Friday, October 16, 2009

Humble Number Forty-Three

This weekend, all info points to Troy Polamalu playing after spraining a knee in the season opener. To celebrate this occasion, I am printing a poem, recently written by my dear cousin Angela, in honor of the esteemed #43.


for Troy Polamalu

Your jersey covers many.

Our proudest layer,
your humble forty-three.

Your movements mesmerize.
Hair that whispers fire,
your famous banner flies.

Quiet teacher, you speak
against acts of greed.
Silent prankster, you steal
smiles shared with your team.

Your talents amaze.
Even muppets sing your name.
Fans marvel how you honor
faith and family through the game.

Your jersey warms a city.
A bright gold blessing,
humble number forty-three.

I had to run this, you see, because Angela and a friend won an episode of “Fear Factor” a couple years ago and she’d probably kick my ass if I didn’t.

Naah, I’m just kidding. I think she’s drawn to Troy because she has the same qualities: amazing talent, gorgeous, and humble almost to a fault. I’d post her picture but she’d probably die of embarrassment.

Now let’s hope Troy stays healthy. I’ll see if Angela has anything for Aaron Smith.


  1. Our wives agree with you. At least the gorgeous part.

    Yeah, he's pretty good at football too.

  2. Now mind you, I'm making that statement based on the opinion of my female friends and bloggers... (and your wives.)


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