anyway. They are pussies.


Cher Duncombe said...

Whoa, Bluz, you are hot on the trail of this story. If this country is to go forward and not ten steps back, then same-sex affection should not be frowned upon, as long as it is not obscene. I would say the same thing about hetero couples too. Not wearing pink! Now that is cause for tossing those ever-lovin' Aramark cups to the field.

Come to the light Bluz and back home to Pittsburgh before they raise your blood pressure. Besides, it's time for a holiday fest, so save your strength.

Anonymous said...

This pisses me off. Why? Because I've seen some pretty effing trashy people at football stadiums. Every white trash couple wearing stone washed jeans and essentially banging in the stands aren't thrown out, and I bet they steal tons of cups.

People are so ignorant.

bluzdude said...

Bachelor Girl isn't really a sports fan, but she is in Shreveport, so if she did follow football, she'd be a Saints fan. Jessica R is from the same area, but I don't recall if she follows football.

Now Judie... THERE'S your Saints/LSU fan.

The ejection for stolen cup argument is so flimsy I can't believe they put it out there with a straight face. It was a misunderstanding, at most and was merely the cover they chose when called on the blatant homophobia.

If my company gets sold to the wrong people, you could see my ass out there sooner rather than later...

Faux Trixie,
Agreed... I've seen behavior in the stands that would curl your hair, violence, steaming vulgarity 3' away from small children... Security doesn't raise a finger. But bring in an sign that doesn't support the home team and you're in big trouble. And obviously, if you make some old people uncomfortably confront the year 2010, you're out on your ear.

Anonymous said...

So messed up. I hate it when people hide behind stupid excuses like that and hate it more when they're so closed-minded. Man up, people!

Mary Ann said...

What color will they wear for colon cancer research? Prostate cancer? Cervical cancer? Ovarian cancer? Testcular cancer? Skin cancer?
We're looking at a whole spectrum here. And don't forget, the rainbow is a symbol of gay presence and liberation. Wow! How about those marketing possibilities.
Who the hell cares what color chinstraps, gloves, towels, shoes are. If a couple is kissing, they're eyes are closed anyway. And if you do have cancer, you don't give a damn either.

bluzdude said...

I don't know what's more offensive, the homophobia/misogyny or that they were to chicken-shit to cop to it.

bluzdude said...

Mary Ann,
That's the thing with the ribbons and the colors and stuff... it's about giving the appearance of giving a damn. If the teams or the NFL were serious, they could just write some huge checks and call it a day, without going through the whole charade.

Mary Ann said...

Absolutely! And researchers could find a cure for something soon and stop the incessant gravy train. But that would mean giving up a hell of a lot of well intended, if misapplied, funding. And parading and mewling about "awareness". Who the hell is not AWARE of cancer.

Cassie said...

BG is a very smart woman to agree with me.

But now, looking back at it all, it happened in September you say? Us women only get respect in the month October and it's really only for our boobs. So I'd have to say that perhaps they were right to kick those ladies out. Who are they to do as the please? What do they think they are? Men?

And seriously, if it were two men, they would had been kicked out quite literally and probably beat in the parking lot.

So bottom line, it sucks sometimes to be a woman and it sucks even more often to be gay.

However, this girl here is a gay person's #1 supporter. Be who you gotta be!

bluzdude said...

What are you talking about, Cass? If it would have been 2 guys, they would have gotten beaten up right there in the concourse. By Security.

Unapologetically Mundane said...

The idea that children seeing two women kissing is any different than children seeing a man and woman kissing makes me want to laugh. And then vomit.

I'm surprised anyone at a football game would get upset about lesbian activity, though. I'm guessing the chicks just weren't hot enough.

bluzdude said...

If you'll check the link to the original story, it includes a picture of the two girls.

Truth be told... I wish I would have been there to be "offended".

Sassy said...

Ok BB, to answer your question, I was NOT in Baltimore on 9/26. I'm just wondering, if it were Rosie O'Donnell or Ellen Degenerous making out at the game, would they have gotten the boot? Or does money and status matter? Nooo...not in a country that "Prides" itself on equal rights. I'm sure they would've gotten the boot for kiss...uh, stealing a cup. Moments like this I have to admit, I'm proud to be a Canadian. Sure there are people who still oppose it, oh like our damn PM, Mr.Harper who believes Little House on the Prairie and Leave it to Beaver should be the picture of every home in Canada. But luckily for us wonderful gay people (who eat, breathe & bleed like everyone else), someone before him stood up and supported the rights of same-sex-couples. It actually amazes me in a sense that the US has advanced in sooooo many areas, but this one, they still haven't made that step least not as a nation. Why do people fear that which they don't understand? I believe acceptance is key to a peaceful existence. If no one is being hurt or corrupted, why not leave it alone? I suggest to any hetero person out there who opposes gay rights to make friends with a gay person....I bet they would be pleasantly surprised...maybe even feel guilty for thinking the way they do.

Sassy said...

ps....I checked out their picture...come nobody would want to see those two chicks kissing...gimme a must've been the cup....

bluzdude said...

Money and status absolutely matter. Organizations like that know that they can totally screw with the "Little People" and get away with it.

It's issues like this that make me embarrassed to be American. We talk a good game about how we're the greatest, most egalitarian country but when you scratch the surface, we're nothing but a collection of ideologies, each fighting for the right to impose our ideals on the rest.

(Naturally, my ideals are included, but the least harmful. "Leave each other the fuck alone" should be sewn right onto the flag.)

We also talk a lot about the Pilgrims who founded this country by seeking religious freedom. But when you look into the Pilgrim beliefs of the time, you see that they were such uptight, repressive religious prigs, they basically got themselves kicked out of Europe. There's a huge swath of this country that is still balls-deep in that kind of philosophy... afraid of their bodies, afraid of sex, afraid of anyone that doesn't look or act like them, and by God, afraid to death of the Gays.

You're right, though, about getting to know gay people in your own life. I think that fact alone is the support structure that will, over time, lead to acceptance. The more people that come out, the more that those that know them will see that they're not the depraved boogie-men they're made out to be by the religious conservatives.

So all we have to do is wait for the aging religious homophobes and bigots to die off. Maybe we can put something in the holy water...

Hey, that reminds me of a good stunt... what if people around the country put pink dye in the holy water fonts around the country? (I choose pink because I don't thing rainbow dye would be a viable option.)

Well, maybe not... they'd just think the pink dye was for breast cancer awareness.