Thursday, January 5, 2012

Six Questions

As I was rolling through my regular blog haunts, I stopped at one of my favorites, A Beer for the Shower.  I saw that they were featuring a couple of blogs that had participated in their contest to support the release of their new book, The Missing Link.  (I had seriously meant to do something, but then I saw something shiny and the thought never surfaced again.) 

Intrigued, I checked out the winning bloggers and finding them both extremely engaging and funny, I added them to my own blog roll.  One of them is A Tale of Two Continents, written by Ashley and Stephanie, two sisters who are, well, you can tell by the title.  Ashley is in Scotland and Stephanie is in the US.  These made a hilarious video for their Beer for the Shower submission. 

The other is Anne’s Attic, written by an Irish lass living here in the US.  My visiting Anne’s Attic drew her to visit me here, thus demonstrating again that the best blog networking is blog reading.  (As if to prove my point, the same thing happened with Ashley from Two Continents, literally as I was writing this post.)

A couple days later on Anne’s site, I saw that she had won a bloggers award and was answering some questions as part of the deal.  She then posed her own questions to several other favored blogs to answer.

Mine was not one of them, no doubt owing to the newness of our acquaintance, but that doesn’t mean I can’t steal pay homage to them by answering them myself.  Anything for a cheap post.

Geez, I should just put that saying on the business cards. 

1.  What celebrity would you most like to shag and why?

Man, that goes right to the Laminated List, which I’ve been meaning to update and turn into a post.

Director’s DVD Commentary: “The Laminated List” is based on the “Friends” episode where they could come up with a list of any 5 people in the world that, even if they were in a relationship themselves, they would be allowed to sleep with.  Ross laminated his and carried it in his wallet.  We were discussing this one day at lunch, circa 2002, and I decided to create my own, which ran to a Top 10, and about 20 more that I discussed as runners up.  In almost 10 years, there have been a lot of changes that I will one day discuss in full.

Right now I can think of a top 3 immediately: Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara from “Modern Family,” and Tina Fey from SNL and “30 Rock.” 

Sofia Vergara at the Golden Globes, which she certainly has.

Sophia Vergara looks like an obvious pick with her Columbian bombshell build.  But what I like about her has nothing to do with the curves.  I love her hair, her smile, and her spirit.  When I’ve seen her on talk shows, she just lights the place up, much like she does in every scene she’s in on “Modern Family.”

Julie Bowen at the SAG Awards, which she totally doesn't.

Julie Bowen, I just find to be knockout beautiful.  I know she’s all high-strung as Claire on “Modern Family,” but even as a fussy mom, she’s still fiiiiiine.  And when I saw her interviewed on “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” she was hilarious in her own right.

Tina Fey from her Vanity Fair shoot.

But my winner has to be Tina Fey.  I’m sorry; I just think she’s indescribably yummy and far too attractive to be as considered as ‘unattractive’ as her character Liz Lemon is supposed to be.  But most importantly, she’s smart, clever, insightful and witty.  The other two are great at delivering funny lines from a funny script, but Tina Fey writes the lines and delivers them.  Also she may have the best eye-roll in the business.  I could do a whole post just about her.  (And I may, one day.)

2.  In the event of a zombie attack, what politician would you be willing to use as a human shield?

Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann come to mind, but I don’t think they have enough brain matter to sufficiently lure a zombie.  I give the nod to Rick Santorum, who is the antithesis of everything I value in a public servant.  He’s a guy that pushes his narrow religious ideology into government, which effectively persecutes anyone that’s not an evangelical Christian, but then tows the Republican Party line regarding propping up the richest of the rich at the expense of the poor.  (In other words, the opposite of what the Lord he claims to revere, would do.)

3.  Rate the survivability of at least 3 fellow bloggers if they are attacked by zombies.

Cassie from Sisters From Different Misters: would survive by outrunning any zombie in the vicinity and failing that, would just kick their ass.

Bryan and Brandon from the aforementioned A Beer for the Shower:  Hard to avoid the zombies when you’re drinking that much beer.  Plus, writers are notorious for poor cardio capability.  But armed with heavy beer mugs, I see them knocking zombies the eff out, solely from the irritation of having Happy Hour interrupted.

Mrs. Bachelor Girl: With baby in one hand and spike-heeled shoe in the other, coursing with mother-bear protectiveness, she would stab her way past any horde of zombies that came her way.  Same goes for Jessica of Leelafish, only I don’t see the spike heels; just blunt-force trauma.  Don’t mess with Louisiana chicks; they’ll feed you to the alligators.

Ginny of That’s Church would use her cute little fists to place a tweet, if under zombie attack. 10,000 Pittsburghers, displaced or otherwise, would rush to her defense. 

Kernut from Kernut the Blonde: She’d survive because she knows more about zombies than anyone else I know.  Plus she lives in an RV, so she can get out of Dodge at a moments notice, to seek a more zombie-free terrain.  And I bet she’s got a wicked shotgun in there too.

Cher and Rich from AskCherlock and Carpetbagger: Sorry, you guys, I don’t see you making it.  Much like Congressional Republicans, you can’t sit down and politely reason with zombies.  They’ll just eat your brains.

4.  If you could reanimate just one dead person from history, who would it be?

Despite the zombie tilt to these questions, I’m answering as if the reanimated would be normal and not trying to eat my brains.

There are many things to consider… family, leaders, celebrities… But it says “history,” so to me that means there has to be historical significance.  So as much as I’d like to hang out with my late grandparents, or a young cousin, my best friend, or my old dog, the first person that came to mind for me under the specified criteria is Stevie Ray Vaughan.  He was far too young when he passed and released too few albums.  I would love to hear what he would have put out over the last 20-odd years.  Who knows how many other budding blues guitarists might he have inspired?

5.  Would you take this person out to pub?

Hell yes, I’d take him to the pub.  Maybe I could get him to play a set.

6.  In the event of a nuclear holocaust, would you be willing to eat cockroaches to survive?

Cockroaches, yes.  Broccoli, no.  I have my standards.


A Beer for the Shower said...

Duder, good call with Stevie Ray. I knew you'd go for one of the top guitar slingers. And thanks for letting us live through the zombie holocaust. Bryan is actually kind of a workout nut, but I'm lazy as sin. I'm glad to see you hooked up with Anne and the Continental girls. They're classy dames. Just don't call Anne a dame. Unless your health insurance is paid up. Cheers!

bluzdude said...

Brandon (Beer),
It was either going to be Stevie Ray or Roy Buchanan, but went way younger so he got the nod.

Now I just hope you have the good sense, then, to get out of the way and let Bryan wield the Mug of Death.

Thank you for bringing those Anne and the Continentals to our attention. ("Anne and the Continentals": totally sounds like a 60's girl group.) Their sites are a hoot and I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store.

Anonymous said...

lol...'Anne and the Continentals'. Love it. I started following Anne just before the 'Missing Link' contest, and Ash/Steph b/c they won. They're funny ladies and very good at the whole 'networking bloggers' thing.

That 'Friends' episode is a classic--and I don't even like 'Friends'. I feel like the celebrity 5 should have been a 'Seinfeld' thing instead. Oh well. Kudos to you for not choosing anyone obvious: Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johansson, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, etc. are like the R, S, T, L, N and E of Hollywood...they're a given.

I've made top 10 lists with my friends over the years as well, but right now I can only think of four: Olivia Wilde, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Elisha Cuthbert, and Christina Hendricks ::drool::

Your responses were great, esp. the last one. And don't get me started about the GOP. Must. Contain. Rage.

Ahh...that's better.

Jessica R. said...

Maybe we should be "mother alligators" instead of "mother bears." I'd just like to see a zombie try to come between me and Sarah. Alligators everywhere.

Also, I think Mark would pick SRV too. That would be one hopping pub.

Cassie said...

OMG. The Friends episode is FANTASTIC.


I think it's sweet that you list me first. I mean, I was your first and all. So. That makes me fantastically special. Now THAT'S a blog. Just kidding.

Christy said...

How can you rag on Santorum? He won Iowa for crying out loud!!! Okay, enough insanity for one day.

Love your answers Bluz and I'm in agreement with you on the above politician.

Judie said...

I would love to bring John Belushi back--I think the lastest group of comics could definitely learn something from him!

Mitt Romney almost looks like a zombie at times. They would think he was one of their own and probably leave him alone. They would definitely go for Santorum!

Hey! How come MY picture wasn't on your list!!

Your Hot Arizona Auntie

bluzdude said...

When doing the Laminated List, I usually try to look for those that aren't obvious and also close to my age group. That eliminates a lot of the starlets and flavors of the month. I must confess though, that Jennifer Aniston was on my 2002 list, but I vowed to pick only 1 "Friend." I believe my top three were Sandra Bullock, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sheryl Crow.

Mother bear... mother alligator... either way it's formidable.

Of course I listed you first because the first thought the hit my mind was you kicking the shit out of a zombie. And I know you have the cardio to outrun'em all.

I don't think Santorum is going anywhere. He only scores with Evangelicals. Moderates and independents won't go near him. I'm just afraid someone will make him VP, to try to shore up the wingnut brigade.

I didn't dare put you on the list... we could actually meet. Pinky would never sign off.

Kernut the Blond said...

You are very wise - I will totally survive the Zombie Apocalypse. But, perhaps not for the reasons you suspect:

I plan to be among the first to assimilate, and promptly declaring myself Queen of the Zombies. Those who join with me may choose who to turn and who we will farm for briaaaaans.

And I do have a wicked gun.

Thank you for the link. Your generosity has assured your acceptance into my Zombie Royal Court.

bluzdude said...

See, there’s the benefit of blog networking, right there. For the mere reason that I’m in good with Kernut, now I have a place of refuge during the Zombie Apocalypse, where I can harvest people named Brian.

Here’s to hoping you can bring a sense of style to the Zombie world.

Judie said...

I can certainly see Pinky laughing her ass off if she ever saw that I was old enough to be your mother!! And when she got a load of the walker...(Nah, just kidding there!)

Your Hot(and old)Arizona Auntie

bluzdude said...

Don't laugh. Pinky's jealous of Tina Fey and the Modern Family women.

Cher Duncombe said...

So you don't think Rich and I could make it in an attack by Zombies? Heck, I know at least five people I could feed them till we can get away!

bluzdude said...

I certainly make room for diversion! If you can tempt them with some other useless and corrupted brains while you make your escape, all the better!

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

Excellent plan on #2. I vote to put you in charge of national defense if we're ever invaded.

bluzdude said...

Only if the Zombies are invading. Hey, do you wonder if people from Zambia are called Zambies?